WHAT AM I BREAKING in Zelda Breath of the Wild?

WHAT AM I BREAKING in Zelda Breath of the Wild?

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  1. Don't even bother saying first, Juan Zuniga said it first.

    Pun not intended.

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  3. Can’t wait to see “ Breaking BOTW 2 “

  4. Are u from Africa or Índia?

  5. (Sees the title of stream video)

    You’re breaking news, that’s what!

  6. Mety you should make a mario maker 2 level with link. To get master sword, hold super mushroom.

  7. NOOOO I MISSED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Everyone: BOTW is dead
    Mety: Hold my molduga

  9. Nobody:
    Bokoblins running from random barrels

  10. I love your calm gentle voice <3

  11. You sound… French

  12. And mety thought he ended it

  13. And mety thought he ended it.

  14. Leave one for me plz

  15. You are as annoying as I am when you talk

  16. Insert very punny pun here

  17. Bro I subscribed to you in like 2016 I just saw this and can’t believe you are still playing breath of the wild after this long wtf I appreciate the dedication doe


  19. Me trying to be funny and get a heart:
    Everyone who has a heart: Awwww, he’s so cute when he try’s to be funny

  20. I have cheese itz in my heart. What's in your heart?

  21. I want you to glitch in the master cycle into the desert…

  22. Arriba España said link

  23. The behind the scenes BotW 2 pictures look so cool

  24. Aw I missed it 🙁 still fun to watch 🙂

  25. Omg,I have never heard mety's voice before

  26. bro why don't you speak in your videos? you must have a sweet voice XD

  27. Never knew you were Indian bro! That's awesome

  28. just saw the info box. again its so nice that you let me take part of it. this is a perfect chance for me to get my little brother a gift for christmas. always feel bad for not having the money.

  29. hey sorry i missed the stream, I couldn't make it on time.?

  30. I wouldnt be suprized if BOTW2 is just a really fat DLC

  31. Metty is the best. He's played breath of the wild for ages now.

  32. What do you get when you cross a molduga with a hinox?
    Answer:you get a mulnox!

  33. I can't wait till botw2 if only the Illuminati had time travel powers.By the way metty you're going to heaven when you die!

  34. there were 6,648 views when i saw this, and 413 likes. people don't have a HEART these days.

  35. My neighbor has a cat and it's looking at me through a window as I type this

  36. giving a like on this video was hard bc it had 420 likes and i really didnt wanna destroy that….eventually i commited and id bc i thought someone will do it in the future either way

  37. I will exchange all my stamina for a single heart from Mety 🙁

  38. No Molduga has been hurted during this live strea…ops.

  39. Am i dead yet?

    -mike matei 2017

  40. Your video on the giveaway got me to this channel, but I really like what you're doing here Mety. Keep it up and I look forward to seeing more of your Zelda content!

  41. the mety fanbase is dying
    like if you're a true metyer……..
    bet this channel will get back up there when BOTW2 comes out tho; gg

  42. Early in life my dad taught me to be practical an not funny
    Thanks Dad! You're gonna cost me a free Switch with all your practicality!

  43. When I saw the notification I was really excited, it's the first time I see you on screen, and finally year your voice.

  44. Love this video man! You’re one of my favorite Zelda’s player (most of em were Japanese/Korean tho’ but you have skill man)
    Hope you can read this, have a nice day! Keep doing what you do best
    (Also I don’t need heart or sth just want to say I like your content uwu)

  45. oML I uSeed TO WATCH UR CHANnnEl sO muCh Like a yEaR aGo ajJJHHhHHH

  46. Man, Your vids rock. Watching em always puts a smile to my face. You should make a vid for the one shot Ganon glitch

  47. Metys Videos: inspiring me and increasing my love for BOTW
    Others: getting their life done
    Me: learning shieka in 1 day and wanting a keyboard to I can use it in daily life.

  48. Your breaking link

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