Use & obey your Constitution or die Australia. Simple

Use & obey your Constitution or die Australia. Simple

Fresh water flowing out to the ocean in our worst drought a farmers lifeblood dumped at sea, it’s just absolutely heartbreaking to see in one day 9,000 Olympic sized swimming pools going into the ocean enough to supply Dubbo and Tamworth with a year’s worth of water but it’s sent to South Australia where lush waterways thrive with birds boats and big homes so it’s just totally criminal there’s so much water at floods of forests at the bar Machoke out of farmers reach it’s just horrific knowing that they cannot legally touch a drop of it it’s leaving upstream communities in New South Wales crumbling we’ve had no house water out of the Murray River for well over 12 months under the Murray Darling Basin Plan water from drought crippled New South Wales floods through the bar Machoke then flows to South Australia filling lakes and wetlands before it’s finally dumped at sea government officials are unapologetic under law I cannot gift or lend environmental water we’ve travelled the breadth of the state and the question on the minds of most farmers why so much water from the New South Wales basin has been committed when they have no more water left to give many saying in a drought it’s not something that should be traded the long-term forecast suggests their is little relief in sight depending where on the rivers you live Serena and Alluro Seven News… You are you aware of section 100 of the Commonwealth Constitution says the Commonwealth SHALL NOT BY ANY LAW or REGULATION of TRADE or COMMERCE ABRIDGE THE RIGHT OF A STATE or of the RESIDENTS they’re in to the REASONABLE USE OF THE WATERS OF RIVERS for CONSERVATION for IRRIGATION.. I’m well aware of that at that ar that section. So, So, So, I don’t So, you can’t take water from Farmers. Ah, Ah, aaahh, well aware of that section of Constitution, ah, ahm, ah I think ah, questions on the the Water Act, if you’re referring to that. I’d like to know how, that apartment you, you, you the minister for the department of the Water Act so, ah that sure they can explain the Constitutional authority, I don’t know, what I’d like to know is in addition to that, how they how people justify preventing farmers like Louise Burger at Dillan Deniliquin Graham Pile, Chris Brooks from taking water vital to their crops and livelihood? Well I would I, I would first say that the, ahm, that thee, thee generally speaking almost always I think I’ll be corrected but, the actual allocation and, and rights to, to, take a speccs, specific amount of water ah, ah, in specific ah climatic conditions as a, a managed by the state they, they the, the licenses to property rights are, are enforced at a state ah level, ahm, ahh so it’s not really something that Commonwealth does the to say people just how we can prevent someone from taking water but I’m not sure officials have, ah everything something, ah something to add to that. I think that ahh, some that’s right Minister and so the, thee, thee Commonwealth Water Act, ah as you would know senator and the basin plan ahhm, rely on powers other powers in the Constitution including treatise ah powers ah corporations powers, ahh and in addition to that there was a referral of powers from the states to enable the the Commonwealth of to administer that legislation ahhm, thee, the particular interpretation you make of section 100 I think without and I’m not a lawyer that’ll become very apparent very soon, ahhm the, the particular interpretation you make ahh, around ahh, it really goes to through, ahh, property entitlements though, that’s property entitlements around water, ahhm, ah deem created and, and deemed by estates under their legislation, ah and any water recovery that the Commonwealth, makes of water is ah on the basis of to willing sellers and ah on just terms so, ahm I’m not sure that addresses your question but I think, for me there’s that me, I think their is better knowledge as to where to go to get the answer. Ahh okay. Ah how do you then justify flooding and farmers flooding and damaging farmers look like Louise Birches and her husband through manmade floods and I think she’s been devastated twice maybe three times I know miss Burch I’m not aware of the particular circumstances there was anyone so I would take suggest that the the flooding that has occurred in in recent times 2016 and not man-made floods natural events that came into into the upper Murray the storages particularly Hume dam was operated in a way to manage that flood water in fact the peak outflow from from the storage was less than peak inflow so the extent of flooding was less than it otherwise would have been if the dam was not in place the reality is though the volume of water that came into the system in in that particular event was much larger than the storages could hold and once the dams are full we have no alternative but to pass that water through the system and to not do so would risk the integrity of the infrastructure potentially causing far more catastrophic outcomes so but I know that has been said a number of times these floods were man-made but I refute thats actually the case that’s your view thank you in August when I was in Dunellen I was prevented from entering a forum supposedly to listen to to locals and I was presented prevented from entering after the request of one of the farmers in the area and I was prevented by an agency acting on behalf she said of the murray-darling Basin Authority why does the Mara Darling Basin Authority want to be secretive I mean I wasn’t gonna take part in it I told them that I was just gonna set up the back as the farmer said and just listen Vicki Woodburn general manager married AG Basin Authority we have the minister little proud set up an independent panel to assess the socio-economic conditions in the basin as part of that panel they have an independent Secretariat and the terms of reference that Minister lil proud provided them asked them to consult him their terms reference the meeting in Tamila Qin was an invite-only the panel members had selected the invite I was at that meeting taking notes for them but it was actually the chair and the secretary independent Secretariat who were talking to you outside the room not the right owner Basin Authority thank you for clarifying that so I was excluded thank you that meeting and I was informed and I thought it was quite a good decision for the committee of the independent panel to take that they wanted their in the invitees to be able to speak freely and frankly without having you know politicians sprouting their opinions or exactly I also inquired and I also was told that they would prefer it if I didn’t attend so I respected that position of the panel and that’s your view I was I was requested by farmers who were in that meeting and I think lunch could this be your last question please sure would miss miss Vera pick and and mr. Ennis you’ll be there you’d be interested in meeting with some farmers to listen to them and to get a better understanding their needs and to explain to explain why they think that the forests are dying down it thank you we speak to people in that region a lot we’ve had our local engagement officers getting to people about in that very region this week facilitated by some people in the room in fact so I’d be delighted great you [Music] what’s this