We Built An Upside Down PYRAMID In Minecraft

We Built An Upside Down PYRAMID In Minecraft

Jack: Oh welcome back gamerrrs Jack: No, I hate myself
Felix: I wanted to join I’m like no I can’t Felix: Intro completed welcome back! Felix: Wow we traveled so far!
Jack: Commence intro number five, welcome Jack: What are we doing? Felix: We are-
Jack: I climb mountain now
Felix: Oh climb mountain very epic Felix: *gasp* ALPACA. I’ll get to this one Jack: Are those wild alpacas? Felix: They’re wild epicly Jack: Oh my – *laughs* Jack: I want one we don’t have any saddles Felix: *fkkk noises* Felix: Maybe we can ask them for… what
Jack: Are you spitting like the alpacas? Felix: Bebe bebe alpaca
Jack: Two bebes! Felix: Okay, how about this we put them in a hole so we can just grab them later
Jack:..okay Felix: We’re your new papi
Jack: HEY sorry h e y Jack: Oh come on. I’m not fast enough at digging! Use your tiny hands Felix: Why, it’s too fast. He can’t be stopped.
Jack: There we go there we go. push em in Jack: Go in Felix: Oh my god, you pushed him out.
Jack: I did not, I did nooot
Felix: I think they will despawn Felix: Just so we’re clear that
Jack: No no this is gonna work perfect Jack: It’s because we care! Felix: I’ll put a lid just to make sure he’s safe Jack: Okay, and I give sacrifice Felix: To water sheep? Jack: No! To golden alpaca Jack: There you go. You stole my kelp!
Felix: My inventory’s full. It’s a mess Jack: Really? I have like five things.
Felix: Oh, can I give you some?
Jack: Yeah, please Jack: Dude I want a pet dolphin in my game!
Felix: Yeah me too! Why can you not? Bull crap (New CC person has arrived)
(SkeletorTheAlcoholic Was Here)
Jack: I-I trapped one before, (and) he died Felix: *Audible Gasp* FLOWER BIOME! Jack: Is that… special? Jack: Is that… special?
Felix: No Felix: No Felix: Never mind, it’s not… Felix: Is regular… *Sad Felix noises* Jack: So I have a flower Jack: ISLAND in my game Jack: Is that special? Jack: Is that special?
Felix: Huh Jack: Am I special?!
*excited Jack noises* Felix: Yeah, yeah you’re special Jack (in a high pitch): OOOH!!! MY GOSH!!! Felix (trying to ignore Jack): Did we immigrate to a new world? Felix: Because I feel like that’s what we did Felix: Even though it’s Felix: equally bad
Jack: *Dies while trying to speak* Jack: Pretty much Jack: We left Scandinavia, we need new accents
(CC Person: Oh dear gosh, Jack please no) Felix: Uhhhm Jack: I kill you with diamond pickaxe Jack: I kill you with diamond pickaxe
Felix (in a horrible Russian accent): Oopsies, we went to Ree-uh-sha (Russia) Felix: *Snickers* Felix: It is vury (very) eyypic (epic) Jack (while laughing): Reee-uh-sha Felix: no, Re-uh-sha Jack: Oh my gosh Jack: Kill skeleton Jack: Skeleton, too scary Felix: Skeleton look a lot like Felix: Skeleton look a lot like
Jack: I do not like it Felix: Everyone (in) my family Felix: Because we don’t fwed (feed) Jack: hah, pffffffft Jack: Okay, no go back Jack: This is way worse Felix: Go back dude, I don’t like this. Do you like?
Jack: No, I don’t like anything of what we’re doing. We’re not doing anything Felix: I’m trying to figure out… ooh Felix: Let’s go to spruce place. I like the spruce place.
Jack: We could have had like seven story house by now, Felix: WITCH! kill the witch! Jack: where are you seeing a witch? Felix: Oh, help me please
Jack: they’ll put a spell on you. I don’t even know where you are Felix: Please help I’m about to die.
Jack: Oh, I heard that
Felix: please help!
Jack: I’m coming! Felix: Ple-heeheease help Felix: My sword went out
Jack: All I have is a pickaxe
Felix: I have an axe. I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die Jack: No. You’re not Felix: I’m gonna die
Jack: No you’re not
Felix: I have one health Jack: you’re not gonna die, the witch is dead Felix: We need to sleep. Otherwise, we won’t respawn
Jack: sleep sleep sleep
Felix: Oh my god you have arrows everywhere Jack: Oh my god I’m about to die I saved you though!
Felix: You did bro. Thanks, bro
Jack: No problem, bro.
Felix: Three hours too late, ugh cringe Jack: *in spongebob voice* 3 hours later Jack: OH! Enderman! Oh god, there’s creepers everywhere What do we doo
Felix: Um, okay wait I don’t know should we go back? What did we do?
Jack: I don’t know- keep pushing forward. Just keep going Felix: Okay let’s go to the spruce
Jack: Okay, I’m there. I have diamond pickaxe. I really don’t want to lose this Felix: We have to kill a sheep if you see them- Felix: So we can sleep we need to sleep Jack we need to sleep
