What Catcalling Was Like in the Olden Days – Key & Peele

What Catcalling Was Like in the Olden Days – Key & Peele

(whew) Ha ha.
Whoo-whee! Miss Clarissa,
I’m gonna tell you, girl. In that dress,
you looking about as sweet as a field full of honeysuckle
after a spring rain shower. [chuckles]
How do you do it, girl? Mm!
That ass, though. – What was that?
– What was what? What you just said to her. Oh. Well, I was
just following your lead. No you wasn’t. You was being all heavy-handed
with it, man. You got to be subtle. – Subtle.
– Exactly. You got to be subtle if you
wanna talk to them ladies. I can do that. [bluesy harmonica] Whoo hoo hoo!
Whee! Miss Denise, girl, the way that dress
is flowing, you look like a mountain creek
after a spring thaw. Simply refreshing. What…is…your…secret? The way that dress
fitting on you got them…titties
popping out. – What–
– Amazing. What. Is. Your.
Secret? What are you–
what are you doing? I was just doing
what you was doing. No, you wasn’t. I even said
“What. Is. Your. Secret?” – That’s verbatim!
– That part was. Did you hear me say anything
about anybody’s titties? No. You know what? How about we just say
no words altogether. – No words altogether.
– Mm-hmm. – Question.
– Yes? – How will I talk?
– You’re not gonna talk, okay? All right. Hoo hoo whee! Ladies, I’m sorry,
y’all hurt my eye. Y’all just, like, smoldering.
Like the sun. And just as bright in them
beautiful dresses. Mm-mm-mm-mm-mm-mm-mm! Mm-mm-mm-mm-mm-
mm-mm– Mm! Mm! Mm!
Vagina. What the hell was that? Oh. I did say a word
at the end there, didn’t I? Did you see the part
where all this was going on and shaking your tail feathers
and whatnot? I didn’t see it–I got
the worst view in the house. That’s what
chased them away, man. – All right.
– You know what? – Stay away from me.
– All right. Whoo whee! Miss Laverne. You like
a long-stemmed rose, the way
you looking and smelling. Mm-mm-mm-mm! What is your recipe? Damn, boy. I bet you got a big old dick
and balls. I love you.

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  1. That ass was poking out tho….

  2. "What is your secret." Lmao

  3. A true size queen appreciates them balls too you know.

  4. A simpler time where dudes didn’t look like they were washing their hands to pick up a girl

  5. Not everybody is for everybody

  6. Worst wing man ever!

  7. Basically the difference between a real woman and a ho

  8. ???????
    They are so wild…

  9. The last one would have happily ran away with him when he said, "hmhmhmhhmhhmhhm…vagina"

  10. Dude: "Did you see what you did?"

    Me: "No, I got the worst view in the house."

  11. 1:23 I wasn't ready for that face, lmao. Spit my food out laughing.

  12. 2:06 i know you wanted to laugh!

  13. “Damn boy I bet you got a big ol’ D and Balls” -Wanna get that D tonight lady

  14. Simply fun cant resist to laugh

  15. I didnt see it i got the worst veiw in the house!

  16. this shit is hilarious lol

  17. I have a big ole dick and balls too shit

  18. That "I love you" followed by the hasty grunts. ???

  19. 0:57 Drax



  20. Girrrll is your name Dodge? Because I wanna Ram you!! ……Girrrrl are you initials GMC? Because you got more rear than a GMC Yukon!!!

  21. "Got them titties poppin out. Amazing."

  22. Lol this still happens now. Guy giving genuine compliments, another guy thinks he objectifies women just like him, but is just being sneaky. Both guys aren't on the same page but they never know. (they would if they listened to women but you know.. we're not there yet lol)

  23. "I didn't see it, I got the worst view in the house."

  24. You can tell this was written by men b/c most women get off on clitoral stimulation. What would some his balls do for her?

  25. Reminds me of this:

  26. Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm Mm..
    Uh uh uh…


  27. Of course he gets the girl

  28. “Hmm hmm hmm hmm hm hm hm Bagina”
    ???????? I can’t breathe

  29. Dat Ass though LMAO

  30. Way that dress fitting on you got them titties popping out says guys in 2019 compared to 1900

  31. That last woman is sOoo hot!

  32. Women want to get knocked up, so they can take revenge on the man and abort the child… that REALLY turns them on.

  33. The last girl…dats me??

  34. That is simply brilliant ??

  35. The direct approach.


  36. ???… side note… the women in this skirt are beautiful.

