Villagers And Heroes – First Impressions In 2020

Villagers And Heroes – First Impressions In 2020

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the
mmorpg Villagers and Heroes for the first time, I haven’t played this and to be honest
I had heard the name but thought it was just a mobile game so never looked into it. That is until I was linked the Massively OP
article about their end of 2019 awards for the MMORPG genre. According to MassivelyOverpowered, the MMORPG
news website, Villagers and heroes won the best indie mmo category for both their award
and the community poll award, with Project Gorgon being the close second. So that prompted me to actually download the
game and take a look. So here we are, what are my first impressions
of Villager’s and heroes? Well actually first what is villagers and
heroes for anyone who doesn’t know. Villagers and Heroes is a free to play, cross
platform MMORPG, available on iOS, Android and PC which is of course what I’m showing
in the video, pc gameplay. I’ll read off the feature list real quick
so you can get an idea of what the devs say you can do since I obviously haven’t played
the whole game and will just be covering the early leveling
experience in this video. Also when researching this video I found out
I could sign up for an affiliate link, so if you do decide to try the game, click that
link in the description and you’ll be directly helping me and my youtube channel. That way I can improve the videos and it doesn’t
cost you guys a penny to help me do that. Sounds like a good deal right? Explore a massive world, party up with friends
in raids, crafting, seasonal events, player housing & gardening, guilds, talent system
and a lot of frequent updates. There’s also to me a pretty cool system in
here called Gnomish Augmentation where you can combine items together to make a perfect
statted item to suit your playstyle. Now That’s the features, so what did I think
of the game? So immediately most people will dismiss this
game and it’s easily done, I mean it’s a mobile cross platform game, it’s free to play so
obviously it will have massive cash shop hangups and it’s indie, so it’s obviously rough around
the edges in just about every possible way. All really understandable things to think
to be fair, right? That’s the expectation I went in with and
honestly you could end the impressions there and say it pretty much is spot on. It has all those things, nailed it without
even playing. But ending a first impressions there would
be a bit redundant. Right off the bat , character creation tells
you that you’re not playing a mainstream game. It actually has an interesting character creation
process, you pick your character origin in the world which gives you different starter
items and back story, you pick your class from the starter classes of wizard warrior
hunter priest and shaman…You then pick your starter gear between a few different specs
so for mage I had ice or fire, then you pick your gathering and crafting skills and then
the appearance of your house , of course pick your name and appearance which is standard
and off you go. So already a bit of spice added in, personally
hard to remember the last time an mmorpg had me making choices in the character select
screen minus the appearance and class. Graphics wise, the game is as you would expect,
it’s not winning any awards anytime soon but it’s not absolutely the worst thing I’ve ever
seen. They obviously took absolutely mad inspiration
from world of warcraft because the buildings are basically carbon copies, the UI has a
pretty similar resembelnce in places and even just the floor textures and that look world
of warcraft esque. This isn’t a pro or a con really, it’s just
how it is. I’m not a graphics matters person so I can
forgive this, it’s not awful to look at and it suits what the game is…However…I am
a performance person. So for the graphics to look like this and
for this game to give me as many freezes , fps drops, mouse skips and general tech issues,
that is pretty bad. I’m not sure if this is a problem with my
system but I honestly found it to be extremely poorly optimised for what it is. Looking at this game and what I had on screen
at the time, it shouldn’t have had problems. The settings of the game also just is quite
poor, not a ton of options you would expect to find but it’s not a huge deal. It appeared to be just how the game ran because
it lagged more so when I was just doing nothing, near nobody than when there were a bunch of
people on screen. So yeah your mileage may vary with this. The combat is serviceable….It’s pretty basic,
pretty bare bones. At least starting out, even at the point I
finished I only had like 2 damaging abilities multiple hours in, so it wasn’t super interactive
and there wasn’t any combos or anything that I could see. But it wasn’t the worst combat I’ve ever played. I think when I was playing they had some issues
with the servers or I was having lag issues because the game had like a half second delay
on everything I was doing for almost the entirity of the play session I had on the first day. So that made the combat feel way, way worse
than it actually is. Which is a shame because if I were one of
those people who immediately jump to conclusions and didn’t come back the second day to try
it, I would have assumed the game was just a laggy mess. It’s actually not, it was totally fine and
smooth the second day and the combat went up a few notches after that. It’s basically just a bog standard, old style
classic tab target system. There doesn’t seem to be any bells and whistles,
it’s just an acceptable combat system feel. This is also as a pc person, I didn’t touch
mobile and
if the combat is 1 to 1 on mobile, then it probably has really good combat for a mobile
game. The game overall as you’re playing kind of
feels like a classic mmorpg, quite old school, I’d honestly compare it a bit to classic wow. It’s not open world in the way that it’s basically
a bunch of maps stitched together to make a big web of nodes, presumably that was the
choice they had to make for having the game be mobile. There are people out in the world though on
these maps so it is a full scale mmorpg not like you’ll only see people in towns or whatever
like a hub game with maps usually is. The game is traditional themepark style in
the way you’re basically following quests from hub to hub and doing them, they do require
