Volleyball Explained: How to organize a triple block

[Applause] organizing a triple block when the other team received or defended badly could be an efficient instrument which can allow you to conjure a better do poland’s attack let’s hear the considerations of Glenn Hoch and Tejada steam store chief about the organization of a triple block when it’s a fast set okay we want a two-man block rarely can we go for a three-man block on on a fast set but if the ball is off the net okay then a high ball situation that we want a three blocker situation in the case of so here we can demonstrate with if Blair can keep the ball and create a situation where it’s a high ball and then the blockers will responds according so you can work on your footwork synchronize all blockers together so that you don’t have any gaps in the [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] you tell or some but sometimes sometimes even the triple block can’t help [Applause]

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