  37. boomers vs millennials basically

  38. Back in the day, guys were poetic and women were like DIIIICCCKKKK*. Today, the roles have reversed, but men shout *PUUUUSSSSSIIIIIEEEEEEEE

  39. "In that dress you look sweet as a field full of honeysuckle after a spring rain shower" – I'm stealing this

  40. These guys should be in charge of SNL

  41. Key try to be smooth sexy with the lady and Peele he was being like HORNY dog in heat with the lady so Peele (1)~Key (0)??????

  42. I'm both amused and a little dismayed by all the people in the comments saying things along the lines of, "Ah, yes, back in the day, when men were Men and said confident things that were romantic and impressed the ladies!"

    As long as there have been humans with speech, there have been men who couldn't competently speak to a lady to save their lives, and cat callers (I'm sure cavemen had their equivalents).

    All that said, this skit is hilarious. ?

  43. I love the Hermonica in the background.

  44. "How bout we just say no words all together."
    "No words all together…"
    " Question "
    "How am I gonna talk?"

  45. I'm using ALL THESE in 2020.

    "Like" if you are too ?

  46. Moral of the story: There will always be a next one.

  47. Classic comedy content.

  48. The ending bro mad lad.

  49. I am pregnant and on a cane. When I heard that last line I tried to used all three of my legs and and run as fast as I could to hide because when men have a good cat calling game that is EXACTLY what ALL woman think, just the classy ones would smile and not say it out lound.

  50. "I didn't see it – i got the worst view in the house" ????

  51. Never found these guys all that funny.

  52. the thumbnail though

  53. This is sure a lot of free black people in ye olden days.

  54. Moral o' de story: God made two o' 'em.

  55. Can I keep her George, so we all can live off the fat of the land.

  56. N words fuck anything.

  57. Which season is this off of

  58. The costumes! Ya'll gentlemen smell like a stable on a hot summer's day! What is your secret?!

  59. Keegan looks super handsome with the facial hair and hat!!! Love the look.

  60. Got them titties poopin out??

  61. I worked with a guy who sounded exactly like key in this vid

  62. … I didn't see it…..I got the Worst view in the House……?

  63. Wow the first girl is extremely beautiful

  64. “Got….dem……..titties poppin out”


  65. what is yo secret?

    it's a weird thing, looks-confidence-the vibe you give off is all that really matters, you say something stupid and they don't care if you're cute and seem harmless, you tell them you want in their pants and they'll get with you if you're attractive and confident and don't have a terrible personality, it's all in the look and feel you give a person, people read that right away, recite poetry and hand out flowers all you want but you'll only look desperate to most, most people would rather get straight to the point, but just don't do it in a vulgar disrespectful way

    I bet the workaholics guys could do a great skit show like this. Would love to see them try this format. You can't tell me Peele and Key don't remind you of Adam and Ders here.

  66. I miss Key & Peele so much! Comedy central cancels everything but Southpark.

  67. oh man, the end, i never saw it coming (no pun intended) that was hilarious

  68. LOL… you must have a big old…d& funny

  69. The sad thing is they probably treated women like shit back then

  70. could you please tell us the ladies actresses names? or imdb link

  71. They jus like us in the 21st century just polite

  72. All those women were gorgeous though.

    That ass too.

  73. "I didn't see it. I've got the worst view in the house." This is how I'm going to respond to all accusations against me from now on

  74. “The way that dress fitting on you got them titties popping out amazing what.. is.. yo.. secret”

  75. The ladies are so pretty!

  76. Moral of the story goddamn black girls are sexy about to get my Asian persuasion on Asian and black nice mix

  77. @2:31 ????????????

  78. I got the worst view in the house

  79. 1:54 LMAO! What a Fool!!!

  80. ok she surprise me at the end.

  81. LMAO Comedy? Or PSA?

  82. I love you, that part just killed me.

  83. I thought i saw all the skits.. Wow soo excited

  84. [X] Catcall
    [B] Dat Ass

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