Wedgie Hangman (GAME)

Wedgie Hangman (GAME)

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  1. You are cheating, you have another boxer short under your wedgie

  2. “Just our heads this time”


    Don’t wanna know what you meant by that

  3. You MUST make another episode of this one ?

  4. He did not say I want to solve. Rhet cheated.

  5. This episode had me crying laughing. ?

  6. This is a torture device for the CIA.

  7. Please have the Grumps come do this

  8. Awww man I wanted to see Link get frozen veggies in his wedgie… A SUPER EXTREME WEDGIE MWAHAHAHAHAAAA

  9. I want one too :'(

  10. I kinda feel bad for Link he was up in the freaking air I don’t think link could have kids after that!

  11. It was my bday when this was made good present

  12. This episode is just two men reenacting what happens when a girl wears skinny jeans

  13. ? ? rhett in his wedgie mode is hilarious

  14. ? rhett what did I do.. – screaming- Time to get me down! !!!! ????????

  15. Let's be honest. Rhett lowkey enjoys it

  16. Link had me laughing so hard. ?

  17. ???????????????
    I soo love this game, yall should play it more often. So hilarious love your reaction to being cranked.

  18. That looks like some SAW situation right there.

  19. Man I really want the chia heads but I'm not a member ):-(

  20. Next up rope hangman

  21. Rhets noises 13:42

  22. When Link was saying “please sir put your foot over here” I lost it ????

  23. link's joy was so pure

    until the incident

  24. Should have done it with an actual noose

  25. You can tell they cheated

  26. They should make this like a wedgieversary. Do this at least once a year

  27. Rhett please get your old hair back

  28. this is definitely someone's fetish


  30. How dare we subject them to this again for our enjoyment?! Not saying I didn't enjoy it ?

  31. What happened to frozen vegetables?

  32. Links guy does half a crank while retts guy does a whole crank

  33. CrankThatFrank has entered the chat

  34. I’m sorry I didn’t see no frozen veggies

  35. Wondering if this is a torture tactic in some parts of the world?

  36. What about the frozen vegetables???

  37. I laughed SO HARD at this omg

  38. I felt so bad laughing at the torment but… internetainment at its finest as always

  39. Link actually won one!

  40. thicker than a snicker duhhh

  41. i knew the last one so fast and i was screaming it ?

  42. 11:05 AAAAAAAAAAAAAo

  43. Good Morning Chia Rhett and Link

  44. This episode would've been great for an underwear sponsor

  45. Imagine someone from three hundred years ago was brought to this time and this was the first thing they saw.

  46. I guessed the last one in like 3 letters …. what does that say about me ?

  47. As a cat lover I may have enjoyed Rhett's loss slightly more than I should. Kittens everywhere have been vindicated!! ?????
    Still love you tho, Rhett. Though you're getting coal for Christmas. ?

  48. Yay! I was in GMM… I did the "It's time to spin the wheel…" This is a major life accomplishment for me!

  49. Ohhh Link's lip quiver when he didn't know what to do with his life at 11:48 ?? bless him

  50. I seriously hope this didn’t cause permanent damage to their reproductive organs… lol

  51. Lets see the girl version

  52. So…from what the box shows on the chia Pet Rhett and Link, Both of their hairs are replaced with the chia pet seed. But…why isn't Rhett's beard the chia Pet seeds instead?

  53. M Y E E I S I S S O I G

  54. “AAAAAAAAAAAEO” – Link 2019

  55. Where the vegies at

  56. I thought it was thinner than a shitter

  57. give the @ of the girl

  58. Anyone know where Link’s jeans are from?

  59. This was painfully hilarious. Thank you GMM! LOL

  60. link if you wanted revenge on rett on the wedgie game good job you got it

  61. “Hey Crank Frank #2, it’s me Link” ?????

  62. This set up is so much better! Xx

  63. It’s so sad what some YouTubers will do.

  64. I remember this skit on snl many years ago, it was called wedgie fever. The contestant was purposely getting answers incorrect so that he could hover.

  65. What happened to the frozen veggies??

  66. Rhett: (half crying and half laughing) I’m thicker than a snicker ? ? ?

  67. I love this game and love it even more because it's not me playing, hope y'all have clean undies on ? ?

  68. Link: OH OH OH
    Link: OW

  69. that girl ain't funny

  70. 13:35 CLOSE YOUR EYES ANS LISTEN ??????????

  71. They actually made a modern day torture device ?

  72. Its about time we played this again!!!

  73. I liked that game more than I should!

  74. She's so beautiful ??❤️

  75. " it's me link just put your foot here " LOL!

  76. 11:29 This strikes me as cute.

  77. Crank that Frank (Yee)

  78. Ok but aside from the video I really like links jeans

  79. I'm surprised that he didn't solve the puzzle and went for N

  80. That girl thinks shes funny but she not ???? thats the real funny part

  81. Phenomenal episode for everyone involved.

  82. Welp, if the vasectomies didn't do the trick this will

  83. This is like a PG version of Saw 🙂

  84. I remember the old vid ? ?

  85. They forgot the frozen veggies lol

  86. Next time they need underwear that will not tear

  87. Bro random guy from turlock I have seen u at best buy before just saying ?

  88. “Lucas, it’s me, Link” ?

  89. I’m only watching this for HER fine ass

  90. We need more of these and «The Pain Hole»

  91. Rhett found a way to get really tall without a ladder…

  92. Tighty-whitey, fudgy- wudgy, give the crank another nudge-y…..

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