What are the different types of string and how are they made?

What are the different types of string and how are they made?

the solution I’m losing I’m springing racket since 40 years I’ve done around 600 tournaments as official stringer with libera different type of strings two families a natural bubble of 1875 we have invented the string the D string and then you have all the synthetics what will make a lot of difference is the raw material we use the family of raw material we’ll use for example natural gut that’s gut from the cows never being cat we have several type of families of synthetics polyurethane pro retained extremely elastic for an advantage comfort speed to drawback do not maintain very well detention and also very influenced by the burning point like the friction for am i different polyamide different elasticity’s polyamide a little bit of everything tension maintenance correct speed is correct control is correct burning point is medium correct then we have PE t polyester and the polyester is used for durability only durability is the friction the burning point you do both affect you too boy affect the string move the string move like this and by moving you in you increase the temperature the temperature burn molecules burn the string and you break the string then polyester to drawback polyester is not elastic polyester do not maintain tension happy what we call the constriction is the way the string is a sample some products you used only for one type of restriction natural gut we need the raw intestine of the cows we have ribbons those ribbon are twisted different construction is different way to make the strings different way to make the string different type of project we use monofilament made in polyester we melted a polyester that polyester go into a small hole and pressure and we do a filament of string multi filaments multi filaments is for less the city comfort multifilament made mainly of polyamide we have let’s say thousand two hundred filament of polyamide we need to glue them we twist them to have elasticity come vortex data or we have assembled assemble we have the mono core where filament that is glued also and we have a coating we have different constriction different raw material we we have different made different feeling yes

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  1. I was fortunate to be trained by Lucien in '84 in preparation for the US Open. I had Noah, Connors and a young teenager named boom-boom Becker to name a few. Great memories.

  2. Hello and thank you for the explanation.
    Question: Before you fit strings onto the racquet is it advisable to stretch the string?

  3. I didn't care for the cuts.

  4. Cool explanation

  5. Can someone tell me what they think of my string I use Babolat rpm blast I am 16 years old I like to play with a lot of topspin but I don’t want to get injured by my shoulder is this the right string or is there an other option that fits

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