Update on FTC & COPPA vs YouTube vs LEGO, Toy, Animation & Gaming creators

Update on FTC & COPPA vs YouTube vs LEGO, Toy, Animation & Gaming creators

hey everyone it’s been a little over a week
since my initial video about the FTC versus YouTube COPPA settlement agreement
and some things have changed since then in my opinion a little bit for the
better and some things have actually changed a little bit for the worse as as
a result of that and just like with that initial video this is just me talking to
you me just talking to an audience there’s no script here if you’re looking
for the most succinct wrap-up of the latest facts this is this is not the
video for you anymore than the previous video was it’s just me talking based on
what I understand and just giving an update on what I consider to be a very
very serious issue for a lot of YouTube creators which will ultimately also
affect a lot of viewers of creators content when I did that initial video I
the reason that I did that initial video rather than just letting everybody else
take care of the issue while I focused on Lego and stuff like that was that I
saw a tremendous number of fellow creators related to Lego related to toys
related to collectables games all animations all sorts of things that can
be affected by the ruling not taking it seriously and essentially omitting
admitting on video and practically encouraging their their viewers and
smaller creators to not take this situation seriously and to ultimately
violate the order to not to not follow the order to not do what we are legally
required to do fortunately that situation has changed dramatically in
some cases some of us some people would say I’m I’m in this bucket have
overreacted in some cases some folks are still under reacting but there’s a lot
more discussion and just in general the YouTube creator community on the whole
and also the viewer community are taking this a lot more seriously and that’s
that’s what mattered the most to me everybody has a right to an obligation
to use their own brains to to figure things out to to interpret things as the
as they see fit but on the subject of rotation the FTC itself has come out
with a blog post which a lot of people have seen already by now that helps to
clarify things quite a bit I will link to that directly in the the video
description down below directly to their blog post I recommend that everyone rely
on that that is the actual information that is the source don’t rely on my
interpretation of it don’t rely on any other one youtubers interpretation no
matter how much how many views we get no matter how many thumbs up we get around
matter how many random people agree with us that doesn’t necessarily make us
wrong and I’ve continued to see people even from a legal perspective getting
things absolutely 100% clearly factually wrong
so take anything that anyone like myself says with a grain of salt
even if you see something that claims to be from a legal perspective still verify
with the source I will also with that link link to just
for the sake of counterpoint a lawyer on YouTube tearing apart that blog post and
explaining that from a legal perspective he believes the blog post does not bring
us anything new does not provide any true clarity or give us any direct and
legal advice or or guidance but here’s what I I personally like very much that
I see very clearly in that that post from the FTC the FTC recognizes that
there can be two pieces of content that both look from what I call the 20 foot
view to be child-directed let’s say they’re both animations or something
with you know really simple style animation drawn stuff that can both look
like they’re made for kids but that actually aren’t where one can be truly
made for kids directed at kids under the age of 13 based on content and context
while the other can be truly mature and the FTC before attempting to levy any
fines against creators those forty two thousand five hundred and thirty dollar
u.s. per video maximum fines against creators
they will consider more context they will look more closely more carefully
because they actually do have to take legal action they’re not able to just
levy these fines they need to make a case for it they need to prove that you
have knowingly violated or that you have violated the order in a a clear fashion
that will that will pass muster that will pass legal definitions and and that
is is a confident case so my initial concern that it was just going to be a
bunch of boomers and interns of boomers who know nothing about the content
looking at these things from a 20 foot view or not necessarily worse but
similarly bad just algorithms doing these these tests based on what they see
in your visual context just looking at the images the pixels of the images in
attempting to recognize objects types of objects looking at automated transcripts
looking at tags looking at titles and things like that it’s not going to be
just that they may use tools like that low intelligence tools to look for
patterns of content that continue to violate the the terms of the agreement
but before they actually find anybody with these huge potentially huge fines
they will look into it more closely so based on that I feel that creators don’t
have as much some creators don’t have as much to worry about today as we did when
the order initially came out about the FTC finding us in particular and I think
that the folks who are most who benefit the most from that clarification are
those who make animations that are clearly targeted more towards teens and
adults stuff with a lot of mature of things where it’s just clear and it’s
not trying to get a child audience and also folks who play
games that are clearly made not for kids games that are mature rated or games
that are for teens and and up as far as folks like myself who do stuff for free
Lego even though a Lego or or toys or most of the video is focusing on a toy
out close reviews and things like that even though a poll on my community tab
right now shows that something like ninety percent of my of my audience is
13 and up with around half of those being over 18 not a not a skewed result
by the way based on all the evidence that I have a lot of people won’t
understand that who don’t follow the check the channel but I I don’t speak in
child speak and I if you look at my comments you will see that almost
everybody watching the vast majority of people watching my content and the
content of many people like myself who do content like myself are above 13
however I personally still feel that I cannot make a case that a video of a toy
car or a little toy boat like this showing it up-close throughout the
entire thing and talking about its play features and things can possibly legally
