HI if you guys need Ultimate Team Coins
they go and check out mm opioid calm there link will be down in the
description use code cap gun to get yourself a discount you alright guys is
captain Tom here and welcome back to another pack opening yes that’s right
I’m doing another pack opening can you believe not comedy I thought
this was gonna be the week that I could save some money but no yeah like more
cards usually foot miss is a time that ei give back to their loyal customers
and try not to fleece them not this year though this is different this is feed
420 and it’s a new gonna be a smile to be a new decade and they they just want
to start as they need to go on with this decade so twenty onwards fleece their
customers at every single point so they put these nominees into packs until 20th
December we have power but I’m not gonna live we did get some very nice foot
massage PC which is what you expect and they are very well priced I think
they’re really nice so I’ve got no no problems with that but me being me must
open packs to try and get some of these players so let’s have a look at what’s
in the patch for us today these are the attackers guys so there is absolutely
zero chance we’ll be getting any of these because as we all know these
aren’t actually impacts these are impact for people who have liked that have
played 20 games won three and lost 17 they’re there in the pack to those guys
they’re knowing the power play a pack for other people because because they
want to entice people to stay playing the game they would give it to a
hardcore veteran player like they really give it to someone who need something
like incentive if you haven’t played for like two months on your account I
guarantee you open a pack could probably get one of these players so we won’t be
packing any of them what we might be packing is if we’re lucky some of these
one of these these midfielders that would be pretty nice but if we do pack
any of them most likely we will be packing Henderson now I don’t really
understand these cards basically these cards are effectively you see old cards
from novice to here that’s what they are they are you see old cards they are just
blue cards with a plus one on all their stats pretty much or plus one overall
that’s what these cards are so think of it like that we’re about to spend a
whole load of money trying to get effectively what were you see your cards
last year in a pack defenders these are the ones we’re looking for because this
is most likely what we’ll get I’m thinking but
cheese galore jimenez is probably a tagliafico here and probably your train
myself listen let’s not push the boat we get in maybe a Vuitton means something
like that or one of these will probably end up with an honor as well so we’ll
end up to stay he literally just had a card he went from one special car to
another back-to-back you’ve had loads of these players didn’t mess he did who
else would have done I’m guessing the Sergio Ramos probably just did as well
yeah he’s very very op promo but me being me I’m gonna open some packs for
the first I’m going to do this the team of the year thing like who I think will
go in now there’s two ways of doing this is either me there’s there’s okay
there’s three words there’s either I put place that I think deserve of the year
into this there’s people that I want to get special cards but I want to put my
te o third I can put in players or I can do a horrible mix of bone I think we
should go for the horrible mix of both players that I really want in all
players I think deserve it if I don’t want any of the players for that
position so I’m gonna put in two stadium for goalkeeper defenders who right
Robertson yeah you’ve had a good season van Dijk obviously has to go in then we
need another center back and probably a right back here we got from well we
don’t necessarily have to put in a right back do we I don’t I don’t really write
any of the others to be honest I really think any of them I’m gonna point Alex
mmm no I’ll paint train trains had a great year you had a great year at the
moment is looking very Liverpool base though usually we get a couple of center
boats I’m gonna ping kuta bali I think that’s a pretty paper pretty popular
decision I don’t really like any of the other 700 you if I if there was a
variety may you bet I’d be playing it in okay right now for the midfielder’s so I
think kdb I’m gonna put in I’m gonna paint the
young as well and then I don’t really know the last spots a bit of an enigma
do I want to put in moderate you’re getting out you didn’t have the best of
years today can’t a kind of a loss no no no I tell you what I’m gonna put in CA
he had a great seeds or he had a great 2019 so yeah I could have put the lid
here actually thinking about it maybe the lips should have gone in there all
right on to the attackers this is where it really gets tricky because we have to
put Messi in because I need that team of the MSC in my life where is it permanent
and then I don’t know I’m gonna put my name in
I think the Liverpool fans are going to love me for that now the last one is a
case between Ronaldo actually it’s okay so this is my dog my conundrum I haven’t
actually decided on my name it’s either gonna be it’s gonna be what two of these
three so Manny Ronaldo and Imbaba I don’t think we nowadays at the best of
years I don’t think half a plate too badly so I’m gonna put them in that is
the team that I’m going to submit for my team of the year not prediction don’t
get this wrong guys these are cards I think deserve it / I want in there so
yeah that’s gonna read my pic what did you pick let me know down in the comment
section let’s stop waffling let’s get to some
plaques so let’s get our teeth into these now if you missed my video from
all my last video we started off with draw after glory guys some of you might
