Vote Alfred Lam for NCU President (Campaign Video)

Vote Alfred Lam for NCU President (Campaign Video)

Hey Ryerson Nurses! My name is Alfred Lam
and I want to be your next NCU President. My current term on the NCU-CNSA Executive
as the CNSA Coordinator of Education and Equity demonstrates my ability to lead and
organize successful campaigns and events. It’s just a perpetuation of the nursing stereotypes that exist already and that we learn actually in first year of nursing school. So it’s sad to see that a show that could have so much potential was used in this way to portray nursing in such a negative light. If elected as your NCU President, I want to focus on four main things. Firstly, I want to foster an environment that encourages open dialogue between students, faculty, and staff
that will help improve the nursing program. Nursing students know best what works
and doesn’t work for their learning and we should be able to voice this to help the largest nursing school in Canada
become the best nursing school in Canada. Secondly, it is a well-known fact that nursing students
endure an extreme amount of stress juggling with school, clinical, work, and other responsibilities. This is all on top of the fact that nursing itself is a stressful profession. Compassion fatigue and burnout are real, and as a result, I want to launch a campaign to address nursing students’ mental health and the fact that our campus lacks sufficient resources to do this. Thirdly, nursing students are often not on campus or are commuters who live far away from school. This makes it difficult to drop by to pay for that CPR class or pay for your nursing apparel. If elected, I want to make NCU-CNSA more accessible by implementing an online payment system and drop box for students to submit forms/payments after-hours. That way you can pay for those CPR classes and nursing apparel from the comfort of your own home without ever commuting downtown. Lastly, I understand the stress that incoming fourth years are experiencing knowing that we will be the very first graduating class to write the new NCLEX licensing exam in 2015. I want to help prepare students by ensuring more NCLEX workshops are held to help prepare students for this new exam. It’s your opportunity now Ryerson Nurses to have your say! To vote, simply head to login with your my.ryerson/Blackboard account and make sure you submit your vote
after you’ve reviewed all your choices. Remember, Centennial and George Brown
collaborative nursing students can vote too. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected] or tweet me on Twitter at @AlfredLam. Thank you for the love and support,
and best of luck with the rest of your semester! Bye now!

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  1. Hey Alfred good luck with the campaign. We need strong leaders like you involved. Great video!

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