count as made for adults I personally don’t see how my content most of the
content that I’ve made to date can can be legally listed as not made for kids
but that’s just my own personal interpretation but I’ve talked about
some things that I consider to be good news from that FTC blog post again read
it for yourself without bias read the words and look for what the words
actually mean not what you want them to mean or what someone tells you they want
them to mean definitely always use your own your own brain power and don’t rely
on folks like to tell you what to think but here’s
what I think is actually bad and pretend potentially potentially even worse now
about this situation now that the FTC has clarified their and to some degree
most likely getting some creators off the hook who should be off the hook
there still remains the issue of YouTube and YouTube’s compliance actions as
YouTube has told us clearly in no uncertain terms if we find that you’re
abusing our systems and intentionally marking your videos and correctly this
may result in consequences for your channel or videos if we find that you’re
abusing our systems they also will be looking to take actions against us if
they feel we have marked our content incorrectly so there they still have
their algorithm that is going that has gone since November 12th at marks
content automatically has potentially made for kids or not we can still as we
have been able to since November 12th mark our content as made for kids or not
and also do it on a channel basis regardless of what YouTube has set we
can override what they have set automatically at this point however
YouTube has told us that once we set it manually they can still come back and
challenge that and change it once they change it then it gets locked in we can
appeal by sending feedback to a black box a giant mail box that is probably
never going to have anything in it red whatsoever but essentially their
decision is final they have policing authority here as
they’ve taken it for themselves because they can separate from anything that the
FTC could do so the FTC if they had interest in a channel as a potential
violator could look at that channel could look at that channels content
and review it carefully and see that actually this is not child directed you
know I looked like it we look at all the thumbnails and it looks like it but once
we actually listen to any of the content actually watching the content from a
nice wide sample this is clearly not something that we need to target let’s
move on look for a juicier target YouTube can still disagree with that
YouTube can still take action against us YouTube can still cut our videos off
take them off the platform if they disagree with us too much YouTube can
still close our channels overnight with possibly no chance of appeal sometimes
they allow appeals on some things especially if you have enough money if
you have enough Club on other social media platforms to make a big stink to
where it becomes a PR issue for YouTube then they might take action but if you
don’t have that kind of clout where you can get major media hurt articles going
or thousands and thousands of retreats go retweets going in your favor
guaranteed then you may be completely out of luck if YouTube takes your
channel offline because of what they consider to be non-compliance regardless
of what the FTC things so the FTC has made themselves even less of a bad guy
now than they were before remember this is all because of Google YouTube’s wrong
YouTube’s wrongdoing clearly explicitly undeniably knowingly breaking a fairly
straightforward fairly simple fairly wholesome law and is just designed to
keep companies and individuals from collecting personal private data from
small children and exploiting that information for any sort of purpose
YouTube broke that law well the FTC has has made itself a
little bit less of an enemy still to us with their latest update YouTube itself
still remains a potential very formidable enemy in this so as far as
I’m concerned none of us well a few of us are
completely off off the hook actually none of us are
completely off the hook because we still cannot rely on YouTube YouTube has not
given us any director guidance they have not given us any any update they have
tried to pass all the responsibility to us to interpret what the FTC thinks but
YouTube has also clearly stated that they will take they will take actions
above and beyond anything that the FTC states or anything that’s related to
this this legal settlement agreement so that’s that’s pretty much the update for
for now I’m personally not going to change course as a result of anything
that has occurred over the past week I still believe that the vast majority of
everything that I said in that initial video is accurate and correct with the
only the only caveat being that like I said the FTC has now has now recognized
and let us know that they recognize that there is a difference in in types of you
know similar-looking content and that and letting us know that they will look
more closely into the situation before they find us so that is that is an
important distinction however YouTube may not we’re still in the same
situation just like we have been with previous D monetization issues and with
you know folks being banned for unknown reasons in some cases or for dubious
reasons for questionable controversial reasons we still have that in effect
where YouTube ultimately itself Google itself has ultimate control over
creators entire existence on the platform and everything all the work
that we’ve done it that we have published on YouTube
is still in their hands and again they’ve let us know clearly that they
can take action based on this or under the guise of being based on this that
can completely ruin us that’s all I’ve got to say for now a lot of people have
been you know talking about this listen to different people take everybody’s
word with a grain of salt look as much as you can at the source
material and yeah just be careful be safe try to enjoy you know continue to
enjoy watching content if you’re just a viewer try to continue to enjoy creating
content if you’re a creator just mark things as accurately as you can still
air on this on the side of safety you know if you are a creator marking your
content for kids or not for kids use your best judgment for that I recommend
airing on strongly on the side of safety were in a better condition with the FTC
now than we were a week ago with YouTube you still never know thanks talk to you
soon last night I received a phone call at 3:30 a.m. from someone who claimed to
work at a coffee shop down the street from YouTube headquarters and you know
what they told me stay tuned to find out [#fartgate sound]

