West Indies vs India! Yuvraj 93 takes India to the brink of a famous win

West Indies vs India! Yuvraj 93 takes India to the brink of a famous win

Down the wicket it goes high into the air
there’s a catch, Taylor’s under it. Takessss it!!! What a wicket, just when West Indies required it. I’m inside and here around the stump the
rubbish koala Miss Welland Albany a bigger office and looked at where the
Big Shot deceive it’s like lot Philip it’s giving the door end of the bat
wouldn’t be here for a long long time and a very well-dressed cast by Tina
under prison and the West Indies are happy really back into dispatch from his
Pollock the man didn’t sit well with 130 pedigree here’s problem to you branch there’ll be
a wife starts with a white pressure is on is that onto it as well so the run will
be credited to harbajan no one left the ground
tense like the way for a second the term from
Bradshaw his arm is weak but they don’t come for it he’s got rid of it quickly
and that was the important thing we’re bold and they’re coming through
for it new browsers in the way blocked the
throw or the potential throw from ball they scramble another one we’ll say yes no death no no Samuel down dive inside would you browse
one of the single harbajan sort of grounded just managed to get back in
time Jeff managed to change direction no animation from the coach outwardly good straight drive doctor before though
these magnificent short from your brows finishes off the over from brown over
the boundary just twelve now needed off the last to delivery of last two overs
12 from 12 by Gail then place will cast experience customers Authority and what
no way from started over both feel of duty air the river of life Harbor
dancing under the present at the public finger inside view drug thing
clear army reservist or anything away from the body and look at that catch
only a man has solid proof gear with a lot of it it’s an absolute glider
magnificent effort from Chris Gayle Harbhajan Singh ball for one is 187 on there is no hush in the tools that can
tell you it’s bedlam here Sabina it may come down to you browser game to
West Indies as it have been for some time then look at this forecast
some West Indies into a situation where there could be all smiles around at the
end of the game take the single West Indies now how to ensure that
Yuvraj doesn’t get the single to have the stripe they want to tell the number
11 on skype for the last over 11 now needed off 7 deliveries see the inflammation of bride Laura to
see if it again went inside the ring to cut off the singles formative sorry three of them on the
outside you can see the manic combo coming in to stop the single brought a nice to repeat right Oh and of the over hotel has to take the
last ova you never needed off six deliveries 11 of the last over the West
Indies need a wicked go get the thing go Yuvraj comes into
the strike 10:05 Bravo to you Raj 10 neither of five
deliveries before very very difficult chance football you really can’t blame
the people for that it was a thick edge a swing and an edge and for quite
clearly going in the right direction and then having to change and couldn’t get
up he is the tallest man in the game in fact even the shortest a boundary
reduces the target six of four deliveries on you guys is going to swing some all-new grousing just to know of
three deliveries well the previous one was an edge of this one came from the
timbre of the back could well be the solid events moved into the 90s this
cunning soft nothing really wrong with the delivery aimed at the block wall he
created that with new frosting and what don’t strike 93 of 150 deliveries eight cores and 60
of ROTC and the pressure now is on the boring
side to to infantry ball on what it means is that the West Indies
have to get you results a single will tie the match but that’s not going to be
your branches in he want to be there and get with inning runs he doesn’t want to
subject the number eleven to tell to any other building we’ve had two boundaries
in succession a single to Patel of the first four new graduates on the boundary
twice nine of them of the first three deliveries and can the West Indies close
the deal they have been found wanting so frequently in the past when they’ve got
themselves in this kind of position here we go Bravo to you Raj oh my
goodness gracious adorable Dwayne Bravo is the hero from
zero to hero for great level then struck by you rise for too pathetic for
celebrations all around Sabina Park and you guys is tunde the West Indies with the much warmer the theory that one
not awesome you seen the Westham miss coping saw and the Western displays
Milan celebrate they can do so now bravo Bravo Bravo jubilant you got did
not believe it reliability success to me we’ve had too
many in the 90s know one of the property of taught in a low scoring match Salman
for the Westerners with 1998 in the West Indies 198 for nine
you brush crying India within one run of tying the match two runs of
winning it on bull by Bravo officer for the final River in a terribly boring
performance the pressure is always going to be on the board depending a small
school where I saw the votes abstention 3 4 33 all the bullets in the biggest
judicata Toulouse modern standards to about theaters likely bottom the match
summary west indies 199 from 50 overs never ever looked as if it was going to
be enough against the powerful that anxiety but india struggled all the way
through the west indies feeling today in contrast to what it was in the first
match was outstanding Lara in the field was inspirational and the poorest for
such a guitar

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