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Visit the PingSkills Website | Table Tennis

have you seen this video on YouTube what about this one [Music] the second thing is that because your opponent is playing the ball at you fast that’s going to cut down the amount of time you have to play a stroke so you don’t have a good time to play a bigger stroke and you only need a shorter stroke to get that ball back on the table with your back end block whatever it is so now Jeff’s going to serve short I’m going to push the ball back short and let’s see if Jeff is still utilize this flick that one’s a good boy now what if you could watch these in a logical ordered way come over to pin skills calm on our website you’ll find all the videos all in in a structured way to help you improve [Music]

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  1. Hi PingSkills, I love your tips and your channel. I was just wondering if the PingSkills Rooke would be a good choice for a new bat, as my old one broke. I play at club level and I know all the basic strokes, and I want to advance my technique. So would the Rooke be a good choice?

  2. Hey ping skills you guys have helped me so much I have become the reining defending table tennis 2 years in a row

  3. Jeff has a ferocious backhand!

  4. My friend asked me a question about this bat he had. He was wondering if the product was fake because the sides of the little box around the ittf 14-013 mark were too straight and apparently the little box's edges r supposed to be round. I dont know and im thinking u guys might be able to know. Is it fake or no? Here's the picture:

  5. hey pingskills are the balls that you use made by nittaku

  6. Hey is there a way to play against heavier paddles with just a beginner level paddle
    I went to Dever recently and got my butt kick by a former pro, I cant help but feel the difference was in paddle than technique(maybe a little there to).

  7. What happened to Zhang Jike?

  8. You guys are legends

  9. I can't believe you guys have been doing this for 10 years almost! You deserve so many more subscribers! Have you tried running an advertising campaign. I would recommend doing so as your videos are very high quality and should be bringing in so many more views.

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