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  1. See the video description for source links and my answers to frequently asked questions about non-US creators, monetization status, etc.
    Cursing & personal attacks have never been allowed in comments on my channel and are not today.
    Please leave tinfoil hat illuminati/political conspiracy theories and ill-researched or incorrect "this changes everything" videos at the door.
    "Oh boo hoo you'll have to get a real job:" I had a very successful career before, work more now (7 days/week) than ever, and pay my taxes.

  2. The fact that YouTube is just putting the responsibility on their community is pretty ridiculous. I know there's no clear solution for distinguishing accounts as children but they should have at least tried to take responsibility

  3. Oi look at this

  4. From a “20’ view” SouthPark looks child friendly…

  5. From the update i have seen, don't hang up the channel just yet. I think this is youtube's new work around for Coppa . They just announced the end of demonetization and will use there machine learning tech on videos to decide if that channel gets kid friendly ads or more adult edgie like ads. I hope this is the way they are going with this. If it is, they will turn a lose -lose situation into a win -win situation.

  6. I'm 21 and I still watch you, I still like Lego. they need to consider the fact that some channels are mostly older viewers. I personally feel that the fines are way too much, and also I think that YouTubers should not be punished, by not getting comments or any interaction like stuff, also viewers not being able save videos etc.

    now I understand that kids can lie about age, but accounts older then X should be able to use the normal features. thanks boomers… learn your cultures

  7. Dearone you will never beat the Disney Beast ,,it's pretty much over for the little guy on YouTube, most have no clue what I mean ,you'll see

  8. Thanks so much for this Jang. It's really helpful to hear it from another LEGO creator perspective. The lack of comments is the thing that is really worrying me about this, as it will totally demotivate be to spend many hours on the visits like I do. For those who rely on YouTube as their main income, the worry must be much much worse again!

  9. lol… have to start every video with "remember way back to your childhood? that was so long ago."

