Weirdest Disney Christmas Movies (GAME)

Weirdest Disney Christmas Movies (GAME)

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  1. I’ve seen the Ultimate Christmas Present, I knew immediately

  2. She seems soo pure… Hope disney dont ruin this one

  3. Santa forgot to wrap…nice

  4. She looks so uncomfortable

  5. love the title of the game 😀

  6. That girl has less personality than a balloon horrible ep. and who ever suggested this ep should have an eye kept on them for a few years.

  7. Das a good picture ?

  8. At 1:45 sounds like she was going to say " I had to f***." But she stoped herself.

  9. Can we just talk about Rowan’s laugh?

  10. I don't think she likes Rhett and link, she looks so uncomfortable

  11. I honestly thought she was lil tay

  12. She laughs so weirdly

  13. NOT to be mean or anything but her laughs sounds kind of funny :} 9:05

  14. Santa 4got 2 wrap his "present"…?????

  15. *My twin sister and me

  16. 9:08 omg her laugh ? ?

  17. I was so sure that first one was not real

  18. When I was growing up, only Rowan I knew was Atkinson, now I feel old.

  19. Rowan: HAHAHAHA
    Her thoughts: Why am i alive

  20. Lol this girl is on ecstasy

  21. The movies didn’t make me feel old, realizing she’s a 2000s kid did me in ??

  22. Her laugh is so weird

  23. Is it just me or is Rowan really cute? From her excitement in more about cats, to her chuckles, like everything!

  24. 9:52 she has know idea what Rhett was talking about?

  25. Oooooooooooooh my gosh Riley Mathews

  26. 10:59 that beard guy was like is she ok?

  27. Oh my god her laugh at 9:04

  28. She’s grown so much since girl meets world

  29. I have never heard of her before but she's adorable! I bet she had fun. Great episode!

  30. Imagine… You are a 17 year old girl and two near 40 year old men ask you if you want to come to their “studio”.

  31. That mannequin in the first movie looked creepy but why didn’t it turn into a mom

  32. A quick google search tells me that she's 17.

  33. this episode is so wholesome

  34. notice how she does not understand rhetts jokes

  35. theres a twighlight zone episode thats exactly the same concept as the manniquin.

  36. Everyones talking about how awkward Rowan seemed, but can we talk about the absolute look of murder in her eyes she had when Rhett said "You had to eat other children to work for Disney"

  37. I feel for her nervousness?

  38. The holly molly sounds like a different version of the the 13th year


  40. I think she’s super cute, just super nervous and awkward, which I can totally relate to!

  41. Who is this person?

  42. I’ve watched the ultimate Christmas present but I didn’t realize it was a Disney movie

  43. Rowan is interesting

  44. at about 1:48 it sounded like Rowan was gonna say I had to F!#K

  45. I hate this girl.

  46. I’ve seen the ultimate Christmas present as soon as I heard weather machine I was like “OH YEP”

  47. So glad she didn't get Rhetts comment…. 10:00 AHAHA

  48. I totally watched that first film when i was a kid ?

  49. I saw that snowstorm movie

  50. Rohan has such a weird laugh?

  51. Sorry but that laugh….

  52. 9:58 Rowen is so confused ?

  53. 10:02 she has a 10 second trip

  54. I love Rowans laugh

  55. Why are they all Christmas themed?

  56. Mick and Nicky wouldn’t share DNA as they wouldn’t have come from one egg. They are a boy and a girl

  57. Lmao 11:06 she almost dropped an f bomb “you know what fu—…mickey”

  58. 1:47 what did she say??

  59. Girl meets Rhett and Link

  60. 1:47–1:50
    Rowan Blanchard
    “I had to ____”. What do you guys think she said

  61. Rowan: I'm competitive… I was on Disney Channel
    Also Rowan: Let me give you the answers Link?

  62. I saw A Mom for Christmas and Miracle Down Under (called Bushfire Moon in Australia) when I was a kid, knew both as soon as Rhett gave the first line of each description.

  63. Rowan was very awkward. Can't decide if she is naturally anxious or just found Rhett and Link very weird. The fake laughs, man. The fake laughs. ?

  64. 11:05 almost with the F bomb, lol.

  65. Did link make fun of Asians in the beginning?

  66. OR see her as Riley Matthews on Girl Meets World (which I love btw ☺)

  67. That premise is the video game beyond two souls

  68. Joke of the day, if you find your twin sister on 23 and me, don’t contact her


  70. the fact that rowan didnt get that wrap joke made the joke funnier

  71. bruh she's adorable

  72. Shes so awkward its kinda cute

  73. wasn't she also on girl meets world???

  74. No clue who this chick is

  75. oh my god i remember that santa weather control movie too

  76. She could see all the answers.. I can't no one noticed this…

  77. I remember the ultimate Christmas present

  78. Awe her laugh is unfortunate

  79. A mom for Christmas is my favorite Christmas movie for Disney it is incredible one of my favorites it is top 3

  80. Girl meets world!!!!! Invisible sister!!!!!!!!!!

  81. I remember "A Mom for Christmas"

  82. Are you from girl meet world and play raily

  83. Hey – where is "Splitting Up Together"? I liked that show!

  84. haha such nervous laughter she got XD. I do not blame her though, sitting there between two handsome men ;). hehe.

  85. Here’s the problem with this.
    All of the difficult ones aren’t even DCOMs. A Mom For Christmas played on NBC, for example. Disney channel original movies are movies started in 1997 with Under Wraps being the first and they aired on DISNEY CHANNEL. There were tons they could’ve chosen from but those ain’t it, boo.

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