like that some of you might not but we should definitely do is going to check
it out regardless whether you like it or not because I managed to do or managed
to pack in a draw of Pat croix now I don’t want to ruin the series too much
so I’m not going to go into 2d where I got the cry how I got the coins etc etc
you need to go and check it out so I’ll leave a link down in the description for
you to go and check that video it is definitely worth it we’ve got a whole
load of packs here things of course we’re going to get one of these cars
because they do look pretty epic but we do I wasn’t really expecting anything to
come out so haven’t done my normal thing where I stacked up all my draw of packs
because yeah I was expecting as you can imagine I was expecting there
not to be I mean it’s Christmas we weren’t expecting ei to monetize this
one as well right first balls of the day are we saying it’s not one of the blues
it’s like I don’t know I don’t know who that is
it’s Oscar sick sick I probably cut this up and just show you the board packs or
the little cows and sell Mexican Carlos mayor you don’t see the Mexican flag
very often I’m not gonna lie in fact this cannot actually stop me in a guess
who recently night I want to say that that really stumped me to guess who
recently when I got when someone got mayor against me I completely missed him
more boards the rare elections are paying out right now oh we’ve done it
we’ve already got a million nominee he’s not gonna be screening uh alright baby
we’ll take it well taking that that car looks pretty nice now I have a feeling
that these cars going to be used for something else they feel a lot like UCL
cards from last year I’m not gonna lie they feel a lot like the UCL cards
because they’ve got like a plus one upgrade on them I don’t really
understand why you do this I feel like their whole like how we upgrade cards
really needs rethinking and it’s that the most budget thing I’ve ever seen is
that like is that like a bronze card or an on rare gold with over the team of
the Year nominee template stuck on top that might be the worst design card that
they releases yeah not complaining well I’m kind of but seriously a come on but
like it will take one takes video though I don’t know how much going for nothing
well nothing literally nothing G I’m guessing it’s not really all that
many walkins left in the game on you know aboard so or blue card so we’ve
managed to get Gomez which is probably the best Argentinian you can get if you
don’t get a walkout so boards Argentinean that’s got to be the best
hey that’s a walkout and it’s not blue so it’s gonna be not gonna be the one
that isn’t in Team Leader nobody however each one is is the one that’s not a team
in the innominate which ones there’s not a team of you know old
America’s not team of Year nominee the tongue it is well why can we get you
forget the other one why do we get the other one the other one would be so much
better oh we didn’t get a couple of ECL Blues
in it no that’s not too bad go on hook us up why not hey we’ve done
it again we could get someone huge here brightwing go my way
oh you like the worst one we’ve got tagliafico cow rated E yay he’s not even
what is this calamari I need to get his key off me absolutely dead kid but he’s
not even 84 rated AAA oh my goodness that budget I’ll be why she paying for
this card I mean I don’t know I don’t know this I don’t know they’re paying
for it I really do we’re probably trying to sell it later after I’m finished
opening the pack Chilean for down beiow is the guy’s got me to bed hours and X
the other guy releases informants week fair enough fair enough we’ll take a
little bit others decent that’s decent oh yeah guys let me know so what are you
like green screen or do you like facecam Tom which one which one do you prefer
let me know down in the comment section that’s just Colin right so I say I never
get Carl’s there ever and then we managed to get in twice and space of 10
panics interesting right I’m I never get renown oh how about that one do you what
are we going to say to that I never get renown oh wow blast him through the
packs here where is my money going it’s not a wall cow is just the board’s Oh
after asking for an owl oh really we did actually manage to pack Ronaldo
the other day yo so it’s like two video backs are going to videos back on my
channel when you actually see me packing real now you know so yeah go check that
out hey that’s an in-form it’s not gonna be a walk are those
there’s probably trash uruguayan strike oh I know you Stu Arnie see you in the
regex all the time mate you’ll see you when the red pixel all the time we love it when it’s more boards and
this time it’s another inform and it’s English this time and it’s a strike at
this time and it’s that guy from Bordeaux this no we’re all right I think
we’re all right I said that’s not the most exciting thing is that that’s not
exciting pavement you possibly yeah German striker Oh burner the burner yeah
yeah take that he’s actually dicen he’s one of the only 83 is actually so he’s
actually one of the only 83 himself so yeah well happily take that any day the
we don’t have him in the club as well lovely thoughts only that’s a walk out
they go on centre back not the old Sergio Ramos is a nominee in Concord
centre back well that stinks doesn’t it the PT cannot make it in this year no PK
didn’t make it in unbelievable scenes no peeking no I know
he’s never he’s in there every year last of the 35 again is boards will it be
blue no it won’t it won’t be a walk out or just before it’s it’s Brazilian left
middle left back Miranda mmm delicious I love Miranda what’s nice is all of
these cards probably worth something at the moment because they’re all going up
and Buddy because we put miss SPC’s right onto the 50s we’re actually going
to hop onto my other account as well to see if we can get some more big players
