Voice – Alive and Well (Unplugged) ft. Bishop Anstey High School Choir “2019 Soca” [HD]

Voice – Alive and Well (Unplugged) ft. Bishop Anstey High School Choir “2019 Soca” [HD]

Voice – Alive and Well (Unplugged) ft. Bishop Anstey High School Choir “2019 Soca” [HD] No You know Justino and films people are bigger, please when you see me. No semen No, see Those women are Lesbians people now, will you please when you see me though semen, I those I’m a big run to it I Work for it, cause my family must live on everything I am Bennifer Please when you see me, no, semen What everybody Away Ragini, yeah Me With the school while you listen to this Oh see McCutcheon, don’t be good The people apologize our men To the people never get up a little Every artist then fluently. Leave a message To the leaders of jobless is only do your work with a big run for it

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  1. nice arranging good lyrics something positive

  2. Wow I love this version. On the original u don't really hear the choir so pronounced. Really excellent job Voice. Nothing but goosebumps and inspiration.

  3. this song is only good vibesssss !!

  4. ??Goosebumps ?????? positive

  5. To person that disliked this video “doh see meh nahhhhh” ??

  6. Lawd, hear the separation and complementation between the leads and the backgrounds.. lovely stuff! ?

  7. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Hey Precision Productions you guys did it again & this is officially now one of my all time favourite positive, to the gym, when I'm down, feel good, motivational songs of all times. Voice you just touched my heart & my soul with this blessed song & that choir brought me to tears cause that feeling is so real… Miracles & blessings to all & may this song blaze a fierce trail in our hearts for all eternity… One love… Ballistik says so

  9. Undoubtedly, Voice is blessed with the soca remedy, he keeps getting it right. I swear the hairs on my skin stood up on my first listen. #blazethefire

  10. doh see meh nahhhhhhhhhhhh

  11. This song raising my pores!!!

  12. Voice continues to bring hope for the future of soca in the Caribbean. As young as I am, I grew up
    listening to what we call "Old School" soca artistes e.g. Kitchener, Shadow, Aloes, Professor, Singing Sandra, Calypso Rose etc. Voice is the fusion of the old with the new.

    This young man has found the recipe for success. His positive lyrics and groovy melodies
    resonate with each and every person who listens his music and is undoubtedly his recipe for his
    continued winnings.

    I am calling his 4peat early. 2019 IS SURELY YOURS….

    #cheerstolife #farfromfinished #yearforlove #aliveandwell

    "…Jah has a big plan for you…."

  13. This youth man really is greatness yes. That is music. Message in the music. Love it 1000000xxx

  14. yes excellent, liking it brother love the choir. very imaginative and out of the box… #clutureliveshere

  15. 2019 is mine!!! Jah have ah big plan for we!!!?????????? yes Voice!!


  17. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  18. ?Giving Me Life I Love It❤???

  19. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. Home playing this on repeat!!!!!! The lyrics sweet… The music sweet… The vybes sweeeeet too bad….. ????????

  21. ??this is the positivity trinidad needs rn thank u??

  22. What are the lyrics someone?

  23. Voice back again with the conscious soca. Another win. T&T listen to the words

  24. Take win again g… Big respect coming from ya neighbour in Sanjuan!! #Voice #SawaSawaMiSay

  25. From Alien to this…. Always knew this youth was different. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent track.

  26. The best I've heard for the season thus far; and by virtue of the lyrical content and musical composition (that blend with BAHS is on ??) it would be difficult to top…… Much blessings and thanks to you Voice, our culture in good hands ??????????????????

  27. This is the kind of music the youth need soca 2019 sounding very powerful ???

  28. Every year Voice surprises me with how much he has improved vocally and lyrically! He is truly one of the best at conscious soca. I love the end where he's calling us to action…Jah have a big plan for we!

