Weekly Recap #388 December 6th – Destiny 2’s Season of the Dawn, Blade & Soul Will of Iron, & More!

Weekly Recap #388 December 6th – Destiny 2’s Season of the Dawn, Blade & Soul Will of Iron, & More!

It looks like Browser MMOs are trying to make
a comeback, Destiny 2 announces a new season of content, why not dual axes in Blade & Soul
and lets hope I don’t die from this cold. Whats good everyone! JamesBl0nde here with your weekly recap for
gaming news and announcements for the week of December 6 2019. We missed you last week and this week is short
and sweet and if you haven’t noticed already I’m a bit under the weather so turn up the
volume and pardon the sick jamesbl0nde voice, let’s get right to it. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a game
like this announced… Gameforge has announced the launch of its
browser-friendly strategy MMO Ultimate Pirates, complete with a cheesy trailer that you see
playing here. It’s a strategy MMO where you play the role
of a pirate, expanding your naval empire and joining up with others in alliances to take
down creatures. It also features real time PVP which is a
little unusual for a strategy game that plays in your browser. Check out more in the description below. The next season of content is about to begin
in Destiny 2! The Season of Dawn begins on December 10 and
runs through March 9. All Destiny 2 players will be able to get
free Seasonal Rank rewards, including the new Seasonal Armor set Righteous, the new
Scout Rifle Symmetry, and participate in a new storyline to assist Osiris in restoring
the timeline. There’s also a brand new six-player activity
called the Sundial, but you’ll have to own a Season Pass for that. Maybe not too late to add that to your Christmas
list if you’re a free player? It’s been a crazy holiday season over at Riot
it seems. Last week they announced Aphelios, a brand
new champion with a very ‘unique’ kit that involves five different weapons, each with
its own different attack, plus an off hand. Weapons are cycled through based on ammo so
there’s no picking and choosing, and Aphelios only has three abilities (his Q, W, and R). It’s… a lot to take in, but at least this
trailer’s cool! Remember that WWE crossover with Brawlhalla
a month ago? Well Brawlhalla’s at it again with another
crossover, this time with the animated cartoon series Steven Universe! The new “Epic Crossover” has begun and makes
Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Stevonnie playable characters. The event also includes a Bubble Tag game
mode, which is a 3v3 match that involves bubbling your enemies (and breaking out your allies)
to win. Next up, Blade & Soul is about to launch its
next major update, Will of Iron. This new update introduces a new sidestory
that rewards a special Silversteel Costume. There’s also a brand new six player dungeon
called Hangar Zero, where Kolossos Prime awaits. Destroyers will also get their third specialization,
featuring alchemy based abilities and more importantly, double axes! Will of Iron hits the servers on December
11. Feeling like a superhero? I feel like allergy man right now. DC Universe Online has launched its latest
free update, Episode 36: Metal Part II. This update delivers the conclusion of a long
running storyline involving the Dark Multiverse, including single-player and multi-player content
set on a new open-world map. There’s new rewards to collect, and for a
limited time, you can also play these quests without worrying about your level. Looking for something to do this weekend? Fractured is holding an open alpha test weekend,
starting today and running into Monday and anyone who’s registered can play during this
stress test. Players can test out features including character
creation, the knowledge system, visit new areas, and more. Details are down in the description below. Also in beta testing this weekend is KartRider:
Drift! That’s right, Nexon is bringing back the classic
kart racing MMO and is running a special closed beta until Sunday at 5pm Pacific. KartRider’s closed beta will feature character
and kart customization, plus three race types: Speed Mode, Item Mode, and Time Attack Mode. This time KartRider is cross-platform and
even Xbox One gets in on the beta this weekend, so check it out! And finally, it’s time for our Deals of the
Week! To kick us off there are four games up to
play for free this weekend on Steam: the historical strategy game Imperator: Rome, the car-racing
MMO The Crew 2, the multiplayer survival game Miscreated, and finally Goat of Duty… yep,
I said Goat of Duty, which is apparently a goat-based FPS! Free on the Epic Store this week is the highly
rated exploration RPG Jotun. Finally since this is a new month there’s
a whole bunch of new stuff on Twitch Prime! This month’s free games are Hue, Hover, Sherlock
Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter, Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove! and Ski Lifts Go Wrong. Other new loot on Twitch Prime this week includes
a mystery skin for League of Legends, the Divine Cosmetic Bundle for Path of Exile,
the Cold Crush Weapon Skin for Dauntless, and the Ember Warframe for Warframe! There’s a lot to check out so make sure you
hit up the description for the full list. But with that said that’s about it for all
the major news and announcements for this week for more information on the news topics,
check the links in the description below, feel free to discuss the news or even more
news in the comments below and don’t forget to like, subscribe, hit that little bell icon
to get notifications and of course share this video! But until next time guys that’s going to
be it for me… I’m JamesBl0nde… see ya out there gamers!

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