Week 16 NFL Picks (Ep. 766) – Sports Gambling Podcast

Week 16 NFL Picks (Ep. 766) – Sports Gambling Podcast

This week, 16 NFL picks edition to the sports
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gambling, welcome everyone to the sports gambling pod
cast. I am shown stacking the money grade with my partner picks Orion, real money. Kramer,
what’s happening? Crime dog often imitated, never duplicated Sean. And what does that
us. Okay. You know what I’m saying? What are you talking about? All of these, all these
food gazy gambling, podcasts popping up left and right Manny. It’s like, Oh, now it’s cold
to talk about gambling. Like you sound like Snagglepuss or ah Hey. When it comes to, when
it comes to new gambling podcasts, you think like, Hey, we, we gotta, we gotta hit a person
and a bookmaker and I, here’s what I think of new gambling podcasts.
Oh, speaking of other podcasts all time. Nude. Favorite trap. Can we, can we get into this
real quick? Sure. I love. I love talking shop on your favorite podcast network. That isn’t
the sports gambling podcast. They guess GPN guy is of course the ringer and your favorite
show is the NFL show on the ringer podcast. I do enjoy the dance to see, I think those
guys, wow. Well, kind of nerdy, not assholes, and they got a couple of nuggets. Well, this
this guy Kevin Clark, that’s his name. Yes. He really, when we went out in the public
with this take shown that if the Patriots were going to cheat, they would be doing it
a little bit better than this. That’s your, that’s your defense of bill bell. If bill
Belichick was involved in this, it would’ve gone way better. You want to get our shit
going mentally. Again, it comes back to the [inaudible] angle.
It comes back to the Irishman. We did all we could for him. It is what it is you. He’s
not saying it, but he’s saying it right. He’s saying what you should do. You don’t. Here’s
the thing. When you start working at the Patriots and you’re a video crew, you don’t raise your
hand and go, Hey, how do I cheat? You get the job. Because they know, Oh, that guy,
that’s a fucking crooked video guy. Get him on. That’s part of the application. The screening
process. They scout, you think he’s just on ZipRecruiter like you think you think Bella
checks? Looking at guys reels like, wow, great. A great video transition here. Loved the after
effects. Love what you’re doing. Oh, look at this mix. What do you use Adobe? Are you
a premiere guy? I’m a final cut guy. Do you think he’s weighing in? No. The interview
process is, do you cheat? Wink, wink or no, and here’s, here’s what happens. A lot of
guys come in, they say, Oh yeah, I cheat. Get them the fuck out. Well, they need a guy
that goes, they don’t say, are you creative? And again, clearly willing to go the extra
mile to get the job done. Jimmy Hoffa, when he’s talking to the Irishman and they’re going
to start, you know, running things, getting things go with the union. He was like, Hey,
when you’re carrying a giant jug of wine from one place, the other a little is going to
spill out. You know what that means, right? Yeah. And he just goes, yeah, yeah, some spills.
All right, we’re good. That’s the conversation. It’s not the conversation you actually have
the conversation you don’t have with bill belch anyway. The point being these, these
media hot take defenses of the patient. Well HeartPOD my bud
coma where there’s smoke. There’s, you guys are better than that. You guys were all making
Shannon sharp. Seem classy here. Yo pop yo pops. I love Shannon sharp. Once he started
smoking black and Milds on TV. You just have to respect that man. You have no, you have
no other option, Ryan. There’s, there’s a couple of like news and nuggets. Yeah. Which
I hate. I hate when podcasts or anyone says we’re gonna get to news and notes, but there
are a couple, after the break we’ll get a news and notes. That’s a, that’s unappetizing
as a list gets you up to speed in the national foot. Everything you need to know. Moving
the chains. Do you want to hear it? Chain sound effect. Bob’s blaze in five. Tom Kauflin
out has Jaguars GM. Apparently he was just running, running some fucking work cabin in
Jacksonville. I’m rich with power, just drunk making guys come in when they shouldn’t be
coming in just violating every NFL. It’s funny because that’s how you imagine
Tom Kauffman running the team and it’s hilarious that that’s exactly what happened. He’s racist
grandpa. He’s not playing by anyone’s rules. It’s still 1950 for him. He’s fucking pussy
guy. He’s, he wants to give them salt tablets. Make him do two inches, walks around the offices.
Hey, remember 2007 when I beat Tom Brady. Well that was Eli Manning. Ryan, Eli Manning.
Unfortunately back to 500 which is a nightmare and now he’s giving him the game ball. They’re
like, okay, that’s his curtain call. Why make a play the Redskins? You’re going to trot
Daniel Jones out with this high ankle sprain. First off, have you learned nothing about
how to manage a high ankle sprain from what you’re doing to say Quan Barkley and you’re
putting out your suppose supposed franchise quarterback with a high ankle sprain. Just
the same Eli Manning’s 500 record against the Redskins. Don’t you want to, if I’m Eli,
I’m like, dude, play me. I want to get to above 500 I’m a winner. Eli knows he’s not
a winner. That’s why he’s not fighting the giant
Swan chase young too. There’s some of that in here, right? Daniel Jones gives them the
better opportunity to get chase know, Oh, come on. You are. You don’t think you
don’t think he likes to go out and lose that game. That is a real Sophie’s choice. If you
were trying to take, which quarterback would you start? Eli has owned, I owned the Redskins
period. You, I know you probably can’t say that
statement with Eli and many teams, but Eli owns the Redskins,
so there were there at 10 we can move on. No one’s had illusional giants ownership is
about the Eli Manning situation. Even now, they’re afraid to break him out. Oh, stop.
It might mess up the traffic. What one other, uh, one other one I want to get to. Do you
see this Ryan, that the a Redskins GM Bruce Allen turns out he has the authority to throw
challenge flags. Yes. No, the GM in. What is Bruce Allen have on the owner in watt on
Daniel Snyder? He’s a horrible GM. Why does he get all this power? It’s insane. Well,
I [inaudible] I think certain, there are certain types of
people and certain types of people in charge of things who are more involved and more interested
in what their perception of themselves is. So I’m guessing Bruce Allen knows how to cup
the balls, uh, knows how to get a cup of coffee, knows how to tell Daniel Snyder what he wants
to hear that or a, you know, Oh, here we go. Goat was involved. Bruce Allen
in exile within Redskins organization. Maybe they’re going to do what the Eagles did and
put when chip took over and he put a Howie Roseman in the equipment locker in the locker.
I’ll go home and get your fucking shine box. Then Howie Roseman had to come back and let
them know he doesn’t shine shoes anymore. Take the Eagles to a Superbowl championship,
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Entering my picks for the first set of games that we’ve selected on them on the two-part
early season bulb review series we got going. We’re so much college football. Oh gosh. How
do we find the time? How do we find the time? It’s insane. Especially now that I’m back
working a job commuting the Santa Monica like a fucking maniac. Ryan, you would like to
story as a, as a guy who finds, um, these types of stories about me, my, when I share
these, you seem to enjoy them a lot. Oh boy. Hey guys. Going to do a big a company, office
wide meeting. All right, everyone, everyone in the conference room and I’m kinda like
just kind of a freelance guy coming in, a mercenary just to come work on this one show,
knock it out and move on. But uh, Hey, I’m a team player for sure. A
few weeks. Gotcha. Get into the office, everyone. Everyone sits around. I know like three people
I’ve been introduced to as sitting down in the chair and they’re like, okay, if you just
look up at the screen, I turn and swivel. My chair elbow just slams into a cup of coffee
all over this woman basically before anyone pitches one idea or anything. And then I’m
there just like wiping up the coffee and everyone, Oh, are you okay? Are you okay? And she goes,
it caught on my boots. Leaves the office. He’s the conference room super past and uh,
she was gone for like 25 minutes and I’m like, am I allowed to buy this chick a pair of boots?
