[Weekly Idol EP.367] LABOUM HAEIN , dancing and volleyball

[Weekly Idol EP.367] LABOUM HAEIN , dancing and volleyball

(Between Us- Laboum) (Their sexiness is slowly coming) (Dreamlike sexiness is too much) (Military officers, gather around) (Laboum is here!) (Oops) It got slower (Their look changed to the tempo) (It’s no problem for us) (Warming up is done) (Oh, please) (But they soon get used to the tempo) (For them it’s no problem) (But not for Haein) (The front line is doing its best
to cover up the incident) Good job (Warning- too sexy) I’m sure the viewers are excited (Because of these two) (Perfect harmony) (Wow, awesome) (1, 2, 1, 2) This is the original tempo (Dreamlike sexy never stops) Why this part? (Yujeong is in trouble) Yujeong Oh, Yujeong (These two are doing their best) Look at Haein’s eyes Yujeong (Look at Yujeong) She’ll have a cramp (Frozen) (Sexy) (Now these two are working hard) Good 2X faster (Busy) (They get used to the fast tempo) Good What’s going on? (Deja vu?) (Haha) Haein What? (Haein made mistakes 2 times) (The original tempo to keep them safe) (They came to themselves) (2X faster again) (Good job, Laboum) (Slap) It hurt me (We love you, girl) It hurt me Hold on What’s going on here? (Messy) Sorry (She’s pretending she’s fine) ZN, are you alright? (Sorry) Let’s go somewhere (Don’t get involve in scraps) They hurt me Look at my belly (She’s telling on) I thought they were volley ball players Spike! (Powerful spike) (Scary spike) (ZN, are you alright?)

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  1. So great my girls ? They did a really great job ??

  2. why did they played this game twice?

  3. yujeong looks amazing in this comeback! her visuals are so unique

  4. Soyeon is really pretty

  5. They make me smile

  6. Omg Haein that was quite the slap XD

  7. I'm so happy they are back here again <3

  8. Their reaction and expressions are just so adorable. I can't stop smiling from ear to ear everytime Haein got pointed out ?

    And my poor ZN, that sounds quite powerful ?

  9. Love the outfits

  10. Haein why you so cute and sexy at same time? ?

  11. Going✈️Haein lane

  12. lol ..Haein always makes tiny mistakes..I'm amazed by their beauties..all are stunning in their own right

  13. haein is so competitive lmao

  14. lmfao the smack heard round the world to poor ZN. i cant xD

  15. Soyeon is so beautiful :((

  16. solbin is just another whole level of beauty!! omg i’m stunned


  18. Laboum's ranking for variety shows should by like this: 5. ZN, 4.Solbin, 3. Yujeong, 2. Soyeon, 1. Haein. After watching all the cuts, I noticed that Haein is really the best suited for variety shows, yet they only push for Solbin. Their company is making a potential variety queen go to waste. Their company CEO should sell his kidney to have Haein on some mainstream variety show, she just needs one chance.

  19. all so beautiful! Laboum

  20. thats a great song indeed

  21. i'm happy, laboum on weekly idol ?

  22. Omg Haein, I only see you

  23. OMG haein is so cute .. ???

  24. They're all so gorgeous, they're good singers, good dancers and so charismatic I really don't know why they are not sucessful. But they're doing really well and this song is pretty catchy Fighting Girls!!!

  25. Thanks you Weekly idol ?
    Go go Laboum!! Solbin ❤

  26. They killed it ?????

  27. when haein almost fell i remembered the scene on the unit where she fell because of the heels ??

  28. No soy Latte, pero aprecio mucho a Laboum
    En este comeback he estado siguiendo detenidamente sus promociones y me recuerdan mucho a Fiestar, como Let's siento mucha nostalgia al ver a Laboum :"D❤

  29. 3:50 I’m confused… did they slap hands or did they slap her tit?

  30. Linapastangan si ZN ???

  31. they could film a perfume cf with no problem??

  32. omg haein soyeon, i want to be soyeon

  33. haein sangat manusiawi ya

  34. hahaha zn cencored

  35. Where is the volleyball?

  36. Talented and stunning!

  37. 3:38 xD andaba muy agresiva tremendo manotaso que le dio.???

  38. Please stream the song from laboum channel. Dont sleep on them

  39. I feel like their characteristics alike to k actress, I love them, Laboum Members!

  40. Hein: Wae wae wae ?

  41. When ZN was reacting about the pain, the leader is secretly being byuntae hahahahah!!!


    Im so excited cause im new to them and i love them hehe

  43. They need to be in variety shows more TT

  44. i'm so glad they're back in this show, they look like they had so much so i'm really happy for them :-;

  45. Haein is soooooo BEAUTIFUL.. like, oh my gosh, I can't believe my eyes!!!!

  46. Haein is soooooo BEAUTIFUL.. like, oh my gosh, I can't believe my eyes!!!!

  47. Can't see why a group who has a Taeyeon-like voice, a Do Bong Soon, and three other goddesses are so underrated.


  49. The lady mc is so lucky since shes lesbian

  50. short haired girl is so pretty

  51. Why Military Officers? ????

  52. The captions got me deadT

  53. Haein you're so hot baby ?


  55. Umm…how many Soyeon are there in Kpop right now?

  56. They are all talented and beautiful they deserved more ??? I listen to this song always ?

  57. ZN face look like Nayeon..agree?

  58. 0.35 name song ? I dunno know, help me pls

  59. jajajajajaj I'm sure viewers are excited for this two jajajajja Yes!!!

  60. Soyeon is my biassss!!!

  61. Warning: too sexy ????

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