to do with Australia all these American examples because most of the thinking behind agenda 30 wealth came from American environmental fanatics and so what you’ve see and their documentation there is already beginning to creep in in Australia hands up all those who live in a house where the householder owns the house yes about half well you’re in trouble because one of the proposals in agenda 21 is to take away all rights of property to nationalize effectively all property and let me give you an example of where this is already happening and how it is being done where there’s no longer being done openly they tried that and they failed at the Berlin Wall came down so now they’ve realized that people don’t like communism so they’re putting it in by stealth instead if you go to Europe a dollar council on the Kurds not far from Canberra where I’m about to go what the euro dollar council had done is a testbed for what is going to be rolled out right across Australia at local level by stealth unless somebody stops it there and what they’re doing is this they are doing overlays on the entire map of that Shire which mark out forever various areas which are biodiversity protection area and if your house is in one of those bad luck because if you want to build a house next door or a shed or anything like that you can’t but what’s worse is it even if your house isn’t in one and the Builder tries to build somewhere else in an area that is covered by one of these overlays which cover three-quarters of the entire area of the Shire then he could nominate other areas of the Shire which he says will never be built on again and your house and the ground that you were going to build your granny flat on or you were going to divide into another Lots that you could sell it off in front of your return you won’t be able to do that and the developer and the local authority don’t even have to tell you that without even asking you they have taken away your property rights and suddenly you’ll find when you go and look at the property register there is a restriction a restrictive covenant on your land and you might complain about it when you find it in that case they’ll make you sign an agreement of that restrictive covenant or they’ll put even more restrictions on you this time compulsorily I have read the legislation that is what it does and there is a clear intention among the International Committee for local environmental initiatives Hickling to which nearly all local authorities in Australia belong to implement this agenda21 program right across Australia so if you think that your rights in your property are protected by your Constitution then think again because what your Constitution says is that if any of your property rights are taken away by the federal government then they have to pay you just compensation so you may think well that’s all right then if they do this to us they’ve got to pay except it’s not going to work that way because state and local authorities are not stupidly they’re not bound by the Constitution so they will take your property rights away as they took the property right of mr. Spencer away these aspects of the farmer a couple of years ago he’d been farming as his father and his grandfather and his great grandpa had on the same land for years of years beautifully kept safely managed directly husbanded along comes the local administration in New South Wales that says right this has been deserved without your consent without your knowledge as a carbon sink so that Kevin Rudd can comply with the fatuous promises he made at Kyoto and therefore you may no longer farm your own land and no we don’t have to pay any compensation because although we’re acting as agents of the federal government because it’s us we don’t have to pay you in it so this is already happening in South Australia there are natural resources management sports going around saying to farmers if you shift a rock we can find you and they’re regulating their water supply so they’re driven off the less they’re ordering them to plant rows of spiny acacia buses along every road side so that women the next bushfire comes along it the spiny acacia will explode it’s called the kerosene bush not without good reason and the whole of the Lofty ranges will go up in smoke but that is their intention ladies is what they want to drive farmers off of that because commercial farming is to be banned under agenda21 irrigation of land for crops is to be banned grazing of stock is to be banned the use of herbicides and pesticides is to be banned they’re working on this because they wanted to reduce the global population to just 1 billion out of the presence of 7 billion that’s Bill Gates’s figure because he would like to be among the 1 billion times better and then the Ted Turner who says no we can’t afford even one will himself just 300 million we must kill 95% of the population so Bill Gates says all fine I tell you what what we’ll do is we have a vaccination program and you know he’s just started a vaccination program in Africa so watch out for interesting changes in the population there if he is allowed to get away with it you may think all this sounds completely crazy indeed the DLP when I first came to this part of the world to do this tour they said please don’t mention the words agenda21 because everybody who mentions those words is thought to be a pointy head well I’m sorry but it’s a real document these plans the Eurodollar capsules bio registration system these are real documents the regulations imposed by the natural sources man reporter Australia a real document the restrictions on building near the coast lines in Victoria on the ground at the sea level might rise and and wipe them out these are real restrictions it is already actually happening here in Australia in the name of agenda 21 so I’m sorry but I’m going to call it what it is so that you can go check what I’ve told you and find out that this vendor and then get behind the one party in New South Wales that’s going to stand up and say no to this and that is of course the democratic labour party whose policy is to abolish the carbon tax altogether and to hold Tony Abbot to account when he promises to do just that to abolish the mineral resources rent tax which is a tax not on the the big boys who run the mines it’s a tax on mine workers who to me are the heroes of labour the men who dig the darkness underground to bring us light and they are being driven overseas you heard from Paul just now how an exploration company from Australia thinks it’s fun may perhaps a fact one of the largest deposits of shale oil in the world and how it is going up talking of going overseas to get capital because nobody here will want to invest in such a project because of the mineral resources rent tax so you have to get rid of these ridiculous restrictions on the sensible mineral development of Australia and these senseless restrictions on farmers these water restrictions farmers make virtually no difference even in a drought to the flow of water down the creeks and into the rivers and out into the sea it’s about one percent it’s not worth regulating it and therefore it shouldn’t be regulated but it is so they’re stopped go without water their crops go without water they’re driven from the land one by one that is your future ladies and gentlemen if you allow agenda21 and those who promote it to carry on for a single