Weekly Recap #390 December 20th – Magic: Legends, Warframe, Black Desert Online & More!

Weekly Recap #390 December 20th – Magic: Legends, Warframe, Black Desert Online & More!

Force your brutal army to celebrate christmas
in Kingdom Under Fire 2, Black Desert Online gives us a tease on its new guardian class. EverQuest and EverQuest 2 are still popping
out new expansions and whaaaaatt??? Is that a first of its kind Magic: The Gathering
MMORPG? Whats good everyone! JamesBl0nde here with your weekly recap for
gaming news and announcements for the week of December 20 2019. Well last week ended with the Game Awards
and of course there were some new announcements there that happen to squeak past last weeks
news recap. One of those big announcements was the reveal
of Magic: Legends, made by Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment. This is the first real MMO in the Magic: The
Gathering universe and is described as an action RPG MMO. There aren’t many details beyond this right
now but we’re supposed to get more details in January, and beta is supposed to start
in 2020. This is super exciting, take the time to watch
this amazing trailer, gave me goosebumps. In other cool anouncements, Warframe has launched
its Empyrean update, introducing the Railjack battleship – a fully customizable spaceship
used in all new Empyrean missions and battles. The Railjack is designed specifically to offer
a 4 player co-op experience though solo players will be able to enjoy it too. This ship features new powers like Cloaking
Fields and Void Holes to help avoid contact with enemies, and also enables some special
powers for Warframes themselves. The update also introduces some new systems
like Intrinsics, Avionics, and other ship systems. Empyrean is live on PC already but will land
on consoles a little later. But speaking of expansions, Skyforge has also
launched an expansion this week. Titled “Rock and Metal” this update introduces
a brand new dungeon, the Toxic Wasteland. The Firestarter, Soundweaver, and Grovewalker
classes can collect some new weapons in the Black Metal collection. And everyone can unlock the brand new Elder
God form, the Aspect of Vengeance, a master of bows, plasma cannons, and lightning. Still not caught up? Check out the new trailer and site post at for all the details. Another fantasy MMO is also making a big announcement
– Black Desert Online has offered a teaser of their new class, the Guardian. This will be the 19th class for BDO, and it’s
a female fighter who uses a battle axe and a shield to charge into battle. She follows the will of an ancient dragon
and is in search of a holy flame that could kill even the gods – yikes! With skills like Boulder Crush, Mountain Slam,
Black Blood Slaughter, and Mutilation, she means business. You can pre-register your Guardian on December
24, ahead of her launch date on January 22. Speaking of fantasy MMOs… both EverQuest
and EverQuest 2 have launched new expansions We’ve lost count of how many they have! EverQuest has released Torment of Velious,
where the theme is a new strain of virus appearing in the icy north and turning things into zombies. EverQuest 2 meanwhile has released Blood of
Luclin, the land is being invaded by snake-people who come from the moon. Both expansions feature new quests, zones,
achievements, and bumps to level caps so if you dig the nostalgia, go grab one or both
of these expansions and get to work. If you’re looking to try a new action shooter,
Veterans Online has begun its early access period. This one’s free to play and it’s a little
unique because it’s a top-down twin-stick shooter, rather than first or third person
like most F2P shooters out there these days. Veterans Online is 5v5 and has two game modes
currently, Territory Control and Capture the Flag. Characters are also customizable with skins,
mounts, tags, taunts, and more. You can find out more in the link below. Another shooter to check out is Ironsight,
which is now available on Steam. Ironsight is a sci-fi shooter published by
gamigo and has been in Advanced Open beta for a while now so it’s good to see it finally
rolling out to a platform like Steam. Alongside getting new Steam players though,
Ironsight has also launched a new update which adds two new maps – “Station” and “Discovery”. The update also introduces a Capture the Flag
mode which will be available for the first time on the new Station map. There’s also a new assault rifle and a tactical
drone to try out on your enemies. Kingdom Under Fire 2 is rolling out its first
content update, coming with all the trappings of Christmas events – but it also brings
a few new things that aren’t holly or jolly. The game’s first 16-player raid is now live,
sending players to the peak of Scourged Mountain. Completing this raid will unlock five new
troop types. During this time you can also raid a Treasure
Goblin’s nest, and enjoy a 100% gold boost until January 7. Another strategy MMO, Conqueror’s Blade, also
released a new update this week. Called “Wrath of the Nomads”, the update introduces
three new battlefields – Allenburg, Emerald River, and Cliff Duel. Plus there are six new units introduced in
this season. Called the Sons of the Steppes, these focus
on nomadic warriors who include archers and several cavalry units. Plus there are new matchmaking, ranking, title,
and challenge features that launch with this update. For all the info check out the link in the
description. Finally, Star Conflict is facing a new alien
invasion in its latest update. This special event called “A New Threat” has
aliens launching a major offensive in open space, and it’s up to players to fight back
before the aliens conquer their territory. They’re bringing their most terrible ships,
including a Destroyer that, according to the patch notes, may take “several hours to destroy”. Bring plenty of ammo! Players will be rewarded with new seed-chips,
randomized modules that will further buff a starship. There’s also some new starships to claim and
a new brawl to try. And one final announcement in the news, as
a heads up, it’s Christmas and New Year’s holidays so the MMOHuts team and myself will
be out for the next two weeks so this will be the last recap of 2019. Keep a look out at for more content
during the break and we’ll have a new recap ready for you guys on January 10th! But with that said that’s about it for all
the major news and announcements for this week for more information on the news topics,
check the links in the description below, feel free to discuss the news or even more
news in the comments below and don’t forget to like, subscribe, hit that little bell icon
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be it for me… I’m JamesBl0nde… see ya out there gamers!

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