Like what the fuck? Uh, we eventually talked and she seemed cool but super pissed to begin
with. And then I’m like cleaning up coffee while they’re trying to have the meeting.
Just had to introduce myself as Sean, the guy you remember from the coffee incident
two minutes ago. Oh God. Nightmare. How to gain control of those faculties shown. I thought
you were going to, I thought you would get a kick out of it. That’s very unbrand. Hey,
you know what else is on brand? Increasing our brand awareness by giving away free merged
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He’s a listener in Scotland. Okay, wow. Yeah. Pretty cool. Do you do, do you, uh, do you
go Scottish with the accent? No. Can’t, can’t pull up the Scottish accent. And he goes,
do you ship the skyline? And I said, fuck yes we do. Because what happens is I order
it to myself, then take it, drag my ass to the post office, relabel it and send it out
to Scotland. So that’s the kind of [inaudible] just say no and fuck you. But as a man who
loves great customer service and you know, I’m trying to get gold, we have a gold standard
here in the sports gambling podcast and that is amazing customer service. So you’re welcome
Scotland. It’s the golden rule. It’s the golden rule.
Sean in the, in the season long standings tied for fourth, Chris buck 40 an M Freeman
five with 120 correct. With 121 in third place. D Huffman, 55 in second place with 122 NFL
pickles and Sean, it might be over, we might have to call it with weeks to go cause pick
master is wow. In first being lead with 127 correct picks Jesus. Five clear of second
place. That is a impressive, that is impressive. Yeah. And shout out to bet spurts they’re
putting up uh, all those uh, cash prizes there and uh, already talking with the bet spurts
guys. Well hold on, hold on Shawn. [inaudible] cause
I have another update. Guess who is all the way
up to number two on the coldest bet spurts Sean Gray. Oh no, really? Yeah, I want a week
on PetSmart’s. I’m got, I’m ice cold. I am not gonna not gonna, not gonna say anything
else. There’s nothing to say. None. Not pick suck. All right, let’s get to it. Ryan, let’s
fix these picks real quick showing, you know, a, a number
of them. You guys are four, four and 16 over the last
20. Scott, sir. Amongst them. All right. I’m in good company. You’re ahead of him.
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paid that age. It feels like a rapid fire recap,
Ryan. Thursday night jets, 21 Ravens, 42 got to look cute here. Taking the jets plus 16
but man, yeah, there’s no other explanation. Just over-thought it. Yup. The back door was
open. It was after that block, pun. I’m like, I’m going to cover this. And I did cover it
in my 22 point teas. The only leg of the T’s I hit, but a yeah, that jets plus 22 came
through. Sean w what do you think Ravens plus 20 in my pocket. How good. How good is that?
Gotta feel ready when the Superbowl. Oh yeah. Give me a plus 2000 what did I say? Plus 12
plus 2000 they’re on a mission. Tampa Bay bucks. 38 lions 17 got a little close. Here
we are. We’re both on the box. Took care of business. Jamis Winston back to back games
with 450 yards passing. God, wind went out. Pearman came in Detroit,
uh, kinda got into it and then they gave up a pick six. The David blow experiment is over,
although Matt, Patricia got a vote of confidence, but he got a real vote of confidence. He’s
coming back next year. What? I was kind of surprised at that. He’s not a good coach.
Bad decision. No, not a good coach. Awesome tint. This Tampa Bay, this is the 15 to one
NFC South winter that we weighed your dog and that Giant’s loss right there. They may
have been in the playoffs if it wasn’t for that. Oh suck into our good pal. A TJ bucks
radio sideline guy hosts the three dog Thursday podcast teaches doing great. You know Buchser
a looking a little better here in the second half. We were talking about what would you
do? Oh, regarding James Swinson, what’s your move?
I said, well I think the move is just a franchise franchise. Yeah, it seems pretty simple, right,
but I don’t know if you worked on the franchise or not. It works for him. That’s true. Quarterback
to the court, they don’t get hurt. It’s not like the injury risk of of the other. Every
other position like defensive end for example, I get one defensive ends hold out because
that, but quarterback, look what Kirk cousins did. Why is Kirk cousins? I’m like the top
10 list for, for, for like career earnings because he was getting paid $30 million a
year by the Redskins cause they kept franchising. So I think putting up Eli Manny numbers, I
think if you’re Jamus that’s not a bad thing. I mean honestly if you watch Jamus over the
last couple of games, yes, that’s a quarterback that you would a lot of T you I want to see
more of the Jamus Erin’s experiment and I mean really he just cuts, he just says like
10 less interceptions. Sounds like a huge just one lesson game. He’d
be awesome. I agree. I mean I hope they keep the band together. This Tampa team is intriguing
as hell. It’s so fun to watch and maybe they just get a little bit of defense. Look out
2020 just the touch Philadelphia Eagles, 37 Washington Redskins, 27 Philadelphia Eagles
easily covered the minus five. Never a doubt. Never doubt Greg ward. Greg ward the savior,
hyped him up all week. My boy, G ward G dub from Houston came up with a huge catch. And
again, as a, as a Carson guy, as a Carson apologist at times some of those throws and
Nelson Aguilar in my head, I’m like, was that a bad throw or was that just Nelson Aguilar?
And now there’s no way Nelson Aguilar catches that ball for that touchdown. Greg ward made
a plan. The ball, Carson Wentz made a good throw. And these guys are rallying around
Carson Wentz. They’re the new guys. They’re hungry. You get the snakes out of the locker
room. A K Al Shawn, Jeffrey, I see you. Oh wow. All right. Hey Allison. Jeff problem.
Superbowl hero. I mean he was hobble his shit and he was holding back these young dudes
who were hungry, getting open, catching the ball and making plays. Yeah, that was a huge
part of it. Now their defense looks like complete dog shit on the road. But at home there are
different defense. Yes. Congratulations. [inaudible] Carson there.
Okay. Who would I rather bet against the Dallas
Cowboys in the first round of the playoffs for the Philadelphia Eagles. I dunno, I kinda
want the Eagles to make it so we can bet against the first time. First the first time play
off start cause we love that trend. We wait, we love that trip
you ride. You will be on an Island betting against Carson Wentz and this Eagle’s team
that’s rallying around him at the right time. Green Bay Packers 13 or no sorry Packers 21
payors 13 we just got to throw the house on betting against green Bay in the second half.
They just don’t do anything in the second half the bears. I had the bears here. The
Packers not going to say it’s a bad beat but God damn did they almost get close with that
final lateral play is down to the three or four yard line. There was a guy open for a
lateral to take it in to the, to the house. Doesn’t take a lot to to just spend a little
bit of a [inaudible] practice time in training camp going over
like just watch rugby. Just watch it. Cause they absolutely they should have scored there.
Yeah. They 100% should have won. You should have at least had a chance to tie
this game and there were a couple of crazy lateral plays that swung, spreads and totals
including the Eagles, uh, Haskins, you know, pitch the ball and they just picked it up
and scored a touchdown or sled to the cover. Yeah. Niners Falcon, same thing. I mean, Falcons
already had the outride win, but that helped push the over crazy ending
in green Bay. Again, they just continue to win games in underwhelming fashion, but they
continue to win games. It really is. And Aaron, they have like a true running back now. Like
this is, this is the what for Aaron Rogers finally, right. He’s got that running game
and I feel like the lab is pretty salad. The last time that happened, a super bowl run
was, was there. So man, another future I have Sean, I’m just looking at my few, can we,
can we just, can I tout for a second? Sure. I have the Superbowl and conference futures.
