Weekly Recap #389 December 13th – Corepunk, Mortal Online 2, Temtem announced & more!

Weekly Recap #389 December 13th – Corepunk, Mortal Online 2, Temtem announced & more!

The powerful god Heimdallr appears in Smite
as a Hunter, Both Hearthstone and Gwent show off their new expansions, Look out for this
new top-down sci-fi ARPG called Corepunk, and I wonder if you can still make clothes
out of your enemies skin in Mortal Online 2. Whats good everyone! JamesBl0nde here with your weekly recap for
gaming news and announcements for the week of December 13 2019. I’m finally getting over my cold but I figured
I’d keep the softer approach to the voiceover, or at least somewhere in between. It seems like Christmas has come a bit early
so we’re kicking off this week with a few new MMO announcements. First up is Corepunk! Corepunk is a top-down sci-fi ARPG with quite
a bit of difference from the usual MMO formula. The game features an open world with rich
environments, and a non-linear story which means you can take on quests in any order
you choose. Each hero has a unique fighting style and
abilities, which can be specialized further through attributes, talents, and artifacts. Corepunk boasts it will have an extensive
economy around crafting and trading, a fog-of-war system to keep you guessing about what’s ahead
(or behind), strategic PvP, and all the usual MMO trappings. We’ll be able to get our hands on beta in
late 2020. New MMO announcements are a rarity these days
so let’s roll on to a second one: Mortal Online 2. This is a promised sequel to the original
Mortal Online by Star Vault. Like the original, it will be an open world
sandbox with full PvP and full loot for those of you who love the hardcore PvP fights. Mortal Online 2 also promises a crafting system
with over a million combinations, intense first person combat, hundreds of skills to
choose from in an open, level-less format, and much more. It’s set to launch in late 2021 but will be
in Early Access soon. Next up in the new game lineup is Temtem! Some of you have probably heard of Temtem
before: it’s a Pokemon-style MMO where you collect, train, and evolve creatures in a
fantasy world. It’s about as close to a Pokemon MMO as we’re
probably going to get! Anyway the team behind Temtem has announced
that it will enter early access on January 21. The game already has dozens of monsters, twenty
hours of a core storyline, and many of the features Pokemon players love like shiny hunting
and PvP. There’s lots more still in development too
including player housing so definitely keep an eye out on this one. And there’s also a free game releasing this
week – Ylands. While it’s not technically an MMO, it’s more
like a social gaming world where you can create and monetize your own games. Or if you don’t feel creative, you can just
go play other people’s games! It’s available for Steam, Xbox and Mobile
so if you’re interested check out the link below. Some of you have been waiting a while for
it, and now it’s here – Dauntless has officially launched on the Nintendo Switch! Yes the definitive monster hunting MMO can
now be played on the Switch in addition to PS4, PC, and Xbox One and it has crossplay
so you don’t have to worry about losing your progress on any platform. There’s a free new cosmetic pack in the Nintendo
eShop if you’ve got a Switch too, so it’s worth grabbing that even if you plan on playing
on a different platform. Alongside the Switch launch, Dauntless has
also launched its new Stormchasers expansion, which includes the fearsome new Behemoth Malkarion,
the Escalation challenge, and of course new gear to forge. Speaking of large and dangerous creatures
– Hearthstone has launched its Descent of Dragons expansion this week. The biggest card in this expansion is Galakrond,
a resurrected proto-dragon that comes in a different type for five different classes. Galakrond can be upgraded during a match using
new cards and the new Invoke keyword, upgrading him to a deadly force if your opponent doesn’t
stop you in time. The expansion also introduces sidequests and
a new Legendary quest to match with the theme. Another card game also got an expansion this
week – GWENT released its Merchants of Ofir expansion. Ofir is an exotic land in the world of The
Witcher, and this update adds over 70 new cards including neutral cards for use on all
factions. It also introduces the new Stratagem card
type, which offers a unique bonus when players first go into a match, and Scenarios, an artifact
card subtype which changes based on your actions. If you log in before December 16th , you can
get a free five cards from this deck. Pretty nice gesture if you aren’t going to
buy a deck pack right away. For the SMITE fans, a new Hunter has arrived
– Heimdallr. The Norse god uses two axes and can fight
both in ranged and Melee, and is classed as a hunter. Heimdallr can gain visions of enemy gods,
giving him great map control and also boosting his physical power while they’re in vision. He can also summon the Bifrost bridge to traverse
the map. Of course there’s plenty of changes in any
patch so make sure to check the link below for more info. If you’re a fan of the more classic anime-style
MMO, NosTale has launched its Act 7 update this week which they boast is the largest
to date. Titled “The Orcs and the Celestial Spire”,
the update introduces the new area of Moritius Island, which has a total of 17 new maps. The story here revolves around the prophecy
of an Orc tribe, and to solve these new quests players can learn new passive skills, craft
new equipment, and enhance their gear with the new Rune and Tattoo systems. There’s also three new raid battles so prepare
to be at your best! The first part of the Act 7 update was launched
this week but NosTale will launch the second part soon after the new year. MapleStory 2 also updated with its Kritias
expansion this week. This is a major new expansion that adds 23
new areas, raises the level cap from 70 to 99, and expands the game’s main story. It also introduces new Mastery skills, the
new world events Legion Battle and Gigantica, and much much more. Over on Xbox One, Vigor has begun its first
season. Titled Preppers, the season launched with
the 1.2 update this week! The update introduces new tools including
the Contact Bomb, Transmitter, and Alarm Trap; plus new weapons, challenge types, and other
quality of life improvements. One of the biggest things in this update is
the introduction of the Battle Pass, which gives rewards for XP earned – there’s one
available for everyone, in addition to a Premium Pass for those who want more. And of course, Vigor’s also getting in the
Christmas spirit, so prepare for snow and holiday cheer. Other military shooters are also loading up
their last updates of the year. Armored Warfare has introduced the cinematic
style “Last Patriot” Battle Path, which features 50 missions and plenty of American-Pride rewards
including some rather unique tank skins. Meanwhile World of Warships has introduced
ship building, along with a host of Christmas activities and freebies for players. Crossout is also getting in the Christmas
spirit with a few new winter-themed events plus a brand new PvP map. But with that said that’s about it for all
the major news and announcements for this week for more information on the news topics,
check the links in the description below, feel free to discuss the news or even more
news in the comments below and don’t forget to like, subscribe, hit that little bell icon
to get notifications and of course share this video! But until next time guys that’s going to
be it for me… I’m JamesBl0nde… see ya out there gamers!

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