instant longer they’re going to bring back communism individual rights they say this is from the vice-chairman of Italy that body I was talking about a local environmental initiative the local authorities beavering away to implement this supposedly voluntary UN program by compulsory laws in their district individual rights let’s take a back seat to the collective that includes property right it includes the rights to farm your land or mine the resources under it the collective must come first that’s the new crime it’s the old cry of communism its back and of course world government that was when I first said the UN is planning to set up a world government the first reaction of the hard left who knew perfectly well that that’s exactly what the UN is trying to do was to say well of course monk Tony’s just a conspiracy theorist a rabbit disburses in that in one of the network journals so I actually have to produce evidence of this and here it is the September the 15th 2009 draft of the Copenhagen climate treaty fortunately as a result of exposure that I and others gave this treatise it failed at Copenhagen and did not proceed but this draft which is still available get there quickly before the UN takes it away from its website this draft provides a very clear insight into what the hard left worldwide are now trying to do they’re trying to set up a world government in the treaty draft it was going to have near unlimited powers of direct taxation over all the nations of earth direct environmental intervention and direct control in all economic matters and eventually it all matters and in the hundred eighty-six patrons in which this government was set out and exactly I was going to work and who was going to pay and how it was going to be regulated who is going to be in charge of it do you think that the words election democracy ballot or vote occurred even once do you think you the beer people were going to be given a say well you weren’t it was going to be me and others like me the governing class who were going to be in control of you the people this was going to be the end of democracy the governing class doesn’t like listening to you a lot because what do you know about anything absolutely they look at your pudding fest that’s their attitude now you know because I’ve shaken you all by the hand when you came in I don’t think that I think that democracy is something we should value something we should hold on to as pressures it’s taken a thousand years to get it the last thing we want to do is throw it away in the next twenty or thirty but we will if we sleepwalk our way into agenda21 because people say well you mustn’t mention it or you’ll be regarded as a pointer here these things are actually happening all over Australia now which is why I’ve given you example after example after example while also showing you the ideological basis this is a slide for instance from Bill Gates and Bill Gates as you know wants to reduce the world population from 1 billion because he says the damage done by co2 can only be addressed if we reduce the world’s population now hands up all those of you who would like to be part of that reduction in the world’s population I see no volunteers shame upon the lot of you you’re supposed to be saving the planet this is not force you guys really need to do any such thing the planet was triumphantly saved 2,000 years ago and it doesn’t need to be saved again so you’re all off the hook this time but that’s because I am mr. nice guy here the governing class of the world is not so nice as me this is the class which worldwide brought in by the butchery they don’t care about people or human life not anymore I’m sorry to have to say it so bluntly but they really don’t the world has changed and horribly changed just in my lifetime away from the notion that each individual was kept in being by a continuous act of the will of Almighty God and was therefore a precious and unique importance that notion has gone now you’re just a hunk of meat and you’re a predator upon the planet you have a parasite on the planet and as many of you as possible must be done away with and regulated out of existence before they eventually just kill you and this may sound I keep saying this this may sound extreme and the reason why it sounds extreme is because it is expected but that is what they are planning to do that is what the greens are really all about ere I call them the traffic light tendency the greens to yellow to admit they’re really red now here is a map just to show you that we’re not talking about VAE suggestions we’re talking about actual plans drawn up by the agenda 51 unit in the United States because I say driving a lot in this world while this map all the areas in red which is most of the map are areas where no humans will be in any circumstances ever again be committed to go that’s the plan in yellow those are areas where you may go exceptionally on very rare occasions but only after you have sought obtained and heavily paid for a permit from the politburo otherwise you can’t go there the very few areas that are not marked either in red or in yellow are mostly military installations to keep the remaining few areas where the last few humans allowed to exist in America will live in what they call human settlement zones and what we will call concentration camps all ideas of freedom and individual liberty will have gone if this is implemented fortunately however the United States has a radically democratic constitution no treaty to enact any such rubbish as this can be approved or adopted by the United States unless her 2/3 of majority that 67 senators out of the vote for it and they weren’t expected to vote for it they were expected to vote for the UN’s biodiversity treaty because when people like me have gone along and said but this is enacting agenda 21 they’ve been told don’t worry about anybody mentions the trade agenda 31 they’re just pointing it but somebody got hold of this map and sent it round to end every senator and said this is what these color schemes mean and this map meant that in the last hour before the vote was due to be taken senators from all over America said no we will not ratify this they have been expected to ratify the UN’s biodiversity treaty and they did not do so your government of course and mine did so so watch out this is what’s coming if they are allowed to get away with it if you sit back and left because no dissent is going to be permitted here is the introduction to Z agenda21 document by the UN by every person on earth you will obey all of you or else I’m sorry to have spoken with such feeling about that now most of you will not have realized that this is already being implemented here in Australia so I wanted to make it very clear to you that it is now the excuse that they’re using to bring all this nonsense in is climate change now you begin to see the context why they’ve been bothering to Bank on and on about climate change in the media all the time it’s because climate change is the excuse of pretext for agenda 21 in the South Australia environmental action plan and natural resources management plan it’s a short document but climate change is mentioned sixty-four times in that document because that’s the excuse they’re using we have to stop the warming of the planet which as you will see later is not really happening at quite the rate they expected it to do you [Music]

