Wedgie Machine Challenge

Wedgie Machine Challenge

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  1. 2:09 is the funniest part

  2. why couldnt i tell which one sung the name

  3. Those are some STRONG underpants!

  4. Link is a twink is body is ??

  5. I would love to be a wedgicutioner

  6. Me: look there!
    Friend: look where?
    Me: under there!
    Friend: under where?
    Me: HAH! Made you think underwear!

  7. Idk what he got but I know he dont got no kids in the future

  8. Link: Shut up apple knocker!
    Me: Shut down apple knocker 0_0

  9. Grandma: What did you do today
    Me: I watched 2 guys get wedgied for fun
    Gma: WTF?

  10. Man, I love Link's shirt

  11. Thisismythical more like This is my thic al

  12. This is mythical

  13. Too bad "This is Mythical" became the Mythical Society behind a pay wall.

  14. Lol isn't this dangerous

  15. who are thos guys 2 peppole with an underwear on there head??????


    Here you go.

  17. I love to have a wedige

  18. If Rhett tip toed it wouldn’t hurt

  19. 1:20 nice pearl Jam reference.

  20. Just too funny!!!

  21. I'm laughing so hard that I'm worried that I'm gonna have a stroke! Dang…I'm 66 years old! Have mercy!

  22. Hay porque no lo hacen en Español hace 3 o 4 años era genial ver Buenos y Miticos dias ❤❤❤❤❤

  23. Always go E. E is the most used letter in the English language

  24. I think I know the people in the Mythical Wheel segment, I know the exact area where they filmed the clip

  25. so thats what its like to fly
    not pleasant

  26. I would’ve been just as upset, WHAT TO HECK IS AN APPLE KNOCKER


  28. I'd never do this

  29. Ahhhhhhh why are there so many teeth

  30. What is this episode weirdest thing ever

  31. I still can't believe those two put underwears onto their faces.

  32. When you find a GMM video you haven't seen 😀

  33. Dont goggle it just dont please Im having nightmares

  34. Please help! Me and my friend can’t figure out who the “wedgiecutioners” is! We know the one on Rhett’s side is Chase but we can’t figure out the one on Link’s side.

  35. ThisIsMythical
    This is my thic al

  36. i’m here for the cute butts

  37. At 11:39 link turned into his final form

  38. It’s odd to think these two individuals own smosh

  39. Did vat19 copy them???


  41. Hello Rhett. Hello Link. I want to play a game.

  42. Am I the only one clenching while watching this???

  43. i found this erotic

  44. You know, I would do ANYTHING to be Link in this video!!

  45. Kinda reminds me of the Dolan twins extreme hang man video!

  46. Sea turtle mouths are crazy

  47. How do you make this machine?

  48. New saw movie looks great

  49. In 15 years you kids must play this

  50. Best. GMM. Ever. Completely fixed my day. You guys are the best!

  51. the fact that these grown men forgot the simple vowel strategy-

  52. Rhett: Don’t google it.

    Me: Googled it

    Rhett: Am I a joke to you?

  53. Once this kid in my class wedgied himself XD

  54. Link always looses lol

  55. When will chase have a show

  56. Link is the Flying WedgieMan ?

  57. Should have never google it it scary

  58. Wow, this is really just a video of link being punished for his stupudity

  59. Do a video of you guys put water in your privet part all the time until round 30

  60. 10:52
    Link:*POKER FACE*
    Rhett:*dosent care at all*

  61. 11:42 wasn’t that like 3 cranks????

  62. That's one strong pair of underwear

  63. the crew must be enjoying this…

    their two middle-aged bosses getting wedgied by a crank that they bought

  64. I just finished watching Paul blurt mall cop

  65. More wedgies :From Bella Seekins

  66. Someone said that this video reminded them of me and I don’t know how to take this

  67. There are no *asses*.

    That's what I heard lol.

  68. “What the heck is a Apple Knocker???”
    Tbh Link I don’t even know what a Apple Knocker is too.

  69. ??? this is just like ChocolateSquirtles wedgie challenge!

  70. There in the world Did you find a clip so strong I can support a middle aged man?

  71. Do wedgie’s hurt at all?

  72. Pause at 9:30 PENNYWISE 2023!!!

  73. Anyone else’s loin area feel pain while watching some of those wedgie cranks?

    ᵗᵉˢᵗⁱᶜᵘˡᵃʳ ᶠᵒʳᵗⁱᵗᵘᵈᵉ required to watch

  74. How can there not be permanent damage?

  75. Everytime I they do the Pearl Jam referenced intro, it makes my heart sing

  76. Rhett Stop winning games!!!!! >:(

  77. who else googled it?

  78. Man, I love Links shirt!!! I want one!

  79. Who came back after today's episode?

  80. 7:15 I call that one the torture dance

  81. On my, that looked so painful.?

  82. Had to come here after seeing the new one

  83. Link took that like a boss!

  84. If I could hit like multiple times, I would. Like 1M times

  85. Sometimes I forget that link isn't short.

  86. You

    Hint first two words

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