Jack: I know but we need a workbench as well Felix: Oh there’s a village here! we can sleep in the village! Hurry! Follow me!
Jack: sweet! Jack: Oh god, oh god, wait-
Felix: there’s wolfies! Jack: *gasp* tiny doggos! Felix: Okay, watch out for berries. They hurt they sting. They sting like tears from your eyes Jack: Oh my god, you have special technique of jumping. I didn’t know that makes you go faster.
Felix: Oh my god, noob Jack: AHHHHHH NO I DIED! GET MY PICKAXE!
Felix: NOOOOOOOO Jack: RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR, RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR! Jack: GET MY PICKAXE AND SLEEP Felix: I gotta get my pickaxe and sleep Felix: Okay, okay, okay
Jack: Oh god wait, where the hell do I respawn? Felix:I told you brah we were supposed to sleep Jack: oh no
Felix: You died outside! Jack: oh no, I’m in the original place *funky screaming* Felix: Wait, I have to sleep. I have to sleep otherwise bad. Wait. Do we have to sleep at the same time? Three two one sleep. Felix: There’s no beds! Jack: I’m sleeping
Felix: There’s no beds!
Jack: I’m sleeping! Felix: Ooh I found diamond
Jack: Oh look, morning. Top of morning! Felix: Top of morning- okay -727 Jack: don’t- don’t do me like this
Felix: heh heh, minus 2000 Jack: I’ll make a boat Felix: Are you actually gonna walk?
Jack: No, I’m gonna sail, I’m not walking all of this Felix: God, you’re a legend Jack, I would just have teleported Jack: No cheat
Felix: no cheats. Okay. Okay. Okay. Listen, I respect I respect
Jack: I do need- I do need food though Felix: Jack, you’re not gonna believe what I just found
Jack: what
Felix: not one, not two Felix: Seven potatoes
Jack: *GASP* Jack: OH MY GOD! IT WAS SO WORTH IT Jack: This is why I made the sacrifice. Maybe I’ll just go to the nether and die in lava five times again
Felix: Oh my god Jack: See it’s funny because I can joke about it now
Felix: Now that it hasn’t happened Jack: I did the exact same thing in my own playthrough again.
Felix: woah there’s armor racks
Jack: I went into the nether and forgot- Felix: Sorry, tell me Jack: I went into the nether and forgot flint and steel so I had to use a Ghast to ffl- light the portal
Felix: nooOOoo Jack: And then he disrupted the lava and I died in it
Felix: Oh my god Jack: I have a problem
Felix: Jack, you keep dYING Jack: I know, I’m horrible
Felix: Okay so I bui- you’re gonna love this. I built like one, two, three, four, five, six houses! Jack: Built or stole?
Felix: uhhHHhh, does it matter? Jack: Stealing them is better Felix: Okay! Stole. I stole Jack: Oh, awesome. Oh, hello!
Felix: Hello. Do you understand?
Jack: Felix me-um? Felix: Felix me-ama Felix: Okay
Jack: Oh, so good to meet Felix: Hello, swedish, I speak like this so you understand me Jack: Water sheep, water sheep Jack: I don’t even know what half of the stuff from your series is, I don’t watch the episodes, I just keep getting secondhand knowledge from everybody Felix: It’s literally just water sheep Jack: I- that still doesn’t explain anything. You say that like it’s a normal thing in the game Felix: What do you mean? Jack: She’s a sheep, but in the water? Felix: Don’t make me talk about it, it’s too painful Jack: okay, I get it, I’m sorry.
Felix: I killed cow now. Sorry cow, hungry.
Jack: I thought you were vegan?! Felix: Oh, they are vegan cows
Jack: Oh, good Jack: Good to know
Felix: You don’t know vegan cows? Jack: Is this another thing like water sheep?
Felix: No Felix: I should never- I should never brought up water sheep, that’s why we leave him- we leave it- game behind
Jack: once you talk about water sheep. You never go back Felix: You never forget the pain
Jack: I make bed and I sleep Felix: Make a bed and sleep Jack: Ah, goodnight world! Felix: Okay, good night
Jack: Good night, sleep sleep
Felix: I sure hope green boy is thinking about me Jack: always Felix: Always, where- where is he? It’s almost like he’s speaking in my brain Felix: But why he had to die? “I’m here”
Jack: Hello cow!
Felix: Don’t speak Jack: *whispers* sorry Felix: Ok speak
Jack: hello Felix: *sniffs* I smell potato… is you?
Jack: it’s me, it’s my deodorant Jack: It’s potato deodorant, I just rub a potato under there Jack: OH! I see village! Oh my god
Felix: What?
Jack: Oh my god. I see *both yelling* Jack: Okay, I give you gift
Felix: OH Felix: Thank yo- OH for me?
Jack: Oh my god there’s ar- iron chestplate!
Felix: Yeah for you, and follow me. Goodie bag Jack: I didn’t know you can put them on mannequins
