Hey guys what’s up! So we’re here for some War Machine Gameplay. War Machine is a Marksman that provides tons
of firepower for his team. With his ultimate, War Machine can enter his
Precision Guidance mode and rain down missiles unto his opponents. His skills are pretty straight forward. So it’s easy to get. Just remember one important factor when playing
him though. After hitting your enemies with your minor
skills, (meaning any skills other than your ultimate) be sure to follow it up with a basic
attack. It’s because of his passive his skill, Tactical
Strategy. Once your abilities or skills damage your
opponent, it will generate 1 stack of battle cry, up to three times. Battle Cry basically buffs the next basic
attack of War Machine, in terms of damage and range. Each basic attack consumes 1 battle cry. So hitting them 3 times with your skills,
then attacking 3x with your basic attack is also possible. That’s just an example though, the important
thing to remember, is to always hit them with your basic attacks after hitting them with
your skill. This let’s take full advantage of your passive
skill. Also, you can move around while your casting
your ultimate. So don’t forget to move if you’re trying to
chase down your targets. Anyway, enjoy the rest of this War Machine
gameplay video. So there we go, what do you guys think of
War Machine? For our marksman users out there, is he a
good pick? or can we find better options like Starlord? Tell us what you think in the comment section
That’s all for this video Thank you for watching!

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  1. Morning guys! You can turn on the subtitles if you want 🙂

  2. Wait I'm firs-
    me seeing one view
    Oh okay.

  3. Who loves elgin?
    Make this blue

    Hug to hug

  4. War Machine is the Pharsa of Superwar

  5. Please make a tutorial how to get money fast in marvel super war

  6. “Pharsa in machine mode”

  7. Your subsare fast growing,keep fighting

  8. I thought you were playing call of duty mobile cause in the title i saw war machine

  9. Pharsa in the future. But more savage and a boy robot

  10. can yall please help me i only need 9 more

  11. Why Doing No COD live???

  12. It'd be awesome if his ult rockets were all incendiaries…….

  13. Warmachine: * uses ult*
    Pharsa: hey thats my ult
    Warmachine: who me a thief? No no no im only borrowing it
    Claude: thats my line
    Warmachine: oh really? ?

  14. Elgin can you create a comparison between MSW and MLBB ???

  15. Basically pharasa n clint

  16. my mind on 0:11

    10% War Machine ultimate
    90% lolololol its pharsa

  17. So this is pharsa looks like in robot form

  18. 1st skill – dyroth/gatot 'sskill 1
    2nd skill – irithel's skill 1
    3rd skill – gatot's skill 2
    4th skill – pharsa

  19. Guys on a side note here if u r below lvl15 pls type my code in fight together quest FAM9E9EUB
    And give me ur code I will type urs so that we both can get iceman

  20. Is this true Elgin? Uh I know Elgin playing ml not marvel or created this channel for marvel not mobile so 2 channel?

  21. Can someone help me I have this file extracting bug that it's stuck/stays at 100% been waiting for a long time now, what do I need to do?

  22. Oops elgin is slowly leaving mobile legends haha?

  23. Febyary Starlight:New Pharsa Skin War Machine!

  24. Plz dont become Blue Panda . Stay with Mlbb plz

  25. War Machine first skill is like dyrroth’s first
    His second is like Vale’s first
    His third is like Yi shun shin’s old first skill
    And finally his ultimate is like Pharsa’s ulti

  26. Rampage wow he killed 5 enemies
    Wait enemies are still there

  27. Actually his ult is based on futakuchi's ult. Except you can only press futa's ult 3x.

  28. Upload more gameplay…

  29. Hey…Elgin can you do star lord gameplay???

  30. Bro pls do a video on quicksilver

  31. Ults war machine is the male version of pharsa for me

    Edit:or should i say robot version?

  32. Lods. Anu masasabi mo sa MARVEL SUPER WAR? Balak kupong e download kc . Balance ba sya? Anu opinion mo boss?

  33. Because ive been missing Pharsa's old ult, I think I'll main War Machine to compensate for it. Tho I still want to play Scarlet Witch.

  34. Man it's hard to buy one hero ,, it took me one week to buy deedpool

  35. Elgin u can hold down your ultimate for continuous firing missiles.

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