  10. youtube wants to continue to track minors and shift the consequence to us. the ftc should see that and step in and correct youtube. it's their algorhythm that is and has always been the problem every time it's left to itself. not just this, but copyright, fair use, etc.

  11. This is the problem no one is getting an answer to. Many content creators make content that is not necessarily" intended for kids", but is still certainly suitable to, and possibly may be found interesting to kids. Is it safer to just mark everything as being for kids that is not CLEARLY otherwise? Also, How are non monetized channels effected by this?

  12. Jang, do you think Youtube, FTC, and Coppa will do anything to US Youtubers like myself say that CAN'T log in our old Youtube accounts any more say for example before Google took over? I have an old account that I had in 2007. I've tried EVERY attempt to log in my old account with the OLD Youtube Gaia log in but it won't let me put in my old password any more or reset it plus I've been trying to attempt to make a Youtube legacy account but can't get through it either because I wanted to take down my videos since I just made photo slides with just music for fun and NOT making money off of it. I don't want to worry about being fined or anything like that unless Youtube takes me and others down if I or (we) some other youtubers like myself automatically or in some other way themselves. By the way, I also signed the petition to the FTC and Coppa so hopefully signing it will hopefully help in some way.

  13. Youtube: We're not going to check to make sure you are within compliance with COPPA

    Also Youtube: Yeah we're going to have an AI check to make sure you're not abusing our system and cancel your channel.

  14. Welp, Youtube has lost me and my husband as a potential content creator.

  15. Remember when youtube deliberately fucked over channels for not being family friendly?
    It's like they wanted this website to be for kids only.

  16. If YouTube is worried about children why do the Paul brothers still exist on the platform

  17. I know things are not black and white but I personal believe that this is an issue that won't end well. The FTC can tell you whatever they want and do a completely different thing. The government doesn't like anything that helps we the people. Just be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

  18. Google/YouTube will always put money ahead of anyone, be they content creator or viewer, adult or child, and they will not hesitate to throw anyone under the bus before they take responsibility for their own wrongdoing. That such a potentially valuable platform is under their control is utterly depressing. I wish you good luck.

  19. just swear a ton at the beginning

  20. I think Youtube should let us type a reason for why we select "not for kids". Let's say I upload a Minecraft video. The game can be enjoyed by kids, but the video could have adult language that kids shouldn't be listening to. The ESRB rating of a video game should also be taken into consideration with this.

  21. I make some 3D amazing video games that involve cute rabbits, i hope coppa dont mess my game publishing!

  22. i took all my videos down. untill all of this pass over im regreting it but im ok with it

  23. I think targeted adds being turned off is just an ugly truth that YouTubers have to live with, however hiding and disengaging kids content is totally unwarranted

  24. YouTube has failed to tell us that there actually is a mixed audience exception to COPPA, they intentionally left it out because it would "cause them to lose profits". And the fact they are required to make it clear and failed to do so, they violated that ruling too.

  25. I hope nothing bad happens to this guy. I've been watching him for years…

  26. Just make everything 18+, then kids can’t get in unless they tried.

  27. Since all this stupidity exists in American law , one has to wonder if the US is planning to extradite content Lego-show creators in other countries. Are these creators going to be the next wave of midnight renderings? If all this was about cleaning up the internet for children , I would guess that there would be focus on squelching sex toy shows and people who showcase guns. But sex toys and guns are now safe subjects for creators…

  28. the ftc has no proof people lied when signing up to youtube, but it doesnt matter because this is all a slimy ploy to implement internet id

  29. I think it’s wrong that YouTube is making content creators like yourself, pay for their mistakes. I’ve always enjoyed your videos (the Herí Factory ones especially) and I hope that the channel can continue. If it can’t then you will never be forgotten. Till All are One.

  30. Sad to see, most of your content is for kids. Maybe change your content to smashing Legos or shooting them with real guns?