Felix: Me neither, you can take Jack: *gasp* heart potato! Felix: Heart potato, and also look! Soft potatoes. I know you like- Jack: soFT POTATOOO?! Jack: You’re a good friend Jack: Diamond pickaxe, you keep for me?
Felix: Yeah, I don’t know how many times I got it for you Jack: It’s the gift that keeps on giving
Felix: the gift that keeps on givin’, this village is massive like look Felix: It goes all the way Felix: Even up here Jack: Jeepers! Felix: What do you want to do now? Jack: uhh, not die.
Felix: Okay
Jack: Preferably Felix: That seems fair.
Jack: So let’s just stand in a corner, OH I find emerald
Felix: Really? Jack: Yeah Jack: In this house
Felix: you can chop. chop, chop
Jack: chop, chop, chop Jack: I found sweet berries. I take in case we find fox
Felix: Ah! Felix: Good call Jack: That’s really part of our problem right now, we really need to like tame Jack: A wolf to get dogs. We need our dogs in Minecraft
Felix: I need my dogs bruh
Jack: so they can follow us Felix: I agree
Jack: build a mansion right in the middle of all their houses
Felix: Yeah on top of all of theirs Jack: yeah, wait, which is- who has the biggest house and we build a house on top of it Jack: There’s like a two-story house back here Jack: what’s going on over here? you guys havin’ a disco? Jack: Top of morning
Felix: Top of morning disco. Hello Jack: What happens when you ring the bell? Why do they all run away? Felix: It’s supposed to like- if creatures attack. You can ring it and they all go into the house Jack: Ahhh
Felix Oh my god, they- cool. They went to our house Jack: Excuse me!
Felix: Everyone in the same building Jack: Am I gonna have to commit a murder? Felix: Don’t do it, Jack. I know it’s tempting but Felix: You can forget murder Jack: He has a sweeping edge iron sword for 11 emeralds
Felix: How many emeralds do you have? Jack: four Felix: This is so sad
Jack: But he have six soft potatoes for one Felix: whoa Felix: Bro Jack: Bane of Arthropods?
Felix: it’s for- against spiders and stuff Jack: Bane of arthropods – and knock-back one for sixteen emeralds.
Felix: Yeah, I never traded with these- those type of villager Felix: Yeah, we definitely improve this place, absolutely, you’re welcome
Jack: so much. We should build it like- Felix: hey watch this Jack: Oh, me too, me too, HOP Jack: Can I bounce him out of the bed?
Felix: Yeah, yeah you can Jack: Oh my god, you can, yeah Jack: GET OUT, GET OUT! Jack: This bed is occupied
Felix: We should probably sleep actually Jack: Okay, I got this one. There’s one downstairs go
Felix: Okay go Jack: All I see is “I’m here” “MASAKA” “YAAAH” “Sugoi” Jack: Guys, get out of my house! Felix: Your house look like an old lady Jack: It kinda does
Felix: I want my- I want our house come on, let’s build ours together Felix: Don’t want to steal other people’s house Jack: Okay. Good point, good point Felix: Come on Felix: We can be the mayors of this town Jack: That’s true and then they’ll have to listen to us Jack: We ring the bell every morning. We top of morning
Felix: We top of the morning to them Jack: How about we make like a reverse tower Jack: So it’s skinny on the bottom but gigantic on the top Felix: Like my Felix: Peepee Jack: it just starts at one block
Felix: Oh Felix: Oh Felix: See now the good idea come then- then 2×2, or Felix: 3×3? Felix: It’ll have to be 3×3 Jack: I guess
Felix: yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Jack: Oh, I ran out of bricks Felix: We should go- wait, maybe we should go in the mines then. There’s a mine, uh, down here Felix: and uh get some cobblestone and shit Jack: SWORE!
Felix: and shoot shoot shoot shoot. Don’t shoot Jack: I found hole. Okay, perfect. I found lava and water Felix: Ah, nice Jack: Should not get rid of that. I almost fell in… That would have been hilarious. Wouldn’t it everybody? Jack: Jack fell in a hole again Felix: Maybe the diamond pickaxe is like your Felix: Thing- like Voldemort, like your attachment to life
Jack: My- my horcrux? Felix: Your horcrux. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s it Felix: That’s why you haven’t died yet cuz every time you manage to Felix: throw your diamond pickaxe somewhere last second Jack: Yeah, last-ditch effort Jack: Okay, how am I getting down here? Jack: Not like that- HUHH Jack: Or just fall by accident. Jack: Whoa, you make excellent entrance
Felix: Entrance to cave thing Jack: WOW! Felix: Completion. Jack: Look at this! Jack: I could fit a whole bus full of children down here