I have Packers, Ravens, saints, Seahawks, Seahawks 15 to one to win the NFC. They’re
the one seed right now. I’m so awesome. Come on Sean. It’s good for the brand. It is
for the brand. Cincinnati Bengals 13 pats 34 it’s a baby fucking wheel man. Uh, I mean,
is this an ugly uh, 21.0 wind by the Patriots. Brady look bad. He just did. Now you get the
defensive touchdown you’re going to cover, I don’t know what Andy Dalton was thinking,
throwing a Gilmore, but other than that they just don’t look good. All right. Second angle
that goes farther. Have teams that are, have good records but don’t look good. The new
England Patriots or the green Bay Packers. Oh, I think I still like this, but the Patriots,
they’re right in that. I mean if they beat the bills or whatever, you know, they’re in
that mix for the one or two seat. So even if they’re not looking good,
you still have to go through [inaudible]. They can’t beat the Ravens. I don’t think
they can beat the rave in new England. I don’t think they can beat the Ravens and I’m, I,
at this point I’d probably fail. I’d probably take the chiefs to listen. Dude. Everyone
is saying this is another hot take that I’m really not enjoying right now. Well, I mean
Tom Brady’s not playing as well as he normally does, but he’s, no, he’s not like Peyton Manning
in that Superbowl year. He is like Peyton Manny, he’s got a little a taste of that noodle
arm now. I know he does. He’s on his way to sub five yards per an attempt over almost
an eight game stretch. That’s the only carb you’re going to find
in Tom Brady’s body right now is his noodle arm. Okay, Pat’s fan. Oh, I mean the ultimate
burn there. He’s going to go back. He’s going to make out with his son. Get back to what
works. What will the Patriots get punished with? Oh, that is a great, well who knows.
I mean the way they’re drafting right now, give him the pick. Who cares? Houston Texans
24 Tennessee Titans 21 Oh my God. What happened? A monkey wrench was thrown into my buzzsaw.
Didn’t work out even though, how do you, how do you lose and not cover against Deshawn
Watson when he throws two interceptions in the end zone? What the fuck? I mean, there
was a real swing there. What was, um, who was w whatever that turnover was where Tennessee
was about to score and they fumble them like the two yards and then it got returned 90
yards. And you’re, when you see that you’re just like, God
dammit, look, Tennessee is still a good team. But now you look at Tennessee schedule and
you’re like, Oh shit. Oh shit that, that wind total push is very much in play.
Yeah. There was a lot riding on, on this, uh, last couple of Titans games deciding whether
or not we look like complete assholes. Although we were really hating on the table
five and 11 prediction. If I, I’ll, I’m man enough to admit Sean, I was wrong.
I was wrong about the tennis. I think I had him six and 10 or seven and nine. But that
was always the funny thing was the Titans fans were demanded. We say they go nine and
seven and who knows? Maybe that’s exactly what they did.
What’s even better is that the Oakland Raiders were like, were they, were they six where
they six and six. Six and four I know. Yeah. There are six and four. Yeah, so I have an
under six ticket. Oh man. Would this not be the greatest all time
push? They just, they’re getting there. They finish with two road games. What did you go
wrong? Oh my God. Raider land is just, I’m going to have some nice sweats though to get
our shit going. Mentally. Seattle Seahawks, 30 Carolina Panthers, 24
not much to talk about in this game. [inaudible] Seattle jumped out to a big lead. We picked
it at six and a half, so we both lost Ryan. I think you actually bet it at six it opened
at four again, you got to get the right side of the number of how well the look ahead was
for. How did I, how did I lose this bet? Well, you put, I mean I lost the pick on the podcast.
I pushed my actual bet, Sean. They were up, they scored, they let them score two touchdowns
and like the last five minutes, it was weird. And who is this? I can’t get a handle on this
Panthers team right now. They’re putting in a my boy will career. I mean Seattle’s another
team. I danger Ross is danger Russ, but just like Aaron Rogers is there in Rogers, I think
they keep winning games. They don’t look great all the time. They have glaring weaknesses.
Like Russell Wilson’s still gets hit too much and I think anything over four points with
the Seattle team, I’m, I’m hesitant. I’m hesitant to pull the trigger because of games like
this and games where they kind of, you know, let
them pack in. It’s uh, it’s tough. Backdoor covers Ryan. Oh Hey. As a gambler.
Backbreaker but if you’re a booky, you’re getting paid, you’re getting paid. If you’re
a bookie, let’s be honest. Right? Sometimes you want to beat the book. You bet. Hey, longterm,
maybe it’s better to be the bookie ACE for makes that a reality. That’s right.
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link, a you can get up to six weeks free over at ACE. That’s a
G P. okay
Kramer, we’re talking about the Denver Broncos, three
Kinsey chiefs, 23 man guy. I knew I should have backed off the Broncos when everyone
was on ’em snowstorm came in. I thought it would play to their favor still. Second road
T road game in a row. Yeah, you’re right. I think if that was played normal conditions,
maybe they would add a better shot, but whatever it was, Casey took care of business. Nothing
crazy. I mean, do you really adjust either one of these teams? Denver? I still think
it’s kind of a scrappy team that you’re looking at. 16 and 17 here, depending on the number.
Kansas city rounding, it’s, you know, playing pretty solid.
Uh, well I, this was one step closer to my under seven Broncos, one total. So that was
nice. And the uh, the chiefs picked up, uh, T sizzle,
AK Tarell Suggs. That’s an interesting guy. Oh, ugliest man in the business. Hey, what
are we, what do we say about spags now? [inaudible] got a pass rush bags and coach defense look
out. It looks like spags might have a pass rush. Um, this chiefs defense not as bad as
they’ve been all year. They, I mean they had a bunch of guys hurt
early. They’re getting healthy. The run defense has gotten a little better trail. Suggs I
think he’s maybe a good guy you bringing on third down, get yourself a strip sack. He’s
got six sacks. So, uh, I don’t know, maybe a select a pass rusher. I might not be the
worst thing. Hopefully the chiefs play the Patriots in
the divisional round and they don’t play. The Ravens and the Patriots get lucky because
one of those teams, I mean, even the Texans like, which, who are you? Who are you like
confidently taking the Patriots, even if they’re at home? Are you taking them in a matchup
against the Texans? Are you taking them in the matchup against the Ravens or the chiefs?
Oh, I dunno, man. I know. It’s tough. It’s, they’re not there this year. Dolphins, 20
New York giants. 36 Dan or sorry. Wow. Eli Manning, emotional game ball. God is life
to take his photo. Eli comes home. So fire say Cohen. Barkley finally had a good game.
Ryan, what are you more worried about longterm, the quarterback position or say Quan Barkley.
Well, I’m not worried about anything. I’m not worried about it. You don’t care about
the same anymore thing. I’m a little bummed that though. The chase young thing is less
of a sure thing right now. But uh, you know that that was a, you know, that’s one of those
wins for next year. Sean, we’re going to get excited. I’m going to be listening to some
giants podcasts in early April and we’re going to hear about how Daniel Jones is going to
throw 50 touchdowns in whose orphans? Um, [inaudible] urban Meyer.
Wow. Urban Meyer. You’re all over the map, right? He’s into himself. Why wouldn’t he
want to come to New York? You’re all over the map. Much like the Los Angeles chargers.
Sandy, you go super chargers killing our poor boy Justin Decker over here. Chargers is horrible.
