Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | The lady jinn | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | The lady jinn | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Let’s play dumb charades. What is dumb charades? In this game there are two group, One person in acts the name of the film and his team should guess that name. I enjoy playing dumb charades. Theif!! Someone catch him. Vir, look the thief is running with my mom’s purse. Hey stop!! Thief uncle return the purse or else you shall visit the jail. How can this kid ride a cycle so fast? Help!! Hey kid please do not leave me. Please help me. Ok go, but never steal anything in future or else I will hand over you to the police. Who are you? Friend of good deeds and enemy of bad one’s. My name is Vir, Vir the Robot boy. Thank you Vir, how did you manage to get back the purse? I didn’t do anything , he dropped the purse from his hands and I took it. Good boy Vir, you did a good job. Bye kids. Where is Gintu? I don’t know, but I will call out for him right away. Tak dhina dhin dhin! What is the order for me? Its been very long I haven’t seen you . Hey Grandpa when did you come? Gintu Jinn! Lady Jinn has escaped from the jail. You might remember that when she tried running away from police. You were the one who helped the police to arrest her back. Yes I remember, she had ran away and hidden in the well , I was playing over there. I called Jinn police to arrest her. When police arrested her, she was yelling at me. She kept on saying that she will take the revenge and take away all my powers. Haha!! Gintu, she is out of the jail and must be searching for you. She might not have the idea of you being on earth, be careful . Grandpa, take Gintu along with you. Its more dangerous if he is with me , she will first search him in the Jinn’s world. Gintu take this jinn catcher , the moment you see her, get her caught in this. Ok grandpa. Gintu why are you so scared? She is very dangerous Jinn,she will come to take the revenge. Lady Jinn doesn’t know your location. Hahaha!! Hey run!! Ghost!! My lovely Gintu, how are you? Because of you I had to go to the jail. Now I will take your energy and increase mine. Haha!! Hope you don’t mind. Haha!! This donkey looks like Gintu’s friend. No he is my enemy. Enemy of an enemy is a friend, from today onwards you are my friend. Tell me where is Gintu ? or else I know to make wonderful dishes from donkey meat. Donkey masala , Donkey tikka , Donkey tandoori. No, Vir!! Save me!! Once I catch Gintu, I shall make you beautiful and perfect lady jinn Like me, haha!! Bye bye. Why are you so scared Gintu? Why didn’t you disappeared from there using your magic? I am too scared of her, my mind goes blank , cant remember anything. You have the dream catcher , you should not be worried. In fear , my voice vanishes. How do I catch her. She can come anywhere. she has a nack to scare the jinn’s and take away their energy, she enjoys it. The more the Jinn gets scared, the more powerful she will be , so I get rid and hide from her. Vir where is Gintu? I have made some snacks for him. I don’t know grandpa. He is your friend and you say you don’t know. Call him fast. Why is he calling Gintu in so much love , normally he calls all of us for some food, I doubt something. Grandpa lay the food on the table , I will call Gintu. Where are you Grandpa? I am buying vegetables , whats the matter? Nothing urgent , simply checked . Imli the person inside is not our Grandpa but the lady Jinn. Gintu lets go. No , I wont come out from underneath the bed. Come on Gintu. Gintu. Stop! Gintu, agadam bagadam say it and vanish quick. Aa aa gadam bagadam aa aalam phalam dum duma dum Gintu how long can we run like this, you need to fight using your magic. Think positive, keep saying that you are brave and see the difference . I am brave!! Vir what are you guys doing here? I think its not Mr Chadha but the lady Ginn. Gintu do some magic , lady jinn is coming close. Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadam dum duma dum. What is happening to me? In my place these things don’t happen. Bunty’s mummy!! He is the real Chadha uncle. Make him proper. Oh here comes my category, Hey friend whats your name? Whats there in a name. What do you do? I am a cook , I make Donkey masala, Donkey tandoori etc This is the lady jinn, run!! Gintu, your all power is mine, I will suck all the powers and become strong, now no one can catch me. Haha!! Gintu spell your magic, Gintu you are brave and strong , have faith in yourself, don’t give up. Gintu fight!! Gintu all your powers are vanishing , do something fast. Gintu stop your power loss. I won’t let it happen. No, those powers are mine. Return it to me. I am not scared of you like Gintu. You would have heard of horse power, today I will show you donkey power.

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