Felix: That’s the plan, bus full of children go down the hall Jack: beep beep! Felix: Beep beep and then die Felix: Why’d I have to say that Jack: I didn’t even hear- I didn’t even pay attention to what you said Felix: It’s better that way Felix: Stupid grass we have to cut you Jack: Grass and flower Jack: Oops, I make hole Jack: This is so weird Felix: What is it called- tratt, what does it call like a Felix: do we build the edges as well or
Jack: Yeah, should we like start building like this? Felix: Yeah Jack: Sleep, sleep
Felix: Sleep, sleep Jack: I find bed before anybody else it’s mine it’s mine dibs Jack: They’re all like *villager noises* Felix: hRRRRRR I hate these people
Jack: where the hell do I sleep *chuckles* they suck Jack: They just sound like Squidward
Felix: I feel like they just looked at Squidward and were like “yeah, that us” Jack: yeah, pretty much Felix: You know Spongebob is in the game, right?
Jack: What? Felix: Have you done an ocean temple yet
Jack: No Felix: Then you’ll see Spongebob Jack: They don’t have any blast furnaces anywhere do they? Felix: uhhh, there’s- NO here, here, here, here, here Felix: there
Jack: Ohhhh Jack: I’ll put the iron in that instead
Felix: *singing* iron in that instead Felix: bada boo da ba my bed Felix: Good job
Jack: …Thanks Jack: Dude me and fire do not cooperate in this game Felix: Should we do it like this where we build only in the edge out and not like- Jack: Yeah, so it’s like a reverse pyramid almost
Felix: Yeah, aw dude that’s sick. Egyptians be like we fucked up Jack: Egyptians- Egyptians be like woah Jack: Oh my god that actually looks really cool Felix: Does it really? Oh cool! Felix: Yeah, Egyptians be like- Felix: And inside we’ll have a bunch of parrots and a jukebox and they will be a party Jack: Yeah! Felix: Took a little long there, do you like this idea? Jack: No I’m- I was on board man, I just didn’t fully grasp the full concept of it at first Felix: uh-huh. Uh-huh. All right. This became our new mine. I like that I built this whole entrance thing Jack: This is just for now. This is just to steal rock
Felix: I see Jack: The other one is ceremonial.
Felix: We borrow from Earth. Jack: Oh god! Both: Soft Potato! Felix: So what if we burn down village? Jack: It has to be symmetrical, it has to look good
Felix: It has to! Jack: It has to look nice
Felix: Otherwise what’s point Jack: What’s point in live? Felix: We did the accent again, Jack
Jack: Oh we did Jack: Our brains just turn off Felix: Oh, Bro!
Jack: Wow Felix: Gamers helping gamers Jack: Should we have like- should we make steps all in here then as well later Jack: So we could just walk up through the middle of it Felix: Ooh, yes, aw that’d be sick.
Jack: Now we have to decide how many layers out we want it Felix: Infinite. Felix: We never stop building on it
Jack: Okay. Felix: I want to see this from our other spawn.
Jack: I wanna be able to see it from space Felix: Chinese wall, and upside-down pyramid Jack: Excellent! oW Jack: I fell off.
Felix: I think they’re having a party by the fjord Jack: Yeah, that’s what they were doing last time! Jack: Okay, break it up you guys! Jack: Break it up go home!
Felix: -actually work Jack: Break it up! Jack: I was gonna say maybe we should take out the block at the very bottom. So it’s a floating pyramid Felix: Oh, I see Felix: Do you see me?
Jack: Yeah Jack: HoW aRe YoU hOlDiNg Up ThE pYrAmId?!
Felix: AHHHH Jack: Oh my god!
Felix: It’s on top of my head Jack! Big brain! Jack: don’t ma- HA HA it’s the house for my brain Jack: that’s awesome Jack: How you get in now? Felix: How I what?
Jack: How do you get in now? Felix: It’s how you enter Jack: Maybe I can build a water elevator underneath it
Felix: See that’s what I wanted you to do Jack: It’s three blocks at the bottom though you need two
Felix: MERRRRRRR Jack: and then it’ll be off center and I don’t like that Felix: Ohh my god Felix: Oh, we have to sleep
Jack: Sleep sleep
Felix: Sleep sleep Jack: Did you name a pig Pee-pee-poo-poo? Felix: So what huh, what are you gonna do?
Jack: I just keep seeing pictures of you with pee-pee-poo-poo written all over it Jack: I feel like I don’t even need to watch your series at this point Jack: Everyone else’s just give me all the information I need Felix: Pee-pee-poo-poo, that’s all you need to know
Jack: Okay Jack: Was he a good- was he a good pig? Felix: He was the best boy Felix: Sadly he died in the Wither fight. No, not really.
Jack: Oh no Felix: We’re all gonna die Jack: You either die a pee-pee or you die a poo-poo Felix: HRRR
Jack: Get out of there!
Felix: I’m lost Felix: Get out!