  31. label it, what would the, U.S. Department of Education, label say that is legal with YouTube and FTC and would not discriminate by age ? a 12 year old and a 13 year old has the legal right and requirement to be taught by the U.S. Department of Education … ?
    By law, public schools must accept all children. … source Google search ( FTC … law I recently learned about that the YouTube community is talking about )
    The U.S. Supreme Court has said that students “do not shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech and expression at the schoolhouse gate.” There is a fundamental distinction between public and private school students under the First Amendment. … Source Google, study by, Gene Bowdish

  32. Abraham Lincoln fighting for justice once again

  33. he said ok boomer lol

  34. Haha, I always pictured you as being much older! 😉 😀

  35. I am moving to Vimeo.

  36. Youtube could always do all these things that being said, it should be up to youtube to verify peoples age and we should have an option to block minors from watching our stuff. Buy yeah they exploited kids and now we get to pay for it. Capitalism at its best.

  37. 5:13 it will make you smile

  38. We're content creators, not babysitters…It's not YouTube anymore, it's TheirTube.Thet don’t want children content

    “Kids content won’t be on the recommended”

    So instead kids will be seeing adult content that they shouldn’t see.

    This is a lot better than a Burger King ad

    They don’t want adult content

    They don’t want political content

    They don’t want conspiracy content

    They don’t want …. CONTENT

  39. Hmm, I use a plastic skeleton as a character on my show, i guess i'll have to use a real one instead so I don't get accused of attracting kids with a "toy".

  40. We have a children's channel called ZanyZara. It's based on our 4 year olds life and adventures. Our analytics page shows our audience as between 25 to 34. Unfortunately it is clear to us that it's their children watching our content from the comments we we can not even take the audience analytical statistics as accurate.
    Technically I could say my audience is 100% viewed by 25 to 34 year olds.

  41. Very well stated! ? Everyone does need to read the blog and see what they can get out of it and not rely on another YouTuber or anyone else for that matter. This is between each YouTube channel and YouTube/FTC which means no one else is responsible for your choices.

  42. If you look into COPPA it talks about having parental consent to collect data.

    So, since children CANNOT create a Google Account without parental consent to collect data how did YouTube violate COPPA?
    This is NOT a YouTube or Content Creator problem, but rather a parental problem.

    Parents let their kids watch HBO, Rated R films, Adult Swim, and other adult content. Why is the FTC telling parents that they are shit and don't know how to parent or protect their children?

  43. wolverine plays with Lego?

  44. This guys voice alone makes things feel more serious than they are

  45. There's a difference between "hey kids want to candy?" and "candy for sale!."

  46. Demonetization is being removed though

  47. Why do we trust and put our faith to express ourselves. Just leave youtube all together and abandon their sinking ship. They betrayed us all. Leaving a punishment for downloading content to teach others about what we have a skill in, entertain people, inspire them and better their lives. Why stay on a video sharing site that constantly changes their policies making so complex and difficult to be on it, to begin with. Their instability is clearly shown by it. They are going to leave the blood on our hands to pass the blame onto us. They're stabbing us in the back. Who wants to be on a platform that treats you this way. I have a tutorial channel I am still putting together to put on youtube. I like youtube enough to create a how-to channel on it but not my entertainment channel anymore. This whole thing is ridiculous. If youtube doesn't get their act together soon they are going to lose a lot of Channels. I mean a lot to. Probably by the millions. Let me tell you about 2 video sharing sites where you don't have to worry about all this crap. requirements for monetization. Where you must have 1000 subs and 4000 hours of watch time to get 100 dollars for 100,000 views. Its not worth it to me. The first one is LBRY.COM and the other is I would seriously look into these 2 sites,especially LBRY.COM. If you want to have the total free ability to express, share, teach others using your videos I would sign up for both platforms. both are getting really huge and very popular. More than likely these 2 sites will be the next best if possibly better sites than youtube. Yes, you also get paid for your content, faster, easier, and make far more money with each video, its shocking. Real jaw-dropping experience. I have an account with both these sites. They're so cool. Spread the word to the masses here on youtube about these 2 sites with my comment I am sharing here. Take content creators and their channels to LBRY.COM especially this is good too. Tell small channels as well as big ones to visit these sites. You won't regret it. Trust me.