  29. This is d tune for 2k19 it good and d positive message in is tune, when Jah bless no man curse

  30. Check out “Kes Apple of Eden”. Crazy!!

  31. That Choir raising my paws. #DohSeeMehNah

  32. I love this song, voice, lyrics messages totally moved me to ?

  33. Machel better be careful Voice doh huff he throne as King Of Soca boy.

  34. Voice yuh wicked……….yuh eh think it have men other than you want to win soca monarch?

  35. i swear all who think they stopping voice i feel bad for yall!!!!!!

  36. This version have me tearing up yes. So good. Congrats to all involved.

  37. I love this song! It's amazing? #MyFavourite?❤

  38. Oml! This man never disappoints always singing on positive stuff! Cant wait for the video

  39. The full version is cooler. I don't get why this is unplugged though.. so many plugged instruments, and I am not talking about an acoustic guitar plugged in an amp, I am talking about machine instruments in this one.

  40. D best is d red and black

  41. How people could dislike this song boi? Smh.. The song deals with str8 facts.. T&T hurting???

  42. Voice 2019 Soca king again

  43. Another one! Uplifting vibez! #Soca monarch 2019 ?? ?

  44. real feeling this unplugged version

  45. 23 people does still see you…SMH

  46. Best tune ever #voice

  47. This version raised my pores .. laaaawd ?

  48. Listennnnn yuh see especially at the end of this song from like 3:23 it does raise my poressss jeeezzzz! The message in this song is like wow!!!

  49. Beyond blessed by this song! May God continue to use & May you continue to focus on him so you can do more of these soulful, powerful, positive songs ❤️

  50. Best 2019 soca song

  51. ??????

    Man is a blessing……blessings VOICE?

  52. Well another Monarch in the bag ? BIG tune ???? #BadmindDohSeeMeNuh

  53. Positive vibes ????

  54. This song is having me ready to wine into 2019!

  55. …. Jah have ah big plan fi wee! #mood

  56. I love this version better…hearing the vocals and choir more clearly is pore raising…????

  57. Its a soca prayer in the end jeez this taking 2019!!!

  58. Voice ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.

  59. Keep it coming Sawah youthman! We need the positivity in this land. #ck19 #positivevibes

  60. million goosebumps

  61. What the hell is this!!!! Voice like he went into my soul and write this one!!! It vibrating with everything in me! BIG YUHSELF UP!!!!! Tell dem yuh ain't see mih nuhhhhhhhhh

  62. Voice, Precision and Bishops choir. This combo is pure epic. Definitely best song for Carnival 2018 so far.

  63. Yes Voice, yesssss!!!! Jah does have a big plan for us! This song was preaching to my soul!!!! Please listen n take head people!

  64. Every youth don't study what they say I KNOW #JAH HAVE A BIG PLAN FOR WE

  65. Don't. Click. Closed Captions.

  66. Thus song has touched my soul …Voice at it again.

  67. Consistency on 100, never fail yet. ?

  68. I actually prefer this one over the Original!! It's more raw and impactful to me. Strip away all those extra instruments and give us the real voice!!!

  69. no better song coming out of tnt in 2019! this cuts deep.

  70. This is the fourth carnival you singing to ppl soul, well done!!!!

  71. D 46 dislikers from Hell hoss. Meen kno who sen yuh

  72. ☝?☝?☝?☝?☝?☝?☝?

  73. I just Love it.? Proud Trinidadian.

  74. Jealousy and grudge is a sin, for sure.

  75. Love this version ! Heard it on the radio

  76. Positive, uplifting, inspirational. How can anyone dislike this ?

  77. Absolutely pore raising. The Clarity of the Choir, everything is perfection! Loooveee it! #Voice

  78. Not really acoustic,
    But still nice

  79. Voice voice of t&t,Jamaica, Barbados, Haiti, AFRICA.. BIG BIG BIG MSG WORLD.

  80. Someone did some stupid subtitles for this…you need to check it

  81. Carnival done gone but the GOOSEBUMPS still raising!! The acoustics still bring me to tears! Voice, and the beautiful choir, may God continue to bless your undeniable talents! Can't wait for 2020 and beyond ?????❤️❤️❤️

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