Jack: HRRR where’s the entrance? hrrr Jack: If you’re not out in ten seconds I kill Felix: *gasp* *counting in Swedish* Felix: I don’t know what’s wrong with me Jack: Scientists have been trying to figure out for a while and Felix: Scientists have been workin’ on it Jack: This getting very serious now
Felix: I don’t know what- yeah exactly. I don’t know what you’re doing, but I’m into it Jack: Building is the best part of Minecraft.
Felix: Oh, yeah. Dude this looks sICK BRO! Jack: Oh no I ran out of stone… Haha surprise! Second stack Felix: Who are you surprising? Jack: Myself. Felix: Okay, so we have one started in the middle here.
Jack: Oh, you should make four. Felix: Okay that’s cool
Jack: So it’s- for directions Jack: Everything has to be symmetrical in Minecraft
Felix: Yeah, I like it. It’s very pleasing to the eye Jack: Yeah! Jack: Okay, I need more stone Felix: Peasants! You’re all a bunch of fools Jack: Oh no it’s gotten to his head already, it’s not even finished and he’s already a dictator Felix: Poor! Felix: Bask in the glory!
Jack: There’s not even any like subtlety to it anymore, it’s just “poor! weak!” Jack: “Small brain!” Felix: So how do you get out of the pyramid?
Jack: That’s- Felix: How do you get in?
Jack: That’s something we figure out later! You build a pyramid first Felix: Hello, did they invent how to extinguish fire first before inventing fire? I don’t think so, alright?
Jack: Oh wow Jack: Just- I never thought of that you’re just blowing my mind right now
Felix: Yeah Felix: Yeah, that’s probably the demise of humanity. It’s the fact that we always invent stuff before we figure out how to put it- put it out Jack: Yeah, the safety measure comes second
Felix: Yeah Felix: Dude, they’re having a pool party! Stop! Felix: Stop, get back to work! back- back to work!
Jack: Break it up! Break it up! Build our tower! Felix: Yeah, help build our tower
Jack: Build our tower as an affront to God Felix: I feel like we have to take down one of their houses? Jack: I was literally just thinking that as well Felix: Jesus!
Jack: I was- I was like, walking over to this Jack: area being like “hmm, I wonder if he wants this house?” Felix: It would look better- it looks better without their houses Jack: Are you going to destroy the ones around the- the tower? Felix: Should we blow it up? Do we still have that TNT?
Jack: Didn’t you use it to try and kill me? Felix: uHH WHAAT
Jack: *high pitched* that never happened Felix: *also high pitched* that never happened! Felix: C’mon bro! Jack: Oh no, the golem stood in the fire. What are you doing?! Jack: Idiot! Felix: What happened?
Jack: He stood in the campfire and almost died Felix: Oh my god Jack: I know, he’s walking away like “oh, that hurt” Felix: I feel bad now
Jack: I guess I’ll leave Felix: Oh, how should we lit it? We’ve got to make sure we lit it symmetrically as well Jack: Uh, for now, I’ll just put stuff in the corners.
Felix: Oh, yeah that’s perfect. Jack: One in each corner on each level Felix: MMMM, MMM MMM MMM Felix: I like that, yeah
Jack: oh, this is so good Felix: Do you think Will Smith will be in this rewind?
Jack: I hope so. I hope he’s in the new rewind just to meme the old rewind Felix: Yeah hahaha Jack: It’s just him reacting to him going “yuhh, that’s hot”
Felix: “yuhhuh” Felix: I just realized- this is gonna sound very big brain Jack: Okay Felix: The more we build, the more we need Jack: That’s very big brain Jack: I mean, you’re not wrong
Felix: Where are you? You must Felix: have so much eh- stone Jack: I have, like, 100 by now.
Felix: Oh my god Jack: But yeah, the more we build, every layer requires Jack: However number of math of Jack: block more. Oh my god. I could just jump to this area up here now and then jump to tree break my ankles Jack: Top of morning
Felix: Jack- “I always die in this game” Jack: oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, OH YEAH! Jack: Layer complete! Jack: Oh yes, this is awesome. Just don’t jump down at the hole. Oh wait!
Felix: Don’t jump down in hole? Felix: Oh, yeah, well you’d die if you’d done that
Jack: Wait, what if we uhh Jack: And then you can smoke signals! Felix: OH! yEEES! Jack: that’s awesome! Felix: Ok gamers!
Jack: Minecraft is the best game! Felix: I got best game! Check out part, uh, four? next time?
Jack: Yeah Jack: I don’t know what part we’re on Jack: We’ve recorded so many and I don’t know what’s good Jack: but
Felix: Bye gamers Jack: Bye gamers! Remember pyramid!
Felix: Remember pyramid, think of it when you sleep Jack: The power of the pyramid

