Welcome To Paradise – Fight Of The Living Dead S2 (Ep 1)

Welcome To Paradise – Fight Of The Living Dead S2 (Ep 1)

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  1. Ksi literally ended jake and Logan’s careers loll

  2. Youtubers: We need something original our content is stale and repeative.

    Youtuber: Hold my beer.

  3. This is worse than AIDS….

  4. How did you do this Jake

  5. “this season, another crop of stars”
    i literally have no idea who any of those people are. Goddamn this is trash. Jake Paul is fucking oxygen thief

  6. I accidentally clicked this video… and i dont know what the hell is happening.

  7. Fight of the living dead? Ain't that what got your brother banned from Japan?

  8. Anyone else just came to dislike ??

  9. Stop recommending this garbage to me YouTube

  10. Somehow managing to be bad at acting in the thumbnail

  11. This is the Walmart version of Scare Pewdiepie.

  12. Jake Paul’s a pussy bitch. Change my mind

  13. Who the fuck wants to pay for that cringe worthy shit.

  14. I've taken dumps more entertaining than this….this is just beyond horrible.

  15. I can’t believe it, I wasted my time for this shit

  16. This is legit scare pewdiepie but a dumb knockoff

  17. Sacrafice jake paul please

  18. Tbh scare pewdiepie is better

  19. scared to fight gib

  20. Why zombie s tho guys I'm a kid and I could have a nightmare jake

  21. Is this what we paid for YouTube premiums?worst movie.

  22. Where my rich folks at

  23. My god. This was first pewds idea but after the ”racist” controversy scare pewdiepie got cancelled. All the dumb shit Jake has done and he gets away with it… what a washed up rip off

  24. Terrible, especially the balding kid Jake Paul

  25. Sure cancel pewdiepie. But give this jackass a show

  26. Trash
    But That’s why I watch this. for the cringe ????

  27. Do people actually watch this crap

  28. Is ThAt A DeAd GuY hAnGiNg RiGhT tHeRe?

  29. Bruh these fools at YouTube are demonetizing every other YouTuber for the stupidest like swears and blood and gore so they can fund a show with swears and blood and gore

  30. Jake work together

  31. This would've been dope if Jake Paul wasn't in it… Literally the only thing that destroyed this whole show

  32. How do the Paul brothers feel knowing that their fan base consists of 80 percent 8 to 12 years olds
    I hope COPA laws hit their channels so hard that they have to start selling their asses in back alleys just to afford a meal

    Cringey worthless losers with no talent

  33. Can YouTube please stop giving Jake Paul a platform and money

  34. How the hell does this work are these people ?

  35. I clicked on this video & immediately hit pause making sure non of it played, just wanted to leave this comment. “Go fuck yourself kid”

  36. The worst shit of all time. Wtf even is this? At no point is anything authentic or entertaining. There have to be better things they can make. It makes me more angry that this was so dumb I had to post a comment. You win youtube. Here’s your interaction.

  37. What the fuck is this shite

  38. Keep disliking thanks

  39. What a bunch of fakes and retards.

  40. Anyone else keep getting this shit in their recommended?

  41. It’s funny Jake likes saving people but people treat him like shit good job guys???

  42. Youtube is gettin like tv. Crap!

  43. Aka welcome to dodging big gibber

  44. This is so gay lol

  45. I feel sick watching this

  46. This cunts making YouTube Originals? Go fuck yourself

  47. This is worse than night of the living fred

  48. So you’re telling me he gets a series and pewds doesn’t get his back? Walmart version of Pewdipie

  49. Instead of zombies just make it about his videos music and everything about him

  50. lel me watching : intensely eating cereal waiting for somebody to fall and get eaten

  51. That’s a yikes dude

  52. Are the zombies real, like the real ones that kill u, or r they just actors that wont kill u

  53. I CAME
    I LEFT

  54. Very loose term on the word celebrity. The only name I even recognise is that Jake Paul

  55. Was gonna watch cuz I loved the first season then I saw jake Paul and nah can't do it unless there's a ep that he dies in

  56. Shit are you guys Dead if you guys are fucking dead I am scared as fuck

  57. When you make an 18+ film but theres only a Disney Film actor

  58. The makeup looks so real for the zombies

  59. Legit: actually good

  60. Wow! youtube cancelled scare pewdiepie but let this happen. why?

  61. There YouTube I watched it. Happy now?

    I also left a dislike

  62. Project failed – OK

  63. Complete and utter fucking trash.

  64. Are these zombies real

  65. SOsasasPpss

  66. This is like If scare pewdiepie episode 7 was made by people with no personality

  67. Last season Rahat was my participant. so sad that he doesn't get to join this season. Oof

  68. Spoiler 🙂
    Only jake paul and miles survived the show

  69. I don’t like Jake that is my opinion ???

  70. Jake paul is a good example of someone that is mentally ill and has a small dick, but famous and rich

  71. Stop playing on my top kid

  72. Z play on my top ever again I'm going to send you to sleep for a long long time pull up my machete machete

  73. 8:33 Jake came in like he on crack

  74. Holy crap, this is so damn bad. I have to erase this from my memory

  75. Imagine if the zombies where real?

  76. what a fucking shit show!

  77. I can’t believe my cuz was in this

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