VRFC Virtual Reality Football Club – Launch Trailer | PS VR

VRFC Virtual Reality Football Club – Launch Trailer | PS VR


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  1. Excuse me?…..WTF is this?

  2. Haha 2004 graphics

  3. Or you could just play outside in real life

  4. Esto si es para gente q ni de su casa quiere salir :v

  5. Get out of the house and play football in real life

  6. tem jogos de celular melhor!

  7. Is it hard to go outside and kick a ball?

  8. Cool, pay 500 euro for vr ps4 and the game and get a nintendo 64 game. That is a real radical revolution. Thank you sony

  9. Y si me lesionan ? :v

  10. Still better then Fifa 18 and his scripting

  11. Kids better go outside and play real football. And now we are asking ourselves why our kids are retarded? Thank u PS VR 🙂

  12. PlayStation makes soccer look bad because they suck at creating creating good quality graphic.

  13. This game is worse than my channel

  14. Unreal engine 12

  15. I rather play in real life

  16. Buy a real ball and play outside is better and cheaper

  17. I think I'll stick to playing in real life

  18. It's a joke? Ooh I knew, April mop guys

  19. Basically a game for the wii

  20. This is gonna be a total flaw.

  21. No se quien tiene mejores gráficos el minecraft o esto

  22. 2001 called. they want their graphics back.

  23. Just go and play outside… ffs:))

  24. This is just called being lazy

  25. Just play real soccer jaja

  26. Just play real football

  27. Having flashback of fifa 08 for the wii…so useless

  28. Worst game ever!

  29. This honestly looks dumb. Stop trying to hard and make game more like battlezone or make more social vr games like rec room.

  30. We are going to laugh at this in 10 years ?

  31. soon there wont be any reason to leave your house.

  32. Y si van a una cancha y se ponen a jugar futbol de verdad…Diablos que esta pasando con este mundo ?

  33. Well……… it's a start ?

  34. Guess childrens now can play football at home rather than go outside and feel the nature of football

  35. “How to play football outside, without actually going outside!”

  36. Is this a Prank or somthing like that couse this looks like a Nintendo Soccer game from 2008

  37. what were those graphics they look worse than fifa 99 graphics omg! is it free? should be it looks bad. Maybe like 100 copies will be sold(if it cost money) all 100 will be returned. Cancel the game it looks horrible. I can make a better game on scratch. The players look like robots they scare me.

  38. Why to play football in VR when you can play real football WTF

  39. Or play real football…. I mean, that's an option right?

  40. Horrendous Graphics

  41. Wow! Its VR for Ps1 ?

  42. Ntar gw nendang nyokap gw lagi nyapu dong

  43. finally my ps1 gonna have a new game!

  44. Mejores gráficos que el FIFA 98 :V

  45. No te vayas al parque a jugar con tus colegas una pachanga, mejor gástate 500€ en esto que se ve más divertido

  46. Play soccer in vr, SOCCER

  47. What's the point of this game?

  48. hahahahah one of shitest trailers ever it so funny

  49. Prefiro gastar o dinheiro do jogo numa bola e jogar de verdade!

  50. orrr.. get this kids, you can go outside & kick a real ball

  51. VR 200$

  52. Woooow que gráficos tan mierda


  54. Why not play actual soccer outside with your friends

  55. Que verdadera mierda

  56. There's no sport you can play in VR.. This is stupid.

  57. Beautiful !
    It is actually cool !
    I don't think it's so easy .

  58. Or just go outside with a soccer ball with some friends and play for real.

  59. Paused the video as soon as I've seen the word 'soccer'

  60. My favourite VR football game is called "Real Life" you should try it out: The grafics are insane, the physics are great, there is nothing scripted and it's free!!!!!

  61. didn't know ps4 game was on ps1

  62. This is the beginning

  63. Ps1 Games are back.

  64. Or you can go on the pitch and play with friends.. But I think people who play this game have no friends ?

  65. this like a demo football game on vr. Greatness skips this

  66. Graphic is like made on 2005

  67. They better not use vr on fifa or pes

  68. Looks superdope?

  69. 1999 gráficas ??? No no !!!

  70. Or play soccer outside like its meant to

  71. Wow ps1 graphics take my money

  72. Didn't expect this shit??

  73. What is this you guys say this as reality. It looks real from which angel to you guys. Where is the real players where is the realistic graphics this is too cartoonistic . What are you doing PS VR why all the PS VR games graphics are too bad and how it will going to give us real experience how?

  74. PS2 is better than this

  75. The Graphics from 90's ???

  76. what about version for Oculus?

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