What is a Cricut? What can I do with it?

What is a Cricut?  What can I do with it?

Hi guys.
I’m Avanti Morocha Today after many requests, I’m going to talk about the Cricut and what do I use it for. This is my Cricut . I got it almost 2 years ago. When I bought it I got the bundle, which came with some tools, markers and a couple mats. Click here to open Click here to turn the cricut on. Here is where you place the blade. and here is where you place the marker or scoring tool. The blade you’re going to use depends on the material you’re going to cut. This is the blade housing is great for thin materials, for example paper, vinyl. Cardstock, iron on, etc. When I’m going to cut thick material I use the Deep Cut Blade. With this blade you can cut thicker materials, like glitter cardstock, felt, birch plywood cork, etc. The way you place the marker is similar to the way you place the blade, open the arm place the marker and push it until you hear the click The cricut also has these pockets that you can use to store blades, markers and tools. If you are wondering when to use the marker? I used it when I made the signs for these gift boxes, since my printer doesn’t have gold inks. This is the dial and here you set the material you are working with. paper Vinyl Iron on light cardstock Cardstock Fabric Poster board or Custom When you set the dial to custom, choose the material using Cricut Design, that’s the programs that comes with your machine. Click here to load the mat. Click here to start cutting Click here to pause the project. This is the landing page of Cricut Design Here is where you are going to create a new project. You could also get a project that it’s already put together. When you see an “a” on top of a project, these are exclusive project for people that have the subscription to Cricut Access. The subscription start at 7.99 a month and it gives you access to a bunch of things. Sadly Cricut Access is only available in the USA, Canada and the UK. The subscription is worth it if you don’t have access to graphic software. As you can see there’re tons of projects that you can choose from. For some of these projects you don’t need the subscription you only need to pay for the project, in this case $1.99. Now I’m going to show you how to create a new project. Click here. You can add an image • As you can see you need the subscription for some of the images, and some other you just need to pay for it. If you go to categories you’ll find some free images to use You can also upload your own images. These are the file format that you can upload to the cricut. The images that you see here are SVG files that I created I’m going to use this one. You can also add, text, shapes and you use pre-set canvas. Now I’m going to show you how to make a really easy project. I’m using an image that I uploaded and a rectangular shape. As you can see here, I’m going to trace the words with the marker and cut the rectangle. Press go Set the mat you’re going to use. Press go. My dial is set to cardstock. If you’re using a custom material you can set the material here. Load the mat and press go. Now I’m going to show you how to place the cardstock on the mat. The mat comes with a plastic film than protect it from getting dirty Place the cardstock The stickiness of the mat keeps the cardstock in place. As you can see I have the dial set to cardstock. When you see this button blinking you can load the mat. Press the button. I fast-forward the video, but the process of tracing the letters and cutting the rectangle took about 1 minute. When you see this button blinking again you can remove the mat. Now I’m going to remove the cardstock from the mat. What is left is the card. Now remove this piece. Score the card in the middle and fold it. All done I like to decorate this kind of card with petite flowers that I also cut using the Cricut. I think the circuit works great for small project like this ones, or like cutting the flowers centers and leaves. You can use this as an idea to make cards for birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, etc. A lot of you ask me if I use my cricut to cut the petals for the giant paper flowers, the answer is No, I don’t use my cricut to cut the petals, mainly because it’s a waste of time. The only reason I use my cricut when making a flower backdrop if you cut leaves of flowers center that are a little more complicated. The main reason why I don’t use the cricut it because it doesn’t save me time, it takes even more time to use my cricut machine than just cut the petals with a good pair of scissors. Think about, some of my giant flower have 15 to 25 petals, this means I’m going to place the cardstock, load the mat, cut the petal, remove mat, remove the petal, all of this for only one petal. and I need to do this 15 or 25 times just for one flower, what a waste of time, Instead I prefer to stack 3 to 4 pieces of cardstock place my template and cut 3 to 4 petals in one cut. As I’ve mentioned before when making a giant paper flower backdrop I only use my cutting machine to make leaves or some flowers center that are a little more complex. I get ask all the time on my Etsy shop, why I don’t sell SVG files for my giant paper flowers, and I end up explaining that cutting petals with the Cricut is just a waste of time. All this said I you already have a cutting machine it works great to cut leaves, petite flowers or flowers center. To make these leaves and flowers center I used SVG files that I designed and are available for purchase on my Etsy shop. Now I’m going to use glitter cardstock, For this I’m going to use a deep cut blade. Set the dial to custom. The process to cut this sign with the deep cut blade took around 3 minutes. This is a thick material the blade has to pass over the line 2 to 3 times. Now remove the sign. Use some of the tools and be careful when you remove it from the mat. All done; now I’m going to glue a couple skewers to make it a cake topper. These are a couple of the projects where I used my Cricut machine. I also used the Cricut to cut the stencil, which I used to paint this pillow. Keep in mind that the time you are going to take depends on the design you are cutting, That is why I only use my Cricut I cannot make the cut by hand or or when they are too complex like some of this leaves, or the center o this flower. I specially like to use the cricut to cut letters, without it would take me forever. If you are someone crafty and lot doing project all the time you’re going to love this machine. If you have an event decorations or catering business this machine is going to be really helpful. I hope you like this video and you find it informative. I’ll leave all the information you need in the info box. If you have any question leave me a comment.

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