Use proper Squash Shoes – I explain why – SQUASH FOR BEGINNERS – EP006

Use proper Squash Shoes – I explain why – SQUASH FOR BEGINNERS – EP006

These are squash shoes and getting the
right shoes is really important because they will help you move better and they
will help you avoid injuries, which will come on to in a moment. The two
main characteristics of squash shoes that are important are one the type of soul
the soul is designed specifically to react well with the type of floor that
you will play on in addition then generally called
non-marking and you only need to go to any leisure center and look at the floor
of a squat school and see all your knees blue and dark lines those are shoes that
are not designed for indoor cult and they make a mark that’s less important
than the fact that this type of material will help you grip the floor in the
correct way the second feature about squash shoes is that they are designed
for lateral movement they have support on the inner and outer parts of the foot
because when you’re playing you’re often twisting and down forwards and backwards
and all sorts of things and that’s really important in addition to squash
shoes you could buy volleyball shoes Babbington shoes and handball shoes
those types of shoes are all suitable for use on a squat call the main
difference that I can see between badminton shoes and squash shoes is
generally all sometimes badminton shoes are lighter and that’s maybe because
they have to do a little bit more jumping or maybe that’s just the way it
is now the shoes that you shouldn’t use shouldn’t use our tennis shoes
basketball shoes and CrossFit shoes those shoes are not designed for indoor
courts and they’re not the same kind of movement the shoes that you must not use
and I need to stress this you must not use running shoes and for two reasons
the first reason is that running shoes are raised at the back because when
you’re moving most of the movement is just this forward motion
so they’re raised to protect your heels the problem for squash players is that
you might then twist your ankles and obviously that’s not what you want to do
when you’re when you’re moving around in squash the last thing you want is
something that’s high for you to twist your ankle and it fall over and the
second reason that running shoes are not very good is that they have
lateral support they are really not designed for any type of twisting motion
and you only need to look at modern-day running shoes to see that they’re almost
a thin canvas and okay maybe that’s great for running but it’s not good for
squash when I was playing competitively I always used to use a tea desk or shoes
because I found that they fit my feet really well and that’s the next point
but buying a brand should be based on how they fit your feet
these were selling and they were absolutely fantastic but they became too
old so I went to Decathlon and I bought these they’re okay they’re 30 euros the
problem was that I needed them immediately so I had to rush this
decision so my last point to you is once you’ve started playing squash and you
realize oh my god this is fantastic I’m definitely gonna keep playing this which
why wouldn’t you when you find a pair of shoes that are comfortable go and get a
second pair and I know that not everybody can afford to do that but what
it means is that if you alternate between two pairs of shoes one they will
last you much longer and two if something happens to one pair you’ll
have another pair that you can use and then find time to go and get the pair
that suits you so find a pair that is suitable for you and wear these types of
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  1. Hello. The basketball shoes are specifically designed for indoor. I'm playing squash for half a year in nike lebron 15 and these are just phenomenal. So use basketball shoes rather than squash shoes, I guarantee that's better

  2. what if i get blisters on my feet after playing. I have asics gel rocket 7 and used to get blisters, after getting nike hyper elite socks its a lot better but still sometimes small blistering

  3. Coach Phil .. you should've told them not to wear the shoes anywhere else except on the court … it's etiquette but there is a good reason behind it.

  4. Good advice. Any thoughts on how often you should buy new ones. Over time the internal support deteriorates yet the soles may still look good. The comment made about not wearing squash shoes outside of the courts is also good advice as it reduce the amount of dirt that is brought onto the court.

  5. Hi Phil, have you seen this? would love to see a review if you could get them to send you one? Not sure how useful the data would be and how you could use that to improve your game but an interesting concept

  6. Any recommendations for someone who requires high levels of arch support Philip?

  7. great tips. the problem is that it's so hard to find "squash shoes" everywhere.
    I live in Bari (south Italy) and the best I can find is some volleyball asics, that seems good to play squash too.
    If I'm lucky, in some period of the year I find something different, but I've never seen anything in the "squash sector"… in most cases, there's no "squash sector" at all 🙁
    I could order online, but I need to try before I buy, so this is the real problem…
    Cheers from Italy

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