Volleyball Training | Resistance Bands | Vertical Jump Training | Part 6

Speaker 1: So, what we’re going to do is you’re
going to start here at the edge. You’re going to take two shuffles. We’ve got three jump
spots along the net. You’re going to sink down, then take two shuffles, six jumps, all
right, as high as you can, two shuffles, six jumps, as high as you can. Two shuffles, how
many jumps? Speaker 2: Six.
Speaker 1: Six, right. Then we’re going to jog on back here. Listen up, we’re jog back
here, we’re going to follow this red line. It’s [Inaudible 00:00:32]. You’re going to
sit wide and you’re going to sit down in it, you’re going to keep your feet wide and you’re
going to slowly shuffle. This is a little more of that injury prevention stuff, okay,
very important. So don’t let your feet come together, it’s going to burn okay. It’s going
to burn. You’re going to get all the way to that red corner and then you’re going to jog
back up and get in line, okay? Good. Two shuffles, six jumps. Good. Come
on now, you got to get up, got to get up. Remember, don’t let those knees buckle. Hustle
up, hustle up, hustle up. Throw the knees. When you jump if you land and your knees do
this you will hurt your knee one day. So, you have to consciously think about it if
your knees are shifting in. Control your legs so when you land you have soft neutral knees.
Don’t let your legs go like this when you land.
Least amount of time on the ground the better. Good. Great job, there’s a good set. Good.
Catch the bar, ladies, set the bar. Quick jumps, quick jumps. So when you’re here it’s
not this, got to be quick, got to be quick. As soon as you hit your…
Keep going ladies, keep going, stand up. Get higher, higher every set, higher. Good. A
little higher, little higher, you got a little more in there.

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