Seven turnovers. Nightmare performance, horrible. Uh, just give them all the Eckler Melvin,
Gord, you can’t trust them. Fumbled twice. They were in this game. It was 12 to 10. They
were driving and then just a strip sack return for a touchdown or almost touched down and
just raveled you got a fire with a coach and now it’s PR. It’s enough of, this is just
general coach isn’t doing a good enough job cause the roster’s good. The rosters, there’s
a lot of talent. There’s been a lot of injuries. You just got Anthony Lynn though. 26 and 21
with that roster. Yeah. And maybe it’s, maybe it’s like Mark
Jackson, uh, with the warriors where you’re like, Oh, you know, there’s still winning
and you really want to, you really want to get rid of him. And then you bring in a really
good coach and they just torched the world. Oakland Raiders 16, Jacksonville Jaguars 20.
Oh my God. Oakland not showing up, not showing Cox last game in Oakland, our IP Gardner men’s
shoe. This is ugly, ugly game Raiders. They kinda got shot by a call there, Derek Carr
and his slide. But either way, you gotta beat the Jags at home to close out your clothes
out your city. This was a really bad loss for the Raiders.
Yeah, I’m feeling good now. Now under six is actually the pushes in play. The push is
very much, I mean this, uh, this Raiders team, I mean the Jags are pretty bad too. You gotta
get our shit going, man. You can’t say this. I love me some Josh Jacobs. I love how hard
this dude plays. I love how, I just love how Intuity is. I just can’t, I mean, the way
that they lost this game and the way that they just let Gardner mints, you plow down
the fields. John just reminded me of a seeing the aftermath and Pullman, the you aftermath.
Just decimation Minchew was here. Yes. So this is one, two, three, four, uh, four losses
in a row for this. A Raiders team. That would be a hell of a lucky push. It’s six and four.
Six and 10, still a, you know, now six and four to six and eight.
Six and 10. Still in the realm of possibility. It’s go Arizona Cardinals 38. Cleveland Browns,
24. Baker, Baker, Baker, Kenyon, trake four touchdowns. Why do we not have a DFS lineup?
We did correctly pick the Cardinals. Jarvis Landry. He threatened to murder for the kitchens.
He didn’t, but it seemed like it. Judging by their body language. Oh, in El Becca, I’m
clarified that he’s not joining the CFL. He’s going to stick it. He bought a house in Cleveland.
He’s going to make it work. Um, which I feel like we weren’t the same from LeBron James,
but you want to take that but he’s not going to make it work. He’s out there trading them.
He’s, they can’t hit Cleveland camp Patriots. Is this how checks a career ends? Oh, dope.
Oh no. Beckham ends. Can you imagine Boston a talk radio collars dealing with Odell Beckham
jr and like his antics. Oh my God. Things would get dark pretty quickly. Atlanta Falcons
29 49 is 22 and again, this was like a crazy last score on a lateral play but Falcons won
on the fi. They basically scored two touchdowns at the end of the game. The first one was
overturned a Hooper touchdown. The second one, Julio Jones called nada touchdown on
the field then overturned called the touchdown. We both had the Falcon seemed like a great
lead down spot for the 40. Niners didn’t like it enough to make it a dog pick. But uh, yeah
not that surprised here situationally. It seemed like a good spot for the Falcons.
These are again, strangely playing well. And if your in the camp of someone who is looking
forward to the playoffs to potentially bet against the San Francisco 49ers, this was
that game. This is the game. You point to, this is where you’re like, yeah, but look
at Jimmy G now. We said this was a letdown spot so I’m not downgrading the 49ers right
now. I would so, but, but yeah, hypothetically they don’t
get that one play from Kittle and now they’ve lost three in a row.
Well, what I was going to say is I’m still, I’m standing by my, I’m, I’m, I have a feeling
that the Niners are going to get the wild card. They’re going to go and play the winner
of the NFC East. They’re going to be favored on the road and they’re going to run into
it. They’re going to run into a different situation and Jimmy G is not going to be right
ready for it. So I 100% I believe I’m, if I could lock that bed in right now, I would,
I think what, what would that spread? Re San Francisco minus three in Dallas. Yeah. I’ll
take the points. You’ll take Dallas. I’d take the same thing with the Eagles. All right.
I would take, I’ll take the NFCS versus 49 LG verse. Jimmy G in the first room.
Los Angeles Rams 21 Dallas Cowboys, 44 Ryan, you had the disgusting act.
That is a disgusting act. Picking the Cowboys. Winning cold. Hard cash.
Yeah. I’d rather lose money than Penn on the Cowboys Rams. Complete egg. Jared golf sucks.
Island it. I meant to hit this business is booming. Chaired golf. Sucks Island. Well,
we can announce it’s a, I think we’re, we’re down to the last
strip of rooms for a Superbowl week. Yeah, almost sold out. Pretty sure it will
be sold out after this weekend. Somehow. They’re not mathematically eliminated. Well, I think
they need a win twice and Vikings this twice, which I guess you know anything’s possible.
Dallas a look good. Finally beat a above 500 team. Perfect time to get their expectations
really high. Only to be depleted in Philadelphia the following weekend. A good thing. They
don’t need to hire a new coach this off season. Yeah. Doesn’t the Lincoln Riley job interview
kind of mess you up as a player? A little bit, isn’t there? Isn’t there a little bit
of stuff going on? Like if you’re in the meeting, are you really listening to the guy who’s
about to get fired? If you’ve been in a workplace and you know your boss is getting fired, how,
how much are you actually listening? How much are you going? Oh yeah, let me get that.
I’m, I’m doing, are you doing anything extra for your boss that week before he gets fired?
But my counter would be, were they doing anything before? No. And that’s why they haven’t been
good. Well, I think they’ll do the, do whatever is best for them. Who knows? Maybe they were
completely already out on him so it doesn’t matter. There’s a, that’s possible. I mean,
he’s a red headed dude who went to Princeton. Not very relatable. Sean. Not very relatable
to Zeke, who’s a father got indicted on 21 charges of owning like a exotic cat that uh,
his dad got some like crazy Bobcat or some like why do people, some Bobcat hybrid from
Africa, like some species you’re not supposed to own. And then it got loose and murdered
someone’s dog, which is just a, come on dude. Like this is like when you hear about someone
with like a Jaguar in their backyard and Zeke really does.
If you’ve, um, do you ever look up the a cartoon character of Mutley? I’m funny. A GML Johnson
pointed out that Zeke totally reminds him of Motley and just Google Motley. It’s a,
you put them side by side. You can’t tell the difference. Pittsburgh 10 Buffalo 17,
we got fucked by duck duck Hodges tossing ducks, turnovers Buffalo’s defense too much
for this Pittsburgh offense. I was just kinda holding things together. Huh? I mean they
had a shot. Uh, jeez. It was a good one for Buffalo. But Pittsburgh also just kinda shit
the bed. As much as we’ve been hyping up a Tomlin. You got to figure out something to
get the offense going a little bit. Their defense showed up though. They, they still
control their own destiny shown they do. I don’t know. I wouldn’t, I mean, I wouldn’t
be surprised if they’re in the playoffs. New Orleans saints, 34, indie seven. We nailed
this motivation spot. We said DB, he’d be thrown darts. What got some other award? You
can do anything. I forgot to thank his kids. They’re PR. Oh, he did blow them kisses over
under time’s your dad blew you a kiss Ryan at work. Zero. Yeah, zero. I drew Brees, drew
Brees much better father than my dad. He would just go home, uh, or sorry, go to work. Come
home, have a Busch light. No air kisses for me. But uh, yeah, with you say food Gacy saints.