some thought at times and for you to actually read what you have to do, I did get lost a
few times, skipped and abandoned some quests. The main issue with the questing system I
had is that the way they display quests and objectives to you is super counter intuitive
and also the game does not auto track quests. So I’d find myself missing things and being
4 levels above them and having to back track through the maps or abandoning them. So that is definitley something people might
find happen to them if they’re not paying attention. Maybe that’s by design but just approaching
the game like any other questing themepark, it was definitely jarring for me personally
during the gameplay, your mileage may vary depending on who you are and now obviously
you being aware of it. So yeah minute to minute, overall, it feels
like classic wow in a way. If I had to describe the game to someone in
5 words or less. I’d say….”budget classic wow with cashshop”. You’re free to go craft, gather, do little
side objectives on the maps like kill the named monsters, tend to your house farm and
a few other little things and then the on rails questing experience is there too. Cash shop wise which is of course always going
to be a big thing, the game looks to be pretty pay to win not going to lie. I’ve read a few reviews, checked some forums,
people typically are saying the usual stuff you would expect…Yeah it’s probably pay
to win but it’s not crazy and most stuff you can achieve with just playing the game and
also there’s so much content and fun in the game for free originally that you might just
want to support the game or buy things. Obviously no game can be free but some are
worse than others. I checked the stuff in the game’s shop and
it has your typical convenience stuff, inventory slots, optional subscription, then the probably
p2w stuff like potions, sockets and of course everyone’s classic favourite, the loot boxes….Wah
wah. Probably the coolest thing about this game
is the Gnogment feature, which lets you select two items to combine together and then make
a better version and pick the stats and runes to keep. Which honestly is really cool. Now when it comes to gearing, visual and power
progression…There is actual visual progression in the game, my character was wearing new
stuff as I equipped it. So cool, that’s always a bonus. The items I would get in the game from quests,
killing creatures or whatever, I’m not exactly sure if it is randomised or not but gear was
quite fun to actually deal with in this. Like I’d frequently get green items, or blues,
or even a purple or two and they would all have a bunch of different stats on, not just
an overall power level. So something might be technically higher power
level but be much worse for my play style and my build as I was picking talents to go
fire mage, so I was trying to get traits that buffed my fire spells as well as having other
stats like crit damage and cooldown reduction. So the best way to play the game is probably
min maxing what stats and traits you need and then finding items that are good at each
then combining them to make the perfect stats. That in my opinion is really cool and probably
allows for people to have vastly different play styles and customisation. This feature alone adds quite a bit of a unique
twist to the game. Before I give the final verdict…The most
annoying thing about the entire game is the bag space. After about 4 hours of gameplay I had to constantly
delete gear so I didn’t have to go back to town and sell up, I had no idea what was worth
keeping and what wasn’t and of course the inventory slots are locked behind the cash
shop, so if that’s something that bothers you…You’ll definitely be frustrated with
this. So verdict time, after only about 10 hours
on the game which I think is fair to get a first impressions….I’d say it’s alright. It’s not going to blow your socks off and
make you get excited, most people will obviously not want to touch it for the monetisation
and the jank of the game but honestly it wasn’t a chore to play. Sometimes when reviewing a game, a few hours
in I’m basically forcing myself through sheer determination and will power to get through
the game and this one wasn’t that. The first day I played, even with the lag
issues I played for a good 6 ish hours in a row and 4 on the second at which point I
stopped and started on the video. I think honestly it’s just because it’s super
casual, it was just a relaxing experience to play, at no point was I stressed out or
over my head confused but at the same time I was intrigued or compelled by getting slightly
stuck that I had to read into things. It might not be a game I’d play for the long
term but it definitely was worth a try and worth the time I spent on it to be honest,
especially since it cost me absolutely nothing. If you’re someone who has an open mind about
the graphics, style and monetisation, there’s no real reason not to try it. The devs seem to be very dedicated and have
released a metric ton of content for it and yeah, it’s free so you can’t really complain
if you do try it and don’t have fun! I can’t comment on how the end game is, how
much the cash shop plays a factor on end game or anything like that so if you do know, let
me know in the comments. I’d say it’s not going to win any awards anytime
soon but they just did, so I would be lying. They got the massivelyOP indie mmorpg of the
year award. I don’t know that I’d agree with that accolade
but I’d have to try out the other indie games in comparrison and know what they classed
as indie and what isn’t. Either way. If you do want to try out the game, feel free
to use my affiliate link in the description, it won’t cost you anything but it helps out
my channel quite a bit and supports me as a content creator. Alright hope you guys enjoyed the video, like,
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support always. See you guys on the next one, PEACE!

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  7. Played it on phone recently. Hadn't seen the PC version, looks clean, I like the UI on PC. It's a decent game. VERY nice on the mobile viewpoint. Quest dialog were pretty decent, I enjoyed them and really liked the voice acting lady at the beginning. Sadly the crafting didn't seem super interesting and being inventory starved really upsets me and uh… Needed the phone space for Arknights… ahem

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