Was the Denver Broncos’ defense too aggresive against the Colts?

Was the Denver Broncos’ defense too aggresive against the Colts?

In regard to the Denver Broncos’ defense,
I’m still not concerned about the defense overall. They played very aggressively. With
aggressiveness — what was the Spiderman line. With great power comes great responsibility. With great aggressiveness comes bad penalties.
And great risks. And they were over-aggressive. They went offsides.
There was the penalty on the field goal. I’m not as concerned about that. That was stupid
human tricks at the very end. But from a scheme standpoint, they get a good
pass rush from four guys. They were consistently blitzing the Indianapolis Colts. Five, six
guys. And they kept getting burned and Andrew Luck — although he hasn’t played well at
the beginning of the season — yesterday, he looked like Andrew Luck. Andrew Luck knew exactly where his hot receiver
was. He was hitting them on crossing routes. He was hitting guys in the flat. The linebackers
were nowhere to be seen because they were blitzing much of the time. I think the Denver Broncos got outcoached
by the Indianapolis Colts. I thought they were too aggressive yesterday and they should
have kept the linebackers and the safeties at home and should have rushed four and make
Andrew Luck work for those pass completions instead of giving him wide open running backs
and wide open tight ends and wide open wide receivers.

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  1. Too many penalties and too severe of penalties have been a problem every game this year. It has been worth a score per game for the opponent.

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