This was just a great bounce back spot. Uh, and, and the cults have just been outmatched.
I mean, as much as I’ve been a fan of Frank Reich and thought they had some mojo preset,
a legit quarterback, and he’s been kind of hurt. But this is a, you gotta pull something
together. Yeah. I mean this was a weird, this tough spot. Tough spot for the Colts. Feel
bad for them. I feel no sympathy. Are we done? We’re done. Ryan. Let’s talk a week. 16 get
to it. Nothing in between. Okay. Nope. You sure you see on the sheet I’ve listed where
are the ad reads will be. Oh wow. Okay. So we’re going to get a little snippy. Sassy.
Little sad. I understand. Is that whiskey cup empty? Is that what the problem is? Yeah,
it is. It’s a problem. I need castmates I have some bad news. We have no more Thursday
night football. Oh man. Onto uh, correct me if I’m wrong. Normally this would be two games,
but this year it’s three, three [inaudible] the three games, slay it on. Oh wow. Yeah.
10:00 AM on Saturday. Houston heads the Tampa Bay where Houston is laying three minus one
70 on the Moneyline Tampa plus one 45 49 and a half is the total. I couldn’t get a line
less than this. Why is Houston laying three points in wa? I, I’m almost at a point with
some of these lines where I’m just, I feel so strongly they’re there. They’re just horribly
wrong. I feel almost feel like I just need to take a break. Maybe I need to easy ride,
rejuvenate myself for the playoff run. But this feels ridiculous. I’m very excited for
this game. I think it’s going to have a lot of points. But why is Tampa getting disrespected?
Because of the receivers. Yeah. How many points are the receivers were and their defense is
horrible, but, but the Sean Watson watch that Houston team, they play up and down to their
competition. They’re going to engage in a turnover Laden offensive battle. And I w right
now give me this Tampa Bay team. Yeah. And everything. I’m seeing all the action
public all over Houston. 82% Oh my God. Are you kidding me? Throw in the fact that Shaq
Barrett, he’s got 16 and a half sacks this season. And when does Deshawn Watson struggle?
He struggles when a team has a pastor. So Tampa Bay, his defense isn’t amazing, but
they have a little bit of a pass rush. And I think that’s enough to upset the show off.
We got a bet on, I got a bet on this immediately. This, this is a tremendously bad number
to Sean Watson. I mean, remember strip clubs in Tampa. We don’t, do we know how it compares
to Houston and they’re there. We know what happened to James harden when he was traveling
around. Reportedly there’s a little friction between a Deandre Hopkins bill Bryan, but
it sounds like bill O’Brien’s a Dick like that. Well, yeah, he’s a football coach. [inaudible]
Hopkins. He didn’t make him a captain. It’s a little bit of drama in that Houston locker
room. Yeah, I mean, well he got, he got Christian Hackenberg drafted Sean one 30 kick on Saturday.
Buffalo heads, the new England where new England is a six and a half point favorite minus two
70 on the money line plus two 15 for the bills. 36 and a half is the total [inaudible]. Uh,
all right. So the defense for the Patriots is super good. Yup. But Tom Brady is a problem
at this point. They can’t, I don’t know if this, this team can just slap it out and run
the ball for 200 yards and last game that they won in Buffalo, they won, what was it,
1710 or something and new England needed four turnovers and a block Pont Josh Allen’s capable
of that. He is capable of throwing picks. This is a night game in, in the, in in Gillette.
So that’s, you’re sure this is a naked Saturday, four 30 on Saturday.
Ah, look, I’m going to take the dog here because I think this Bill’s team is just feeling themselves
right now and I think this, if they’re ever going to take one 29 in the last 30 too, game
doesn’t matter for the Patriots. Yeah, it doesn’t cause they will need to win one of
these next two to go and beat the dolphins next week. And that’s that. Or is Buffalo
feel themselves? They already clinched the playoffs. New England looking to make a statement
still. What do you where, where are you on the, the statement index of the Patriots.
I don’t know if they can make a statement against this Bill’s defense. I don’t know
if Tom Brady is good enough anymore to make a statement here. I think it’s like a four
point game, right, and maybe the bells are live dog, but I don’t see new England blowing
a team out right now that’s decent. Anna and Buffalo’s defense is very good. The numbers,
three points too big. It should be three and a half. Saturday night, five 15 on the West
coast, the Los Angeles Rams, head to San Francisco to take on the Niners where the Niners are
six and a half point favorites minus three 25 on the money line. Rams plus two 45 45
is the total show on the Rams are a closure. I special this week. Really? Really? And what
did we learned about the closure? I special. They always lose out, right?
One in 15 one in 15 wow. Straight up a six 81 against the spread. Man. Do I want to take
the Rams here but this, this is a bounce they had. It’s a must-win now, right? If they want
the one seed a must win for the 40 Niners I mean, yes. It’s
literally a must win for the Rams as well because they need a win both games and maybe
they [inaudible] Oh boy. Wow. How can it be more of a must win for the Rams? I’m saying
it’s right. I’m right. It is more, I’m trying to, I’m, I’m literally trying to say that
you’re right and you’re trying to argue with me. This is why you knocked that coffee cup
on that lady. Oh. Merde right. You’re just always trying to get into a scuffle. Jared.
Golf’s hands are real issue. I, I think, uh, that the Cowboys game, you get to get away
to isolate that drop. Jared golf’s hands are a real issue. Whatever he did to his hand,
I think really fucked up his throwing motion. He didn’t have a lot of room for air to begin
with. Give me the 49ers coming off a loss. I think there’s just a great bounce back spot
for them. And you could, I guess you could make the same thing for the Rams, but I dunno
man, they, they just, I think they’re going to be deflated. I think they’re going to be
on a short week with an injured quarterback. Uh, just going to be a tough, tough spot.
Oh God. I think I’m with you. I think I, I just, does McVeigh bounce back? Like does
he bounce back or is this team just go away? I’m with you though. I’m going to lay the
points. San Francisco bounces back Sunday 10:00 AM out here on the West coast, the Jacksonville
Jaguars, head to Atlanta. [inaudible]
well, the Falcons are seven and a half point favorites minus three 40 on the money line.
Jacksonville plus two 70 46 and a half is the total. Maybe one more time showing a little
ladder. What the fuck this look ahead was six and a half, which felt steep to me when
I saw that last week. I was like, eh, Jacksonville’s intriguing, but, well seven, it’s crazy because
I almost wanted to just blindly fade the Jags because they’ve been that bad. Their defense
total nightmare. Seven and a half is a huge number. But I think this team rallies around
Tom Kauflin being fired. We’ve seen this before. We’ve seen this before a lot of times where,
uh, they got rid of a shitty coach that everyone hated a GM, a president, whatever it is. They’ve
got ’em out and, and now the team shows up for one game.
Now they might not show up for week 17 go against them, but weeks 16, they may randomly
show up. Sean changed my last pick. I’m going to take the ramps. What do you base that off?
I just don’t want to lay the points but grow up. Whoa. Alright. I’m, I’m sticking with
’em secret the 40. I know everyone was really getting into that Jackson move already. Bet
it doesn’t feel like the, I mean, neither of these teams have anything to play for it,
more or less. But I think the Jags kind of do, I think they want to prove that Kauflin
was fucking the team up. Really. What are you
basing this on? Like he’s the old racist guy up in the press box.