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    One Party State –

  69. These traitors think we are fools, how can these politicians sleep at night. These people have no morals and are scammers. If I met one of these wankers face to Face I would call them out as the dumb idiots they are. In the end they will be the same as us, stuck in the same shit hole they created. Fucking idiots.

  70. To top it off, they say we don’t own land, we own our bodies, and now apparently we don’t own our personalities according to them. So get ready for yours to be changed whether you like it or not. 5g now allows it to come up to speed. Funny thing is Australia has a hopeless internet speed and nbn is a joke, just like cable. The major players have the technology for years to change your personality if you speak out or pose a threat. Send their hit squads to take you out if you don’t comply. That’s their plan fuck the country, kill the people and modify the ones they want to keep. Australia was a lucky country once, 60000 anzacs died for it. Now everybody pretends to remember them but in reality they are disrespecting every last one of them. Good on you dumb lazy aussies, thank yourselves for your inaction.

  71. I'm listening to these fuckwits try to explain away the wastage of the Murray-Darling water…
    We all have to start writing and flood the parliament with our own enquiries…
    Hit em all at once…
    I have some info I'm collating at the moment on 2 other matters…
    We have to do something before it's too late!

  72. This land is the common wealth of all Australians including the water.

  73. There is no place for politics in government.

  74. When I was in hospital once, Campbell Neumann’s ex employee that looked after his council Facebook acc told me that the Brisbane floods years back was a organised event after enormous cloud seeding mission to be the start the ball rolling.

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