Watching My 1st Live Cricket Game

I have no idea what’s going on. We have absolutely no idea what’s going on. and we’re still waiting for the game to start. Even me! So far they’re just standing around and watching each other. Apparently the have 100 runs. I dunno what that means. You don’t know. I think every time the players move, then they just get 100 runs. At least 45 minutes now. We still dunno what’s going on. and there’s a guy running now K, he’s running, he’s bowling… aaaaand, hit it, caught it, he’s out, Nope and then a couple of people clap and then we just carry on watching them stand around. so… I much prefer rugby where people at least beat eachother to death. Marc this is a gentlemen’s game, not a hooligans game. Hmm, we don’t like watching gentlemen play games. Very boring. I can’t even see the others. Marc, you’re a lot heavier than you look. It’s all muscle bru. I’m struggling. I can barely breathe.

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