  48. Jangbricks you do know who this protects right? Large medical institutions that have used animation to illustrate changes in health care policy. That one sentence on the FTC statement clearly will mostly protect them.

  49. Did you make your videos "made for kids" .??

  50. that phone call in the end of the vid tho XD
    i watched the vid and i never believed he actually got the call

  51. I don't think the COPPA laws are really very good to begin with even if it had nothing to do with YouTube. Per COPPA law parents can give consent for their children to have data collected. I think that a parent giving a child under 13 access to the internet (which in one way or another they have to do because children under 13 are most definitely an age that parents have to provide for, they don't work, they don't make money, they don't drive ect that age is dependent on parents completely) should be consent. I believe in small government and parental responsibility and the government not being so involved in everyone's lives. Another reason I think COPPA is bad is that once a child reaches 13 they are going to be tracked anyway. Just because the government or even their parents protect them from tracking for however many years they do those "people"( children /future adults) will never escape it. So I don't see how the brief postponement really does much for these children who will remain children for A VERY short time in their lives. If we are so worried about children being in danger perhaps we should look at statistics and it is most likely someone who a child knows in real life who will be the one to harm them not a stranger. The internet no matter what laws the government makes is not a safe place for children unsupervised to begin with. Parents should be the ones to take responsibility for that. The COPPA laws will not prevent harm from coming to kids online. One search on Google for something inappropriate and the kids have seen it all. Also kids will be tracked regardless because statistics say that they see and are exposed online to inappropriate things before they are thirteen which means ALL online content is outside of COPPAs intended reach and the kids will be tracked no matter what they do. Also parents usually are the ones who choose to expose their kids to all parts of the internet and I think they should be the ones holding the right to decide how they parent. COPPA in my mind is a bad precedent for more government meddling and controlling in how parents decide to do their job as parent. I also think COPPA hurts kids because it is an arduous law that discourages all companies from encouraging or providing child and family friendly content for "free". Many people without great resources are the ones hurt most since they may not be able to afford all the paid children's content that is costly because of COPPA. I also think the broad range of what is "child" content is kind of insulting to all adults that enjoy that content, continuing to stigmatize every adult who likes any kind of family friendly toy or crafting or video and all the other things listed.

    And in regards to YouTube I think that the contract that says you must be 13 should be enough and if PARENTS allow their children free access to over 13 websites then burden of safety should be on them entirely.
    I also think that COPPA is very hypocritical of the government seeing as how they are the greatest abusers of tracking EVERYONE including children. Children have SS numbers and the government gets information on children all the time through public school, insurance, doctors, welfare ect.

    Children are also tracked through sites offering NOTHING to children such as email that ADULTS /PARENTS sign them up for before they are 13 and all other sites that offer communication.

    I may have (only) a couple extra dollars to spare to pay for a "YouTube" alternative that is "13 and over" that gets "parental consent" by requesting age and cc or debit card, but I'm upset for anyone who doesn't have an extra $7-$12 for that. I also don't like myself and others being stigmatized by the government telling us all the things we like make us a child and "not really adults"
    I wonder if YouTube costing $1 a month or $1 A YEAR and when you enter ADULT payment information you also agree to your real or imagined children being tracked would fix this? Because consent makes it legal according to COPPA and I think MOST parents want an EASY way to consent to the consent they are already giving (when they hand their toddler their phone, tablet ect) instead of COPPAs excessively difficult hoops.

    But is the current paid YouTube going to let channels make whatever content and let them have their comment sections and ads? If not there is no way I'd ever pay for something that discourages or eliminates all the content I like which is all "child" family friendly. And NO, I don't want professional company content on YouTube kids, I want regular people sharing crafts and toys and other family friendly all age, general audience, appropriate content that I can interact with through comments and search for and save to my playlists. Otherwise I could just go watch a Disney movie and be done with it.