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  63. this camera quality is seriously a step up from pewds wow :))

  64. Girls playing together: omg she sucks we should kick her out
    Boys playing together: hey look i built an upside-down pyramid for my big brain

  65. 12:32 "sugoi" cutest thing everrr

  66. Sean: “we’re like gods.”
    Felix: “… angry gods”

  67. The only vegan cow is Cindy ??

  68. You should build a nugget cave in Minecraft

  69. Your outro kills me. ?


  71. You can teleport to each other, but thats on the console idk if you can do that on pc

  72. Hey Jack if you are Irish then you probably have some Scandinavian blood from the Vikings that attacked Ireland

  73. Was I the only one that noticed that Jack cut the part where Felix mentions his marriage?

  74. – Jack, place a Bell at the bottom of the Pyramid.
    – Help Felix find a reason to name the Pyramid: “Morning.”

    It's a tradition to ring the bell and yell: “Top of Morning, Gamers!” at the beginning of each Episode.

  75. I'm Egyptian and I'm fuckin impressed!

  76. Why has no what do this yet until

  77. What was the cliff hanger on the last episode

  78. Water Sheep. The greatest sheep to ever live.

  79. You racist assholes you realize that you have Egyptian audience right ? That I'm one of ?

  80. In that hole, one block down place a iron bar so you can’t fall into it, and then the trapdoor on top of that.
    Like so they see pls

  81. There is cats Ethan tried to catch one you need a fish

  82. dimaryp . we all know from daboki its a cursed construction that should not be replicated

  83. Jack: Am I special? Am I special!!?
    Me: Awww, so innocent

  84. Has Flashbacks of Odyssey

  85. pewds: stop planting wheat where the pumpkins are supposed to go!!!
    jack: does it again

  86. What are you talking about, It’s the right way up.

  87. (Not even 30 seconds into the video)
    Jack: does the accent

  88. Put the bell on the bottom of the piramide


  90. me:water sheep water sheep what can you tell me, water sheep: your gay, me:oh thats pretty shit

  91. its not the same video if its from different point of view

  92. Me: hearing them talking Russian
    Also me: I wanna rewatch "Papers Please" of them

  93. okay, that's seriously cool! xD keep building!!! xD

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