Uh, sources close to the situation. Basically every player coming out in interviews saying
how much they got fined. Uh, how, how crazy he was. I mean there’s been like five different
interviews of five separate players. All the grievances that are coming out. Doesn’t it
feel like, Oh, it feels like a weight has been lifted off this Jag’s team. He coached
the giants for 10 years. I’m well aware of his practices. Well, and here’s the other,
they’re going to rally this is, this is really bad news for people in the XFL cause you get
Tom Kauflin together with Eli Manning and look out baby, look out XF championship. I
like, I’m taking the Jags here even though the defense has been dog shit
and Atlanta has been kind of scrappy. I think there is something of what you said, right?
Neither team really has an into play before, but this Jags to, who knows, maybe they’ll
feel free. Maybe there’ll be that weight lifted. So I’m with you. Let’s uh, let’s take the
points if it also feels like a lot of points to play with Matt Ryan. Yup.
I mean they’re at home, but the Falcons office has been kind of good. I mean just to beat
the Panthers by 20 so it’s not inconceivable. I just like, I like my storyline of the Jags
rallying around the Tom Kauflin. Yes, I am. I’m, I’m absolutely on board with
that. Shawn, the new Orleans saints coming off Monday night football, they had the Tennessee
where the saints are a three point favorite minus one 55 on the Moneyline Tennessee plus
one 25 51 is the total. Ah, is the buzzsaw are we getting the bus? Is it seven 30 on
a Saturday? It’s the neighbor [inaudible] got some lumber to work on. Got
to go make some two by fours Titans get Adori Jackson back. I love that. It feels like a
let down spot for the saints even though the saints are in the mix for the number one seed.
So should they really let down, but it’s just like that drew Brees suck off. That was Monday
night football. Short week. Now you go knock conference road cream on the long grass against
the Titans coming off a loss. Desperate, scrappy Titans Titans are 25 and 15 against the spread
non-conference home games. This is that situation. Saints lost their guard for the season. Maybe
they get some pressure on breeze. I think there’s still a little juice left in this
Titans team. Gimme the Tennessee tight. My instincts say Titans, but I’m going to
take the saints and here’s why. I think this, the saints team knows how badly they need
these home games in the playoffs. I don’t think they want to go to Seattle. I mean that’s
a great angle on it. I don’t think they even want to go to San Francisco. They definitely
don’t want to go to green Bay. They need the home games. This game really matters. This
is a winnable game. Drew Brees is not losing the Ryan Tannehill lay the points. The spread
is a bit big. Uh, I’m a little surprised by the number, but I’m sticking with the chalk
because Sean, I’m, I’m going to say the spread is dead just for this game. Wow. Giants had
to Washington where the Redskins were minus two and a half. That’s right. The Redskins
are minus two and a half minus one 40 on the three. One 15 for the giants. 41 is the total.
What do you mean? Do we know who’s quarterback yet? Ryan break it.
It’s, I mean it’s Daniel Jones, right? While you’re the, you’re the so called expert, it’s
going to, it’s going to be Daniel Jones. Right? I would, uh,
all signs pointing to Daniel Jones. Giants return.
Yeah. Dwayne Haskins. How many games is he capable of winning in a row?
Well, he didn’t win last week or last last week against the Eagle buddy. He returns his
winning shirt. Give me the skins minus two and a half. Terry McLaurin. Can I have a field
day against the secondary? I do like Norris Jenkins.
Yeah. No longer on the, on the giants or on care
for comment. He’s going to be on the saints. He’s a, you know, don’t let the door hit you
on the way out. Haskins looks decent against, uh, you know, questionable
secondaries like the Eagles have. And you look, he looked kind of comfortable at home.
He was running around a little bit. Yeah. I mean, I think this is the week you,
you dust off the Haskins McLaren stack. Yeah, I threw that out there and DFS run. I did.
Uh, I didn’t, I didn’t end up sticking with Haskins as my quarterback, I don’t think.
But yeah, let’s, uh, let’s, let’s roll with the, uh, let’s roll with the, well, what,
well, actually let’s, let’s evaluate because what would, what’s better for the Kramer FML
tour tough. Oh, did you see no giants were selected to
the pro bowl. Why would they be, they have three wins.
I’m just throwing it out. If your team doesn’t win four games. Well, Eagle’s got the long
snapper to the pro bowl. My buddy pointed that out. He goes, how did they judge the
long snappers? That’s stupid. Is that the magician guy? [inaudible]
no, he had a heart defect. Ryan and he’s, he’s retired from league and he’s a great
guy. John Dorn boss. They said magician. They sent them to the farm. Yeah. All right.
What do you want me to do? Take the, give me the Redskins. Really? Yeah. They need this
traffic. Okay, so you’re rooting for the Redskins ride. Ah, I just, who cares? Football’s ridiculous.
Footballs are ridiculous. I’m taking over football. Ryan, don’t play football. No, I’m
not going to play football. I have all these sweet futures in my pocket. Sweet, sweet futures.
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help from promocode SGP. You get 20% off and free shipping that promo code, S G P Sean Pittsburgh. They’re heading to New York
to take on the jets. We’re coming off that Thursday night game. They are now a three
point home dog. One 45 on the Moneyline minus one 65 for the Steelers. 37 is the total.
Ah, are we quit and duck? I dunno. This is a,
this is weird, right? Could possible levy on bell revenge game. Ah, I dunno about that.
Yeah. Night duck Hodges. He’s a three point road favorite, but I think Pittsburgh is kind
of on the edge of being a playoff team. I think to me the most winning game for them.
Yeah. I think to me the difference here is the jets offensive line. I think the Steelers
are really going to be able to get pressure, create some turnovers. So yeah, give me, give
me a Pittsburgh minus three here. Yeah, I’ll stick with the chalk here too. I just, I dunno,
Adam gaze I what is, what does Adam, Adam Gay says the same drug or whatever. Magic
sorcery as lane Kiffin. How do these guys keep kitten jobs? Yeah, I mean you look at,
you look at Kenyon trick, you look at Devante Parker, you look
at Ryan Tannehill, these all guys that were just like, Oh, their boss, their bus. Meanwhile,
Adam Case was the bust all along. Right. It seems like at the very least, he’s the
limiting factor for him, for his team. So that’s never a good thing to say about your
head coach Cincinnati heads to Miami where the dolphins show him the tall, first of all.
Wow. What a game. What a game. You know what this means? This
means that, uh, if the giants lose one of these teams is not picking it ahead of them.
How is, how’s my hammy not minus three? How does the, sorry, minus one,
six and a half is the total. I don’t know. I mean, yeah, is balling out ma Dalton’s plan.
But, uh, I am Miami’s pine too. I mean, Miami’s look good, especially at home
and they were just smitten for Fitz magic. Yeah. Why not do you see that dude just running
around, getting his head knocked? Uh, knocked around? Let’s look at some of their recent
home games. They beat the jets 26th, 18. Uh, they lost the bills 37 to 20, but the bills
are way better than the bangles. Um, imagine, uh, I would imagine this game’s not going
on. One of the TVs almost beat the Redskins. That was, that was when they were really horrible
and then kind kinda went on a run. That’s not a strong endorsement. Almost beat the
Redskins. Yeah, but they covered [inaudible]. This feels like it should be three. How are
they not equal on a neutral field? I guess the dolphins defense is way worse, but I mean
Cincinnati’s also looked really bad. This is late in the season. Cincinnati has nothing
to play for. They just got their ass beat another in Miami. It’s high. They’re not focused
on football. Deal with Christmas. Miami has a chance of showing up. They’re not focused
on football. Carolina heads, the indie coming off. They didn’t get to pick their ride. My
office. Yeah. Okay. Carolina coming off the Indy or I’m sorry, Indy coming off Monday
night football hosting Carolina laying seven minus three 25 on the money line. Carolina
plus two 50 46 is the total. So this [inaudible]. All right, so my first
instinct was, well, this is a big number, but then I realized that will Grier starting
and they took an awful long time to go to him, which means he’s not ready to play the
national football league and they want to see what they have in him and they figure
that this is the best opportunity they’re going to have to get him those reps. and I
disagree. This defense just got embarrassed on the road. This defense is coming and now
they, they’re licking their chops because all you got to do is shut down. Mr McCaffrey,
please just once help me get that paper in the FFPC man event championship. Shut that
guy down. Uh, yeah. I’m going to lay the points here.