  52. ? Love the ending!!! ???


  54. Theres something called YouTube kids, content creators should not take fault for bad parenting. Content creators are not baby sitters.

  55. When you think about it, the answer to whether a video is for children under 13 should always be no, because the site itself is for those 13 and over. Obviously, YouTube can no longer allow advertisers to set their targets to children under 13, so even if some kids of that age are watching "illegally", they're not being targeted. The radio button should not have been implemented at all. This whole thing about making content creators agonize over how to classify their content makes no sense. Most of it is probably for a general audience. Like this channel – it's for Lego builders, which aren't just kids.

  56. Great vid with great background

  57. At least me as a British doesn’t have to worry about the taxes for not reading the TOS properly

  58. Youtube has always had that power In their terms of service. I pay nothing for YouTube’s services and expect nothing from them. A free service is always a one way street in favor of the party providing the service.

  59. Can you keep your channel Jang!!.

  60. Don't see any danger. You tube cannot Target ads to kids and shouldn't have been doing it ever.

    You should be thankful you made a living at it as long as you did

  61. My comment on the FTC website:
    "Thank you FTC, for protecting kids and cleaning up the YouTube platform."

  62. I know you told us not to take your word for this but I’m gonna take your word on the FTC being less of our enemy & YouTube is the foe here Jang.

    Why? Because 1I’m not up for reading anything lawsuit related @ the moment & 2 I myself wish to be a YouTube content creator & I need all the information I can get.

  63. I have always said its so dangerous to rely on an income from You Tube, to earn a living from a platform that can change at anytime with rule changes that are forced on them it is so risky to run a You Tube channel full time!…easy option start your own website and run your videos from there and if done correctly you can earn from ads on your own website and organisations like the FTC and COPPA have no say in your own website!.

  64. I watched the original FTC announcement, and have a new perspective as a result – we say data collection, at it's core's spying ….and from my view the FTC is treating anyone who enables google or any other service to collect data on children as an accomplice to googles activities. – now while google has been able to say "Don't blame me" and point at us, the truth is we are still their bread and butter, unless they plan to compete with netflix and start making budgets for making in house movies. So I do expect that google will find some way to keep us happy, because if we leave, they will take a big hit on advertising income. Youtube has not been very supportive of me since google took over – i've been accused of everything they got blamed for, despite making original animations and music, so it wasn't a big sacrifice for me to just make all my animated videos for children, even though they are simply animated music videos. Further, I don't like the idea of being a patsy for spying on children, so I can't say I'm angry about it – it's not like i'll lose any views anyways heh!

  65. 04:40… you are right, they will take things into consideration. Just as their blog release stated, there can be different outcomes. They even give an example. They say "You won't always be facing that $42,000 fine, depending on certain features of your video content, we may drop that fine to $30,000".

  66. Do not EVER trust that the government will do the correct thing, they will not. That's not speculation, Google search EPA abuse and read the horror stories.

  67. People think about this. YouTube is bashing us and throwing us under the FTC bus? The reason we have the "For Kids" and "Not for Kids" is a defense mechanism from YouTube. Sure it's not perfect, and we have to decide what is and isn't For Kids ourselves, but they didn't have to make this at all. YouTube is a business and killing off it's Content Creators would just kill them in the long run, they're not that ignorant. Quit giving in to fearmongering and think for yourselves.

  68. Life's hard here on YouTube. I mean that.

  69. I Hope Someone Answers, What Happends If You Do Two Things? Play 12+ Games And Do StopMotions For Kids? What Will Happen To Me???? 🙁

  70. So are you saying that youtube has already automatically gone through at automatically categorized videos?

  71. kids ruin everything

  72. It is time for YouTube's secret identity to become its only identity. Time for YouTube to join us, or go away.

  73. Shall we safe or not in YouTube?

  74. The real question is youtube even going with the right kind of labeling? they are forcing something right now that isn't even just demonitization…

  75. Boomer, adults building LEGO as a hobby?
    Also boomer, has a basement full of model trains.

  76. The crafting community is also freaking out, I saw one channel deleted 500 videos.

  77. If you disappear, try posting on Instagram. Videos might be 1 minute but you can put multiple videos in 1 post so… 10 minutes max.

