Volleyball Tip of the Week #3

Volleyball Tip of the Week #3

hi guys this is helping with your jump level training tip of the week this week we’re going to talk about passing the hardest thing we ask closer is getting feet to ball balls moving a lot when it gets the ball or it’s going swimming fast and you need to react fast so to know what we can do to get better at passing closers we’re going to look at what we would do if you were passing along in the corner so if I wasn’t six able to go past all your debt situation couple things are happening first you start being our focus and you would start noticing thanks about a surfer we start to notice where he starts a surfer is he serving from one or is he serving to five you would also start to look at his eyes nor is looking at in order to kind of get where is it you serve you would also start to look at his shoulders to know if the shoulders of our romantic towards from sport or towards the line all these little things will help you read the server and kind of know where it all is going in order to cover the entire court a lot of fun a lot of space you need to use every little detail that you use in order to get that ball now think about what would happen if you use all these tricks when passing on your poor think about how good I’m telling you right now to be way better and way more efficient and passing if you use these tricks when passing material players and not just if you’re in a situation where you’re along before right so you’re looking bad you can see then he’s able to move towards Accord in the board move everywhere going pass a ball so that’s it that was the Jumbo ball training tip to read hope you enjoyed this week playing volleyball not catch you later guys thanks for watching try this tip this week guys share it with your teammates and check out a Facebook page for last week’s contest winners we also invite you to check out the school volleyball Quebec project to promote boys volleyball they are hosting an awesome event in Sherbrooke this weekend which we are proud to be a part of just visit volleyball Quebec’s website and come back here next week for another helpful tip

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