Watch New :) DORA THE EXPLORER ヅ ? Dora the explorer VIDEO Play Games kids 2015 – [[Dora Games]]

Watch New :) DORA THE EXPLORER  ヅ ? Dora the explorer VIDEO Play Games kids 2015 – [[Dora Games]]

LET US PLAY DORA THE EXPLORER GAME FROM NICK JUNIOR alphabets forest adventure hey guys we will play dora alphabets adventures let us play with dora la exploradora here is boots, a b c d oops, oh no my god the wind took the alphabets away let us find the missing letters, vamonos, now we are in dora alphabets forest, i love this forest we have to go to the abc tree over the alphabets letters we need to collect the stars to find all the letters that is not too hard dora the explorer, on y va so, what happened we need to go stars, let us catch them ABC let us look for more letters, there is a D let’s look for more letters, what about the stars boots there you go, bravo, E ok now what ! oh my god what the hell is this, those letters is all way up F , we need the find the 3 names staring with letter F, FORK, Fans, i am very smart like dora and boots, whe got the letter F and now what do we do dora ? now we can keep looking for more letters help me boots, there you go, G muy bien H Muy bien, I good, J i see it above me, great letter collecting, come on, we can do it, K, together we can do anything , L M N let us look for more letters, oops, that is all ??? where is the O P Q R S T ETC ETC come on dora the explorer, let us start, O.P.Q. it will take us for ever dora games for kids we need to click on 3 things with letter R, well let me see, ROSE?RUG?RABBIT ? 3 THINGS ON THE LETTER R, ok dora la exploradora 2015 juegos gracias rose, rabbit, rug, we goooooooot it to cross the alphabet river crazy monkey boot S T ? mira, we made it to letter cave, to get the letter down, we need to get 3 things that starts with T !!! What about TABLE AND TEAPOT AND TOOTH BRUSH TOOTH-BRUSH + TABLE + TEAPOT excelent letter finding, thank you dora, you are so nice dora la exploradora the explorer girl now we can keep looking for the next letter U U V W X Y Z excelent we found all the letters of the alphabets, thank you dora the explorer 2015 thank you boots, you are welcome, now we have all the letters we can sing the alphabest letters: ABCDEFGHIJKLMOPQRSTUVWXYZ now i now my ABCs, next time i want you sing with me, of course, i will sing with you dora l’exploratrice games for kids PLEASE SUBSCRIBE

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