  78. Were entering the next Gilded age where only the Elite can communicate, They dont want information freely flowing. Theres too many Peasant revolts happening all over the world as people take the Red Pill and figure out how the world really works, and the burgoise dont much like there bleeding cash cow of control being threatened.

  79. IMO, this seems like they are trying to treat YouTube like the film industry. However the big difference is the content creators don't actually rate the movies, I believe the MPAA collectively rate movies. This shields the studios who release the film's.


  81. It’s going to shake out better for creators than most people think.

    Creators get a fraction of the revenue YouTube takes in so they are hurt right along side us. They will work something out.

  82. Guaranteed kids under $13 checking out Lego channels.

  83. It's very simple. I am deleting my videos on December 9th.

  84. What I would like to know is, will creators be warned that their videos may not be in the right age category and be asked to change it, or will fines be levied immediately? Otherwise it kinds of sounds like baiting people into a trap.

  85. It is just confusing to me how a platform specifically made for ages 13 and up can be required to designate videos for under age 13. That is the parents responsibility to monitor what their child is watching. We have YouTube kids, it sucks but it is there.( my son loved Stampy Minecraft videos when he was little, but it was not on YouTube kids)
    Parents must make an email address for kids to use Gmail- To login to YouTube. I'm assuming if you don't login they cannot track you anyway. Clearly Google knew kids were watching this content. That's how they were making their money. But it just seems asinine to require content be geared for children who are not supposed to be watching it in the first place.
    My son has always greatly enjoyed your videos and I remember when you moved and got new tables and space how excited he was. So thank you for your content and effort.

  86. They government is corrupted they going to kill our channel down we still doom!!!!!

  87. I agree to be rather safe than fine 42000 dollars

  88. There are still creators and people commenting one YouTube that the COPPA law is about having children in videos on YouTube this is not what it’s all about, it’s about targeting children as a viewer and gathering information and targeting ads to them! I have a friend that does family friendly videos on Youtube with his kids start totally freaking out that he was going to get fined that he has his kids in his videos so he pulled all of his videos and I couldn’t convince him that this wasn’t what COPPA was all about!

  89. YouTube is NOT here to babysit your gosh darn children

  90. Cant they do rating things like in movies and shows.. like PG-13, PG-10, G, R etc

  91. Evr sine that update, I'm a lot less worried about what the FTC might think of my art channel. I'm still very worried about what YouTube may decide to do about it, though.

    Earlier this week a friend I collab with a lot did an art piece based on an 80s animated character and tagged that character's name. This in combination with the word "craft" in the video title, and the fact that the music track she used is extremely similar to the background music of a popular song from The Wiggles resulted in all the suggested videos on her video being very clearly kids content. The "up next" box when I viewed it was Ryan himself. I never see those suggestions in my general browsing on YouTube, and I normally don't see overly young suggestions against her videos, but that one in particular tripped something in the YouTube system. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets auto-flagged as for kids next time the bot sweeps her channel. But it's a woman in her 30s testing some high end art supplies and showing her findings to fellow adult artists who might be interested in purchasing the high end art supplies. Is it kids content? Nope. Would the FTC slap that video with a fine? Nope. Is YouTube gonna cut off interaction on that video in January anyway? Probably.

  92. My channel got deleted ????????????

  93. Why can't they just get YouTube kids

  94. guys i have an old account in which i uploaded a video but i haven't access to it because i forgot credentials. the recover tool doesn't help. What could i do for this new thing of COPPA?

  95. May have to start swearing in your vids my dude, make sure it’s not made for kids lol

  96. When Youtube asks you to take a creator/user satisfaction survey…………….be brutally honest.

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