Water Slide Slip ‘N Slide Bridge Adventure!

Water Slide Slip ‘N Slide Bridge Adventure!

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  1. What do you think we could have done different to make the slip 'n slide bridge work better?

  2. Man I Juss Got YOU

  3. You guys are my favourite

  4. What is the app called

  5. Thank god they didn’t take their shirts off.

  6. ???✌❤?❤?❤?❤???⛷?⛲⛲⛲

  7. Tell Kyle to make another video of candy disperse challenge

  8. put a lot of cheese balls on you trampoline

  9. # all family noooooo

  10. those two boys are not good

  11. I wish I could do fun stuff with you gies because you always do lodes of fun

  12. Carol is making it

  13. Great gob gage luke and Kyle and jinger and of course I will not forget
    You Carl

  14. If you like carl and jinger give me a like?

  15. I have that app on my phone for my mom

  16. Go to my chanel its tom cool

  17. Yes he can make it

  18. U should do 24 hours on the water matris

  19. gage will make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck

  20. you should make a slipn slide into the pool

  21. I m Elizabeth I love your video my ant says this is not real gage is cute

  22. Aladdin no me acuerdo con los resultados

  23. Love the idea you had a good time

  24. I'm showing love to you

  25. Ginger looks old sorry she just does

  26. I think Luke is going to fall of

  27. I think yes gage is going to make it

  28. Buy as many noodles as you can, then secure them under the slip and slide, in order to support the bridge, and to keep the slipperiness above the water.

  29. COOL
    I would have fallen off

  30. ??????????????????????????????

  31. WOW that looks AWESOME

  32. Thats the day after my birthday

  33. I love you and the video again I love you

  34. Your advertising products on a kids show? Gross.

  35. I want to live with you

  36. μαρεση αλλα τι ητανε το βητιο αλλα ητανε πολι ωρεα και μου αρεσε παραπολλη και
    σου στελω φιλια

  37. That is so cool ?

  38. you should a floaites under the slip n slide so it dose not sink

  39. I like. You ?Gauge sorry if I spelled your name wrong wrong?❤️

  40. Who's watching in January 2019?

  41. I like your videos. I love you

  42. There reactions are played for lmao

  43. Hey I got a good thing for y’all you can do ordeez in the hall

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  45. ㅑㅏㅐㅊㄷ ㅛㅐㅕ

  46. U are so amazing

  47. love vids funnny

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