Yeah, I guess I, I guess I am show. I’m thinking a lot of chalk and I don’t feel great. Well,
you know what? Nah, I’ve talked way too much about [inaudible] or not to take care of line
a plus seven. I think he’s going to be checking down to McCaffrey a lot. Unfortunately for
you, Ryan, I do have been some DFS lineups. I think he’s going to be a bit of a PPR machine
this week because as we know, rookie quarterback, shitty quarterbacks, they love checking it
down to the running back. And why would you not check a town to Christian McCaffrey? Indy’s
getting T Y Hilton back, but that’s a, it’s a touchdown. I think India on the short week
too, and there’s still, there’s still kind of banged up gimme Carolina plus seven new
new blood at the quarterback position. And again, I’ve spoken way too much about [inaudible]
not to take him [inaudible] yeah, sources close to the situation. Say
he’s not ready to play. So I’m a, I’m going to fail.
You know what people tried to say that same thing about Greg ward. Right now it’s catching
game winning touchdowns destroying Matt Collins like the past three months of production in
one game. Okay.
Baltimore coming off the uh, coming off that thumping of the jets on Thursday night football.
They are 10 and a half point favorites against the Cleveland Browns in a revenge spot minus
four 95 on the Moneyline Cleveland plus three 55 48 is the total. Uh, this is a fucking
giant number, right? Yeah. You got to play that or pay that Lamar
tax. Yeah.
This is going to be the random thing, right? Baltimore’s going to win the Superbowl this
year, but the Browns fans are going to hold onto the fact that they beat him twice.
Well, shit, but I mean, Baltimore can’t lose this if they want to hang on to home field.
I don’t even think the number’s too big. It’s in Cleveland. The fans are going to get up
for this. Cleveland’s got nothing that like nothing else is going on again.
I’ll give Cleveland 10 and a half. I don’t know why, but I’ll take them. Yeah, it’s the
right shit. Nah, no. You know what? No, I’m, I’m, I’m wearing my head right now, but I’m
going, I’m going Ravens 10 and a half. I just switched it. Lamar is just an [inaudible]
mode. They’re coming off the long rest and Cleveland, I mean all that fighting on the
sideline that’s got to bleed into the game here and, and it’s a revenge game. Cleveland
won the first game. I think Baltimore numbers too big is their shit in Cleveland,
I think. I think we’re right that one of the teams is going to get up and I think it’s
going to be Cleveland. Baltimore has Pittsburgh next week. Dude. Like that. That’s, that’s
a bigger game for them honestly. Although they don’t seem to ever be down for games.
I think this could be a look head spot. Move into the afternoon spots. Detroit heads the
Denver where the Broncos are seven point favorites minus three 30 on the Moneyline Detroit plus
two 60 38 is the total. Oh boy. That’s a big number to lay with mr Locke, huh?
Yeah. No offense. Questionable. Uh, Phillip Linsey’s lost a little bit of his mojo, but
this Detroit defense, that’s a big number. Just been dog shit. Yeah. I mean I have to
pick one of these team. Do you take blow or do you take the Broncos who’ve shown a little
juice coming off a loss against this chief’s team, which is playing really well? Or do
you take this lion’s team, which has just been a mangled carcass just lying on the road.
It’s like a deer who got shot once and like looks up at you and like, please just kill
me, kill me. And they just extended Matt Patricia by saying he’s going to keep his job. That’s
gotta deflate any sort of hope lions fans had. I mean Blough outdoors on the road. Thank
you. Okay.
Denver minus seven and I think, I think Sutton has a big day. If Fayette plays, I think he’s
involved. This number’s too big. I can’t lay seven withdrew law. Can’t do it. Give me Detroit.
You’re crazy ride. Maybe. Maybe. But this, this may be the game for mr. blow. Oakland
heads to Los Angeles to face the chargers minus seven for the charges minus 300 superchargers.
Raiders plus two 50 45 is your total. Oh, well do they quit? The chargers quit when?
When did they mail it in? Well, they had seven turnovers and their season has been eliminated.
So, uh, or they’ve been eliminated from playoff contention. They’re going to quit now. Feels
like a decent time. They’ve been diluted. Who’s quitting harder?
[inaudible] that’s a good question. I’m taking the chargers.
This is what tissue is really. Yeah. Philip don’t quit supercharge. No he doesn’t. And
that’s probably the problem. Throwing interception after interception. He doesn’t know when to
pull out. He doesn’t know when to back out. He doesn’t, he doesn’t find a tight window
that he doesn’t try to thread a needle into. Ryan, if you’re catching my drift here, do
I hedge my season Oakland bet. I mean, I just came on not for the life of me. Take this,
uh, take this charge, this team. I don’t know what I was thinking last week, but I just,
I cannot have any more. Enjoy, enjoy Gruden in this, uh, in Derek Carr and, uh, the Oakland
Raiders, Dallas, the Dallas Cowboys, they had to Philadelphia
where I gotta be honest. This is the second line I circled and I said, well, this is just
wrong. Dallas is minus three question Mark. Minus one 50 on the Philly plus one 25 46
and a half is the total. I’m sorry, Y w I mean it should be three but why is it three
for the Cowboys? I have no idea. I mean, I’m missing it. I get it. The Eagles haven’t looked
amazing, but neither of the Cowboys like you watch that Cowboys team against the Rams.
Does that feel like the Cowboys team or kind of a, I’ve got a bet this, I’ve got to kind
of a little outlier as far as the data point and the Eagle’s defense has struggled, but
the past five games at home, Ryan, guess how many points they’re letting out per game?
A 1614 0.2 it was close. 14.2 points for game. The last time they let it more than 70 points
was 27 points to the Detroit lions. September 27th you have Doug Peterson. Doug Peterson
has flaws as a coach. First off, he’s better than Sean McVay, but secondly, he gets these
guys up for must-win games. He just does. Their backs are against the wall. Oh, Oh,
they’re going to go the distance against the Dallas Cowboys at home. This is great. No
one’s believing them. The public’s all over the Dallas Cowboys as a road favorite in December
in Philadelphia. Has there been disappointment in the city of brotherly love this year? Sure,
but when I looked at this schedule, this before the season started, I said, this division
is going to come down to this game and we got them right where they want them because
no one believes in the seals seat. Even they didn’t believe in their team two weeks ago
when they were down and out losing to the hapless fins, but then enter boss and Scott,
then enter Greg ward, then enter guys who actually give a shit and want to catch the
ball. Yeah. What a win for the city of brotherly love. What a bleed. Green and their defense.
Not horrible at home DEC, we haven’t even talked about Dakota rain and the pain will
re the rain falls mainly on the plane in Spain, but the pain falls mainly on rain this Sunday
had Lincoln. Fuck Mitchell feel. You think your shoulder hurts now deck, you think you
need an MRI now deck. See how you’re going to feel Sunday evening when we crush your
clavicle and your hopes of getting into the playoffs by beating the shit out of you. Go
birds. Just way too high. I thought it was, I honestly,
if I would have guessed this, I would’ve said all bias aside and Ryan, you know I can set
my bias aside probably minus two and a half is what I was going to be like. All right.