are these packed as we pax to Arnie again we’ll be jumping up jumping onto
my ex but we can’t see if I can manage to pack anything that’s massive because
we’d like to see a big blue team of the yokai one way what you go goalkeeper at
least it’s 85 it’s not very patricia we like that we can work with that when
it’s not really patricia we feel like we won we feel like we won and a bit of
Philly fans among bad 50k pack we’re gonna inform it’s not walk out we need
some of these inform walk out the age we’re talking like there’s four ran
there’s voices good plays in this team of the week but don’t want just palma
goalkeeper what’s coming one songs my bail and 10k bayern literally would this
cup 10k how we Boateng encode case that’s right okay
we’re ready apparently not we have got walkout
though I’m not sure you want papa Maurice is he not even the nominee I’m
surprised by that actually I’m surprised he’s not in the Year nominee Wow okay
fair play fair play yeah pork was the one you’re after you
see France flag I think I think is the best you could probably get now
obviously can’t a is blue so probably be pop but you after since you didn’t make
it long this is I come as well my feeling is
born we got more is instead boys going on boy Vinci with you nominee as well
then they win the Africa Cup of Nations hey we got some balls finally come on
now it’s not one of the Blues it’s not okay it’s just bores is Brazilian Oscar
again I preferred the PlayStation padlock to be honest I’ve had like 1/10
of the number of boards on this xbox account is added to PlayStation which is
weird okay I’m ready I’m ready my body is ready for a walkout okay his name is
father his name his father it’s now master goalkeeper from PSG he’s just
such pull-up when will he ever not be followed us the real question will there
ever be a game where he’s not actually fodder send it back that means no
climbing why can’t we get that Ling Li or something Oh little bit of a her
again never say anything about any any player ever because otherwise you would
just keep on packing them over no unless it ran out unless you asked for an
errand and that’s that’s a walkout Oh know who that is
always him again I just don’t understand how do we get him over and over yet
doesn’t make any sense to me all right okay anything else blue higway
oh we literally shrimp striking it rich right now banging I can’t believe that I
can’t believe we got all the blues so early oh no we’re gonna get nothing for
the rest of it that’s a Lukaku I mean he’s average to
pause in this game in fact probably even though he’s probably poor to terrible
flavors in this game how we do get corrects Trevor NZ so it’s not the worst
pack in the world accidentally opened it with coins and it gives us the blue
we’re looking for big player please when I packed all of our old earlier
like when I packed them earlier I said why can it be the tongue and now I’m sat
here with the tongue and thinking why couldn’t it be someone with good oh
we’re taking though another TV anomaly maybe there’s another one the pack for
the man Scotty hey what’s up leg lay there we go that’s good I mean he’s
probably walked about 40 K now rather than 150 was going for but we’ll take it
and I mean Vertonghen it’s not a bad pack will fate we’ll take it we’ll take
it for sure we’ll take it say we go with the last pack of the day will we go
back-to-back blues I’m thinking no I’m thinking maybe I’m thinking no fair
enough well there you go guys that is what
spending 48 thousand feet but I wasn’t even planning to do a pack opening
tonight I wasn’t even planning to when I was like it’s footmen ei won’t give us
plays impact and then they’re like oh yes even if nobody comes out of that
well this is kind of what I do I kind of open packed to try and get special cards
when they do promos so if you respect the grind of putting all of the money
that you know you guys bless me with from this YouTube game into if you
respect it then smash the thumbs are let’s put it this way
I open the packs so that you can see how bad they are and then don’t have to
waste your money open in the packs like genuinely that was just terrible
terrible we did get three though we did get three I guess that’s not too bad but
for 48 thousand feet points which let’s face it is 116 3 3 I just spent three
hundred-pound I’ve just spent 300 pounds on what are effectively trying to crack
you see old cards from last year they just blue cards plus one all those darts
oh dear what was I thinking right well guys the big thing you want to take away
from this video is I want you to go over to the other video that I uploaded
earlier today that is the first episode of the draft of glory I want you to go
show that video some love because I hope Cirie’s does really well so I can keep
uploading it for you I’ve already filmed the second episode and it’s pretty good
so yeah you need to go check the first episode up because the new episode will
be up maybe Sunday I think I think probably Sunday because tomorrow
probably going to be uploading a team tape down around I think it’s gonna be a
bit so depending on what my what what the poll did on Twitter I think it’s
probably let me have a look at this poll it’s gonna be bits or bits or
surprisingly wanting really 67% against that foot in the Simon so I’ll be doing
eight foot mass of it so team takedown which will be the first foot miss video
of the year pretty excited to do so so yeah make sure you check that out by
subscribing you can see all of those videos I’m just going to stop waffling
because I have actually been morphing for a good like two minutes here and
yeah as I said like the video if you enjoyed check out the Cruyff iPad
earlier in the foot trough video it’s definitely worth it and yeah I’ll catch
you next time Merry Christmas peace

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