What Is a Shuttlecock? | Badminton Lessons

What Is a Shuttlecock? | Badminton Lessons

The next topic of discussion is what is a
shuttlecock, or sometimes known as the birdie. As you can see, what I’m holding in my hand
is your typical feather shuttlecock, which has 16 feathers that supposedly all come from
the left wing of either a goose or a duck. The goose feathers are typically much better
quality and are used in professional tournaments and advanced level players. The shuttlecock can also be made of plastic. In both cases, with the feather shuttle and
the plastic shuttle, both are attached to a cork base. And that’s what a shuttlecock is.

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  1. Go ask Lee Chong Wei

  2. I have a nice big shuttlecock!

  3. this is howcast. not whatcast =.= or whycast

  4. A horrible boring piece of crap.

  5. i thought it was a cock with a shuttle

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