Welcome To New World

Welcome To New World

Yeah so I’ll try and keep this bit short. I want to keep following new world and put
a lot of effort into keeping people informed on the game because it seems like it’s going
to be the next really big title to be released and they’re finally starting to actually drop
content and talking about the game so it’s actually possible to do now. So what I wanted to say about the dev diary
after thinking it over a little…I have my reservations about New World and this new
direction of the game, I think I could talk about that all day and speculate as to what’s
going to happen but it’s not really worth hashing it out over and over until we actually
get confirmation of how the game works and plays because right now it’s a few words in
an interview with a few different game coverage websites and that’s not enough to talk with
any kind of authority on what the final product is going to be like…So let’s just talk about
what we know. We know that they’ve stopped even calling
the game a sandbox as a description, stopped calling it a survival game, it’s now just
an open world game. So deduct from that what you will. The other massive thing is holy shit does
this game look impressive….Just from a world building perspective and aesthetics, the armor,
the creatures, the enviroments and how different each enviroment looks…Wow, they’ve absolutely
nailed it. They’ve definitely embraced that mysticism
that was rumoured and less of a focus in the game before and dialed it up to 11. The dynamic or enviromental story, whatever
they’re wanting to call it, as a concept is looking really great. The whole neutral energy source that makes
good people great and bad people evil, the evil army spreading towards you and fighting
back for control over the land….That’s really cool. I’ve been playing mmorpgs for a very long
time and something games have always tried to promise and failed to deliver is this concept
of a world that is at war with you dynamically. The vast majority of mmorpg that try this
just has scripted areas which rarely change except by phasing and not really changing
the world as it goes…And it’s usually just really easy to deal with. Just something to pretend the
world is alive. So I’m skeptical that amazon’s system will
be any different, timed instanced sieges, just areas nearby that are difficult and get
more difficult the further in you go….But if it isn’t? If it is dynaamic, if it is a living breathing
world that is against us…That could make the game have a lot of playability and community
aspect. I just feel like since it has popped up seemingly
as a gameplay aspect overnight, like I feel like my expectations and my imagination is
way better than it is ever going to be. I actually think that’s the problem for new
world with me now in general. I got so excited about the fact it was going
to be a AAA funded and developed sandbox game
and now they’re showing me this fucking amazing game world and character models, with amazing
visuals and just a perfect setting and all I can think is all the cool things they could
do with it and how amazing a sandbox gaame would be in this setting and then remember,
oh it’s not a sandbox anymore apparently. Which is the sobering knock back to reality
my brain needs. Honestly though it’s really hard to look at
this game just visually and not waant to play it…The world looks absolutely one of the
best I’ve seen in a game, it doesn’t have that glossy, shiny look of the best looking
mmorpgs we currently have most of which are korean, it looks gritty and real but the magical
areas look magical…I don’t know if I could make it make sense but it just looks fantastic. I feel like if they nail a feeling of living
in this world, being a part of it, having a job and a community, the game looks will
definitely seal the deal and make you want to keep playing. Having said all that…Please for the love
of god amazon. Show us some fucking gameplay. You know that to date, amazon game studios
has never to my knowledge released actual gameplay of the game. So all we had was that alpha footaage, from
over a year ago and now the game isn’t even apparently the same and it’s much different…So
as much as I love the typical generic, here is billy from the art department saying his
line, just show us some gameplay guys. It’s like 5 months out from beta and we haven’t
got a gameplay trailer yet and the gameplay you’ve shown us is like, 1.4 seconds of a character walking and looking at something. Repeat that 15 times through a 4 minute video
with different enviroments. That’s all we’re allowed to see 5 months out? You know if this was an indie company and
not amazon, people would be very skeptical on this topic. The game is up for pre-order now, show us
the game guys, please. Alright hope you guys enjoyed the video, like,
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  1. im missing the sandbox allready and the free world pvp :c

  2. they say about 1000 players pr server, and wanna increase that number.. but they better make "pve / Pvp " servers.. i dont wanna be on a server where you freely can turn pvp on or off

  3. I agree with your idea about having a zone be open to PVP with increased rewards compared to "safe zones", kind of like Wintergrasp or Tol Borad in WoW. The game looks cool. I'm reserving my hype until I can see more in-game combat. If they can't top BDO combat, i will probably only dabble in this game for a month or two when it releases.

  4. I had a shitty computer at the time of Alpha and it ran really good.. We will see how performance is with new updates

  5. Asherons call did a great job of keeping the world dynamic and constantly changing with the storyline

  6. I heard ppl on the alpha saying it ran like butter.

  7. Why did they scrap the survival sandbox mmo feel? Couldn’t they do that and the direction they’re taking it now?

  8. Thanks a lot for the video I was looking forninto

  9. rift team should leave the dev team come here. But fact that sandbox term in this game is gone that tells you everything

  10. Perhaps I take back what is said, I actually like the idea of pve forces pushing back in a dynamic way. That would be equal to PvP if done well.
    I'm kinda conflicted.

  11. Man, if any of the people up in arms over the toggle being there use it, they should be shamed to no end by their peers, lol. I would hope that those who REALLY want to open world PvP would leave it on 100% of the time.

  12. Hope u get better soon

  13. They may not say Sandbox, but their website sure indicates it. They may have a more linear story

  14. almost 6k sub, keep it up Kira and YOU….yes YOU……sub to this channel….`NOW !!!

  15. Have they said anything about monetization? I saw it on steam the other day and it was quite cheap, it even made me consider pre-ordering, but even if it is from Amazon the fear of P2W lingers.

  16. Combat is horrible – there are no skills in game , such thing would work in in Conan Exile, but definitely not for mmo type of games.

  17. they need to get there act together.. sandbox game then not a sandbox game… they are taking preorders now are they going to make it sandbox down the line again? hardly any gameplay shown at all. dont get me wrong i like the idea of this game when they said about the pve mode what came into my head was dragon age with the horde. i guess time will tell but i need more info then just a small movie clip and little gameplay. lets just hope they dont do an ash of creation…

  18. I think they did upset the niche of hardcore survival MMO fans, i think it's important to understand that it does look like a decent MMO

  19. Why you talking like you know information? if you played alpha you would know there is no way that the corrutive areas will be opt out pvp, why dont you just wait for clarification before talking crap.

  20. for me, i avoid force pvp game as best as i can; i rather they just do a battleground instead queue up or not

  21. Audio is messed up for the video you're watching.

  22. Your understanding of beta and releases is pretty messed up. On another video you said a closed beta and then release in 8 months os nothing. No time to do anything. 8 months is a lot of time to do a lot. Even 3 months. 2 months. We dont live in the 2001 anymore. Engines speed things up a lot. As in, how fast u can do stuff. Okay ones at least.

  23. i know that LotR is a AAA funded mmo, but are you sure New world is AAA funded too?

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