What Is Badminton? | Badminton Lessons

What Is Badminton? | Badminton Lessons

What is badminton? Badminton is a racket sport and is one of
the five major racket sports. The others are of course tennis, table tennis,
squash, and racket ball. Unlike the other racket sports badminton is
purely volley sport in which the shuttlecock is not allowed to fall land or on the floor
before the opponent hits it. The sport was originated by British India
in the mid 18th century became very popular in Asia and Europe and has been dominated
by those countries ever since. The badminton equipment is very similar to
tennis. We have a racket unlike tennis you have some
thing called a shuttlecock i guess you can call it as projectile that is struck with
racket and it is typically composed of 16 feathers all from the same wing of either
a goose or duck depending on the quality of shuttle. Some times the shuttle is made up of plastic
but that is more of the recreational level. Especially the goose is the much better quality
that last longer the flight of the shuttle using goose feathers is much more stable and
predictable. Duck is used in lower quality more recreational
games and plastic is for mostly beginners and that’s what badminton is.

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  3. I like badminton! 🙂
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  4. You said what badminton is, but you didn't explain how to play it.

  5. I call it a birdie…..

  6. its a good video

  7. Why is it called a shuttlecock

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  9. Thanks this really helped me learn badminton! 😀

  10. same to me dynly

  11. Is badminton and shuttle are the same

  12. Well I really like badminton because I saw lee chong wei on Malaysia so every evening I started to play with my dad and enjoy a lot well now my dad are teaching me how to play it and then last time I play with my cousin and I beat him it was so fun and I enjoy it that badminton is the funniest game ever I'll.never forget comment and like if you like badminton

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