Volleyball Tip of the Week #13 – How to set straighter

Volleyball Tip of the Week #13 – How to set straighter

hey everyone I just want to take a second to let you know that it is registration time right now for our 2015 summer camps so check out our website to know how you can get all the details about the camps before everyone else that’s at jump ball a ball comm I repeat jump volleyball comm so check it out and I’ll leave you with your tip of the week enjoy hey guys welcome to your weekly jump volleyball training tip this is LP with you and today we’re going to talk about setting more specifically about squaring off our shoulders to our target when we set the ball there are two reasons why you want to do this and we are going to see where they are right now first let’s see what happens when we don’t square off our shoulders here we can see that Ben’s shoulders are actually facing the back of the court so we can expect a set off the net which is exactly what happens obviously been exaggerated a mistake but it is in fact what we see in young athletes the set is often off the net and the hitter can’t get a good swing the other thing that will happen if this setter doesn’t square up their shoulders is that they will turn while making a set here Ben shows us that turning while setting is likely to lead to a set over the net so the first reason to square off your shoulders is precision having your shoulders facing your target before setting the ball leaves you with a simple and straightforward set to make hence ensuring a better set for your hitters so as you can see the first reason is precision of your set the second reason that you want to make sure you square off to your target when you set is because one day you’re going to want to jump set and when you start jumps setting if you’re not used to squaring off your shoulders to your target you’re going to be all over the place if your jump setting right now and you have some trouble with your precision in your sets maybe it’s the reason why so make sure that you’re squaring off to your target to make your set that will allow you to progress through the different stages of being a setter quickly and more efficiently so thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoyed the tip try that this week and we’ll catch you later for another tip of the week job thanks for watching make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and come back next week for special two parts to put a week

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  1. Coach, how is the best way to backset the ball to the opposite player?? 

  2. Why did I instantly think Robert Downey Jr when I saw his face? xD

  3. is this a badminton net ? 😛

  4. I have a question about the technique.
    I keep seeing many coaches that teach setting by flipping your hands forward to push the ball, along with the extension of the elbows. However, the coach at my club always told me the best way is to NOT flip your wrists forward, to actually go back on the wrist as the ball contacts the hands, then leave your wrist back and let the elbows do the pushing, since it prevents the set from spinning and is better for accuracy and control.

    The first time I heard about this way, I was skeptical, but after seeing how good and natural he made it look, which seemed like a higher quality set than when I saw people use the other technique, it convinced me. But I keep seeing everywhere else that they push with the wrist.

    Now I'm coaching a small local junior team, who are starting to learn how to set, and I'm conflicted about which technique is better to teach them.

    What are your thoughts on this?

  5. I've got a question, what is the advantage of a jump set over a standing set? Besides when I've noticed a lot of the time a jump set is used when the ball is being set just barely above the net when the spiker comes in for a hit

  6. Wow that was easy to learn

  7. im really trash at setting and playing net in general its easier for me to set in doubles

  8. Is it true that you can do more than just 3 hits in order for the ball to go over the net? ( i hope this question is clear for you ) and also my team has a issue of talking..idk if a ball is short long or anything so i need help with that..also i always get stuck into a situation where both me and a teammate gets to a ball but both of us call it yet still go..can you help me with this please?


  10. How would u set go balls ?

  11. i hate how your intro blasted my ears and your voice is so hard to hear i have to crank up my speakers only to get blasted again with you ending..

  12. How do you back set?

  13. Hey. My name's Marco, I'm a Brazilian 25-year-old who's practicing to be a setter. I'd like to get more tips on how to set the ball more efficiently and precisely. Thanks!

  14. This was my worst habbit. This video helped me so much! Thank you 🙂

  15. hlo bro i am 5" 11 and my vertical is 29 inches i wanna make more improvement in my jump wht should i do.

  16. bro i am 21 years old

  17. give a clear slow motion overhead pass

  18. Thats what my coach said and ive been setting much better with that tip

  19. how to jump left ?

  20. I found jump setting easy than normal setting.

  21. how far away from the net should i set the ball?

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