Video Game High School (VGHS) – S1: Ep. 3

Video Game High School (VGHS) – S1: Ep. 3

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Freddie Wong How are you lost? You’re the RA! Hey, you’re the one who overslept. Well, I’m sorry, I had to practice with my new game deck if I want to get good and impress Jenny Matrix. Hey, Brian. Loved watching you kill Annihilist last night – Very impressive. How would you like a spot on JV? Are you serious? Double-stuf serious. JV could use a boost in the cute department. Welcome to the team… …and welcome TO ME! Is anyone else hearing this? Nope. Cheeto…? Killing spree Mornin’ roomie! Pizza brunch? What is with everyone today? Well… You killed the number one player at the school… …you got a guy kicked out on your first day… You’re a marked man, Brian. Just like this pizza! Everyone wants a piece of you! I gotta keep my head down… You’re right – we could throw you a party. What?
– In your honor. I didn’t say that… Called Brianpalooza. No! Hi! Brian! I had a question about Brianpalooza. Did you take this while I was sleeping? I have a very aggressive street team. I was just wondering what time “Rock o’clock” is? You know – half past rad. But when is half past rad? Quarter to score.
– Ted, no. Seriously, like… Every twitcher in the school wants to fight me. I’m not gonna throw them a party. Can we please just… …hang out by this stairwell? Look at this view! This could be our new hangout spot, am I right? Wow! I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it. I’ll add it to my list that I made of potential hangout spots. Really? Okay. A party’s one thing, but you can’t even walk past The Law? Come on it’s time to stop hiding in the shadows and shine like the star that you are! I’ll stick to the shadows, thanks. I’ll see you in class. What’s gaming all about, Brian? Well, um… I always thought that…
– I’m sure if I looked at Brian’s Big Book of Gaming It’d tell me that gaming’s all about expelling classmates Starting fights Landing the cover of The Wall Street Journal. You know what gaming’s really about, Brian? Boom. It’s all about the game. Gaming’s… all about the game, sir? I knew you wouldn’t understand. You’re in the danger zone, kid. You may have snapped a few points wasting Annihilist, but… If you want to last more than a week at this school… I suggest you start keeping a low profile. I-I hear you, sir. I was actually just telling my friends: “Low profile” – that’s my game. Really. Does that game include a minigame about being fulll of crap!? Now get out of my office. Okay. Hello students and welcome to FPS 101. My name is Ace. You can call me Ace. Sound good? Fantastic. Now I’m sure a lot of you are thinking right now: “Hey. I got myself into VGHS. What’s with all the back to basics baloney?” Well. Let me just set the record straight for you pardners real quick like… You don’t know shinola about first person shootin’ Freshman year is about two things, hear me now… Fundamentals… and first impressions. Brian D, I presume? Sorry I was late, sir. Well you’ve already broken Ace’s first rule. Be punctual. No. Rule #1 is “Know Ace’s Rules.” You’d have known that had you been punctual. Have a seat. Brian!
– Sorry I’m late, Mr. Ace. Call me Ace, alright? Mr. Ace was my father’s name Rule #1, Brian! Now, back to first impressions…
– Dude. -The first girl y’all ought to be impressin’
– Check out who our TA is… is our straight shootin’ TA over here Jenny Matrix. That’s right, Ace. As JV captain I have to choose an honorary freshman to play in our scrimmage against Varsity tomorrow. Personally, I think it’s a huge waste of time but… It’s tradition. Brian! That could be you wasting her time tomorrow! I don’t know, Ki, I… The scrim is a perfect opportunity to be rubbin’ elbows with some of the best mouse jockies this high school has to offer. Jenny you think any of these cheesedusters has what it takes? Well there’s only one way to find out, Ace… Let’s hit The Pit. I cannot wait. People underestimate The Pit because your targets are made of paper. But trust me. When you know The Pit… You know yourself. Playing games by yourself? I got better things to do in my sleep! This is great! I can totally do this level in my sleep! Yeah, great. So, Ki… Back to our favorite romance languages… What were yours again? Spanish? Italian? C++. “Very good.” Be fast. Be efficient. And above all else… Be resourceful. Thirty-nine seconds… That’s not bad, Matrix. Just shy of the school record. Wait, that’s not right. You can get like ten seconds faster than that… Brian D! Something to share? No, sir. Ah… sorry. Uh… Wasn’t important. Good. Then shut up. Brian was just saying he can complete the course much faster than you, Jenny. Well, la-dee-freakin-da. I’d love to see that. What about you, class? Honorary freshman, honorary freshman… C’mon Brian. Show us what you got. Try not to wet yourself, noob. That’s somewhat… unorthodox. Brian… I am disappoint. Cheer up, Brian! At least no one wants to fight you anymore!
– I figured it out! Rock o’clock is 3:32! We’ve missed Brianpalooza. Calhoun wants me dead… I’m late for Ace’s class… Oh! And I can forget about playing in that scrimmage because Jenny probably thinks I’m the biggest dork in the universe! So! Jenny’s here! What up, Matrix? What, uh… Brings you to our neck of the cafeteria… …woods? Well, I was going to invite you to my party because that was one of the sickest pit runs I’ve ever seen… but um… I’m sorry, could you just…? Oh! Sunglasses indoors… I must look like a douchebag, what was I thinking? We’ll clean this up, we’ll definitely be there! I hope this party is more organized than Brianpalooza. Sure. You guys can totally invite yourselves. Okay. My place. Tomorrow night. Sounds groovy, Jenny! Or should I say… Gravy
– Brian. She’s gone. Party… this could be like… Our first date! First… date…? Awesome!
– Three-way fist pound? Brian. This way�

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    6. Live Longer. Kill later.
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