One and a half cause I thought they would adjust up off the Rams game cars and that’s
what this is. This line’s tow. This line tells me that Vegas thinks Carson one socks and
it’s a crazy number. I think this is in the books right here that we can put both of those
in a parlay for sure. This week. Arizona heads the Seattle where the Seahawks are minus nine
and a half minus four 50 on the money line. Arizona plus three 50 51 your total.
Okay. Are we really laying laying this many points
with this team? It’s frustrating. I don’t know if I want to be in the business plus
captain backdoor over here. It’s crazy to take Seattle minus nine and
a half, but Seattle owns Arizona in the same way that the rains kind of own Seattle and
either play really tight even when they’re not that good or when, when they shouldn’t.
When Seattle just little brothers, this Cardinal’s team and that’s what my, that’s what I’m scared
at. I’ll, I’ll, I’m going to give it to him cause when he points it’s a little too high
for how, yeah,
sneaky. Their offense has been and Arizona’s, I mean Kenyan Drake had four touchdowns, right.
I think what’s going to happen is they’re going to load the box. I am worried that Christian
Kercher isn’t going to play. He’s a guy that can eat a lot out of targets, catch some balls,
but I don’t know if the Seattle offense is explosive, explosive enough to lay none and
a half. Even at home. Yeah. Also, I mean we’ve seen Kyler look bad
at times. If he shows up in this game, I think the number’s plenty big for him to cover.
So let’s say, let’s take the points for, you know, you might want to shop around and find
yourself a 10 Sean. It feels like you could find a 10 Sunday night football. Kansas city
has the Chicago where you wouldn’t believe this, Sean, but the bears actually traded
up to draft Mitchell Dubiski over Patrick [inaudible] homes. I don’t know about that.
I doubt this would be a storyline for, and Chris, the Kansas city chiefs are laying six
points minus two 50 on the Moneyline bears plus 244 is the total. This is 100% the classic
bears randomly win. See, I think you definitely take the points here. We’ve seen this before.
Long grass of soldier field. Um, so in my head, Ryan, because my instincts
tell me the bear’s plus six, this is a great Andy Reed collapse game or way too close for
comfort game. But then I’m in my head and be like, well, if that’s your instinct, your
instincts have been sucking lately, go against your INSEAD. I’m going to just load up on
my gut. You don’t want some help though. Nine how
does 93% of the tickets, Oh, okay. See that’s always great when you
throw in something like that on the Kansas city chiefs throw, I mean they’re just telling
you the books are instructing you to throw them in your teas. What could go wrong? Yup.
Hm. They are [inaudible] anyway, right? It to
me, this, this game reeks and uh, I’m taking the bears, lock it up. Ryan, Monday night
football. Whoa. Monday night football, Kirk cousins on Monday night football against Aaron
Rogers. He’s really good in primetime though, right?
Vikings one is five and they still doing Monday night football and primetime, which by way
I mean booger McFarland is, is reaching legendary status.
I mean, I get it like, Oh, okay. You were just trying to circle some shit, but you legit
drew a Dick. Like as you’re drawing the Dick, you have to realize you’re drawing a Dick.
Right. Has he ever seen a Dick bugger McFarlane? Well, I mean clearly the Dixie you’ve seen
or are looking like fucking loon animals. All right. Vikings minus five minus two 40
on the Moneyline Packers plus 246 is your total.
Sorry Ryan. Just a clearing out the garage for the Brinks truck. We loaded a backup.
Packers wants 200 are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? I know Minnesota is good at
home, but this green Bay team just wins ugly. This is, they’re going to win this game. Can’t
price this like this. No, this is make it three so you can get even action. What are
you doing? I’m going to send a letter to my bookie. I, I feel bad
stealing their money. Wow. I, I, this is another game I think I have to bet right now. Right?
I mean, some people sprinkle the Moneyline as well. Some people may come to their senses
at some sort of Sportsbook aberrations and to sound taking both the dogs and the money
lines on the, on the primetime spots. All right, Sean, we got through it. I think we
both like Greenbay very clearly. Yes. Uh, do you want to go first or shall I go first?
You can go first. Well I told you it was, it was the number that popped off to me immediately.
Just felt wrong. Give me Tampa Bay plus three. Okay. As that’s your lock. That’s my lock
for my dog. Uh, yeah, it has to be. I, I apologize cause we’re going to pick the same dog this
week, but it has to be green Bay plus 200 in prime time. Okay. And I guess I could go
go Chicago, but uh, and from my, um, from my T’s, let’s, uh, God, you gotta be a maniac
to tease the chargers this week. Let’s go, uh, Colts professional team. They’ll get it
done. Let’s go down to one, right? Yeah. Yup. Let’s also tease,
Oh man, this is a tricky week. All right, let’s, let’s tease the Tampa Bay bucks up
to nine and let’s tease the Los Angeles. No, that’s crazy. Let’s, let’s chargers are winning
the game. Chargers minus one. Emeril maniac chargers. You started off by saying you’d
have to be crazy. Yeah. To take the trumpet. Eagle’s plus nine in there. Is that better?
I mean, you can, I’m not gonna advise you Ryan. Here are your, you’re your own man.
Let’s just stick with the charters. I’m feeling, I’m feeling dicey this week.
Feel in dicey. Slice it, dice it. Why do we lack it up?
[inaudible] what do I do here? I’ll give you, I’ll give
you the, I’ll save the bigger dog for the dog, but all right, I’m doing a little recalculating
here, Ryan for my LOC gimme green Bay plus five for my dog. Give me the Philadelphia
Eagles plus one 25 like, I mean dude, I’m even seeing like some two fifteens for that
Packers game as well. Like there’s some big numbers floating around to take the packages
to be Kirk cousins and prime time again. Just give it a shot. Philly comes home, they, they,
they’re going to beat the Cowboys. Cowboys fucking suck for my teas. Give me the 40 Niners
down to a half. Give me the Broncos down to one to try. It’s not winning the non-conference
road game here and for my final leg of the T’s.
[inaudible] Tampa Bay plus nine is that a, is that a solid
teas, chiefs or bears plus 12 or did I go Baltimore minus four and a half go Baltimore.
I’m going to Baltimore minus four and a half. They’re jugging or not. Keep it simple. Thank
you for participating in the spurs, Gannon and tigers and speaking of people participating
in this sports gambling podcast, I mean they’re literally giving you a guy’s thousands of
dollars. If someone gave you thousands of dollars, can you, can you at least just review
the iTunes? That’s all. That’s really all we’re asking and sign up for the free bowl
challenge where we’re just trying to give you your money that we easily could have kept
for ourselves. Probably should have. Probably, you know, I might, my wife’s Christmas gift
getting knocked down to a, you know, it was silver, now it’s Rose gold. Cubic zirconium
is in the mix, so I hope you’re happy people and of course signups.
Sports gambling, for the bowl challenge. Shout out to this latest review
headphones, five stars from 73 air bender. I put the headphones on while working out
to Tran out the muscle heads, groaning and moaning and acting like superstars to hear
you swear and add comedy. It’s priceless. Keep up the great work. I will always listen.
Yes, this was, this review was helpful and it’s really helpful when you guys support
the sports gambling podcast hashtag DJ is only taking over one more for participating
in the spurs. Gannon and Pacas and for the sports gave me packets. I’m shot a stack in
the money green and he is Ryan. Sean, I’m going to throw out a bonus parlay for our
clients. Oh my God. Is that okay? Are we on board? Go for Tampa Bay on the money with
Greenbay who pays plus six 35 it’s a double dog salute.
Kramer, let it rad.

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