Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi Theatrical Trailer | Ram Pothineni | Anupama | Lavanya| Kishore Tirumala |DSP

Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi Theatrical Trailer | Ram Pothineni | Anupama | Lavanya| Kishore Tirumala |DSP

What is it that you don’t like in your friends? The times when all of them get drunk,
leaving me sober to bear with their torture And that you like? When just I get drunk and
leave them to bear with my torture Trends might change, but friends don’t The sound within our hearts is friendship What is the difference between a friend
and a best friend? A friend is one
who listens to your stories but the one in every single story, is the best friend. And between one’s best friend and a lover? The one you want beside you to be happy,
is your best friend And the one we can’t imagine being without,
is your lover The heart took flight, landing back in its own nest What do you expect from someone who loves you? To cry What? Have you ever cried? Haven’t been that lucky yet. Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll cry soon.

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  1. Pls uploading movie

  2. Hello sir movie aya ho to link dijye please..sir apka film bahot assa lagta hee muje…i love it ram sir..

  3. Hindi full movie uploaded please

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  9. I love Ram pothineni so much

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  11. Unnadi okate jindagi movie upload cheyantidi i like that movie

  12. I want see this movie

  13. I'm excited to see this movie

  14. Ya ilanti movies chey anna

  15. Update In hindi language

  16. Ram Looking so…osm..

  17. Plz give this trailer in Hindi ….. I'm too excited to watch this … But don't understand this language.. & lm Biggest fan of ram…

  18. Ram sir am suggest fan of you

  19. South Indian movie ki to bat hi kuch alag h

  20. Hindi me kab aayegi

  21. Ye movie hindi ma dub hui ya nahi…

  22. anupama natural but lavanya make up

  23. Stop making love stories movies. No one will go to theater. Get ideas from Hollywood do some thing like them.

  24. When will come in hindi..?????

  25. Plz upload in hindi humbly request….??????

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  29. I doesn't understand the language but dekhne mein axxa laga trailer

  30. Flop est movie of the year

  31. Hindi dubbed aa gyii ho to link bhej do…

  32. Plz upload full movie in Hindi

  33. You are looking wowww in short hair????….

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    I am so eksiting????

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  51. Wooow. ..
    What a look.?

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  61. Wooooooooooooooo?????

  62. Sir when you thinking you are looking so smart sir please reply me sir you were not reply my any questions please sir reply sir you are my favourite actor only you please sir give me your phone number please sir

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