West Indies on India

West Indies on India

hey this is out shunt and you are watching your favorite channel savvy BG your Indian abroad where we travel the world and talk about all things Indian today we’re here at the sexiest weekend Caravan a weekend mm-hmm when we’re about to find out what’s poppin and talked to these people these lovely people about India and Indians and how it correlates with caravana what’s the connection let’s find out All Right girls yo y’all looking for today but what’s going on they looking fine okay is this your first time in Caribana okay how you like it so makes you wanna like makes you stuff of your costume okay y’all let me ask y’all when I say India what do you guys think what do you think just to summon up I just think like life love experience culture definitely in unity for sure pretty people that have different skin tones different they just beautiful people no culture I think of like families and a lot of different people and they all come together and kind of like have this big festival type dance type thing traditional wedding all the re and beautiful fabric a lot of beautiful forevers there woman hands with gold jewelry girl we take care go when you think of India what do you think Hollywood Bollywood everybody elephants elephants good hair that’s what we think of thank y’all thank y’all for your hair when you think in your food what do you think anything rice chicken curry a lot different from like maybe like American food jnanam saying it’s mostly home cooks like most of the women cook do you like in your food you said you like tikka masala I don’t know what it means but it’s pretty good on like the flatbread hey what about butter chicken do you think there’s like any similarities between Indian and Caribbean food a lot of similarity between India and Caribbean food how is it similar season is the curry holidays mikasa all the history you know I’m saying a lot of Indian people was over there too and Africans a little video all got mingled it’s the West Indies welcome Manuel’s roti a lot of pepper what about when I say Bollywood what comes to mind okay all right what about Bollywood when you think Bollywood what do you think your control over their hips it’s yes I am they still using like the hips and the pelvis to get that like grooving you know so show me show me cranium moves first [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] and today you are watching a favorite channel I buck that up and let’s do that again can I start again right now continue watching more of our videos up here I did it again alright you’re watching savvy PG your Indian a broad street show I already forgot my script so I’m going to try that again continue watching more videos up here and don’t forget to subscribe please smash that like button show us some love alright from caravana reporting live we’re out until next time [Music]

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  5. Thank you so much girls for ur valuable opinion over India. Love and respect from INDIA

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    How is this Possible???
    I mean HOW?????

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  9. Not only Bollywood, south industries r main like sandalwood, tollywood, kollywood. Main film industries

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  15. Slumdog millionaire is a Hollywood movie tho

  16. India we have different kind of food
    It depends which city place

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    I'm intrest on them black men..

  21. Omg ..the anchor soo beautiful and nice expressions and explanation and I am subscribed channel for you ? .sorry remaining ladies you are also beautiful.??? Thank you all for your valuable opinion on India.??

  22. Sir, Kim Jong Un से कभीं पूछने जाओगे India के बारे में?

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  24. The Indies and India have a long history together. People of Indian ethnicity make a substantial part of Caribbean population (did we know that Nicky Minaj, born Anika Maharaj, has India ancestry).
    People love WIndian cricket especially. Sir Gary Sobers, Viv Richards, Brian Lara, Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Chris Gayle are among our shared cricketing icons.
    Now it's time to rekindle our relationship. Indians back home here should be made more sensitive about things like race. Caribbean's backing of India in diplomatic forums, is just one of the things Indians should be made to appreciate.

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