What is Final Fantasy 14? Tutorial Guide (Beginner)

hello guys and welcome so this is my
what is final fantasy 14 this video is aimed at people who have never played
the game before but maybe want to know what is final fantasy 14 why ever heard
so much about it how does it compare to world of warcraft questions like that so
I want this video to be the answer to these questions so Final Fantasy 14 is a
MMORPG which means massive massively multiplayer online role-playing game
which means there’s lots of other players running around in the game with
you it has all the typical elements of a role-playing game in them such as
gearing up leveling up having many classes and interesting characters and a
story driven narrative now the was 14 itself has had a rocky history so for
those who don’t know basically this game actually launched originally back in
2010 the arrow is what has been known now as the 1.0 era and the that game the
1.0 14 flopped it flopped big time it lost Square Enix $100,000,000 like it
really really hurt both the Square Enix and the Final Fantasy reputation so what
they actually did was they said okay look we’ve announced a failure we’re
gonna do something about it and then they worked on the game and now we have
a realm reborn but that’s what would six years after a ROM reborn came out you’ve
we’ve had free expansions so we’ve had Heaven’s Ward was the first expansion
then we had storm blood and then recently earlier this year we had shadow
bringers and there’s more on the way simple as that there’s gonna be more and
more so what you can find in this game there’s a big world so right now we’re
in one of the main cities called gridania
so and you also have this a fluorite system in the game so the way the a
fights work you can this teleport place the place so I’m like well the Warcraft
you just you can once you unlock the eighth right in different places or
different cities or different outposts or whatever you can just have a board
straight to them it costs you money to do it but
you will make money like the Gil in the game as a money you’ll make that just
naturally more than the cost of the teleports so you don’t need to worry
about that so let me just teleport around now the good thing about this
game is that because it’s Final Fantasy they brought in a lot of other Final
Fantasy elements to it so when they do seasonal events they can have crossovers
there’s been a final fantasy 15 crossover there’s been geared from
pharmacy 7 there’s been outfits from pharmacy 10 there has been an entire
events from farm vaccine 13 and we had different characters come into the game
from other Final Fantasy games like we’ve had lightning come along we’ve had
knocked this from pharmacy 15 and so on and also as well they are adding always
different elements from other Final Fantasy games so this is like a homage
to the Final Fantasy franchise which has been going for a very long time but this
video specifically is about 14 it’s not about like for example what is Final
Fantasy now as as we say in this game there’s a lot of areas there’s also
amounts as you can see if I’ve got my mount system in the original zones
around reborn zones the 2.0 zones as we call them you can’t fly but you can fly
in heaven soared onwards so if we go to for example let’s go to one of the new
the zones from there so let’s go to this this zone because I know that this is
from Heaven’s Ward for example you have the ability to on law flying in that
zone but you’re not given flying immediately it’s something that you have
to unlock by finding a for ice by doing certain of the story quests and then you
can fly in the zone and I do have a for current guides for this game now what’s
really good about this game is that there there is a story and the story
driven narrative of this game is very much especially in the cutscene there’s
a lot of voice acting over time especially for us who’ve been playing
the game for years you well we’re very very let’s say close
relationship with the different in-game characters so and it’s always nice to
see what the story is so for example in the top left you can see I’ve got here
next main scenario quest these are the quest for five point one patch I haven’t
done them yet but I will get round to them soon now on my channel my youtube
channel you can find that I’ve actually recorded the entire storyline from 2.0
all the way to the end of 5.0 so I recorded them just because one they’re
special and two because 10 years from now 20 years from now maybe I’ll look
back and maybe I’ll just rewatch it and try and relive the glory days of Final
Fantasy 14 now this game does get a lot of inspiration from while the Warcraft
that’s why this flying mounts is PvP there’s a lot of typical MMORPG elements
which while the Warcraft set as a standard but the way that this game is
different is for example you can be any and every single class on one character
you don’t have to make a separate character for each of the classes so as
you can see I’ve got a whole plethora of different classes right and its players
it’s clearly defined so this tanks there’s Mele DPS is physical range like
archers or in this game called bards there’s magical range like Black Mage
and summon a Red Mage there’s a healing classes and then you also have the
crafting and gathering classes now crafting is different in this game
compared to other mmo’s it’s not just a case of gather the materials and hit
create all like a world of warcraft for example you actually have to use a
combination of skills in order to craft something so if I switch to one of my
crafters now you can see I’ve got an entire hotbar of different abilities now
as a patch 5.1 it was recently nerfed so what you see on the screen right now
that’s all that’s as complicated as it gets so you don’t have to worry about
like oh my god crap damn I’m gonna ignore it because it’s too complicated
that it’s very very simple and I do have a lot of guides to help you get into it
as well the advantage of crafting you will be
able to make any item the game that you might need you don’t have to be at the
mercy of other players also as well you can repair your own gear so the bonus
for crafters in this game is that you can repair your own gear beyond that the
repair level so what that means for example if you look closely at this
description if you look down it says condition so right now it says condition
one-hundred and ninety four percent when you repair out vendor the maximum we can
get to as a hundred percent but when you repair gear yourself then it can go all
the way up to hundred ninety nine percent it regardless of what percentage
cuts are it could be at 99 percent condition when you repair yourself it
adds another hundred percent to the condition quality so and that’s an
advantage crafters have and you can even you can even repair in combat it’s so in
the middle of combat you can repair and there’s different reputations in the
game there’s different beast tribes to engage with there’s lots of side quests
and so on now the good thing about this game is is that by doing the main story
of the game you are able to accomplish most things for your first playthrough
so it will take you through all the zones it will introduce you to other
characters it will really set you up and you will not have to do much side things
your first character fruit your first class through the side fingers more for
when you’re doing your second class your third class your fifteenth class and so
on and there is a bonus system as well so simply your progression on the first
character on the first class will take the longest sure because you’re getting
introduced to the game but then it’ll get quicker and quicker and quicker and
quicker so do not be put off by the sheer number of classes no one says you
even have to level them off just like look at them see which you decide i
person my favorite class is paladin which is a tank i was a pilot in a world
of warcraft I’m a paladin in this game I’ll be a paladin in every MMO I play it
is just my preference to have the sword and shield and
what I’ll say about the game as well is that because it’s Final Fantasy Final
Fantasy if you don’t know is renowned for amazing music and amazing soundtrack
so and it’s no different in this game they’ve really really pushed it even in
shadow bringers even to Final Fantasy fans the soundtrack in shadow bringers
was exceptional so they really try their best like in fact Square Enix sometimes
does concerts just of the ring game music which is which is interesting to
explain to people because sometimes I would say to people yeah I like
listening to Final Fantasy music and they have almost an impression like I’m
listening to like Mario sound effects you know like I’m just listening to like
he and I was like no this is actual music you know it’s not just something
that I’m imagining or exaggerating or anything like that like this Final
Fantasy soundtrack is renowned for being some of the best music in any game so
the good thing about Final Fantasy 14 is because there is an active development
team behind it they’re always updating the game they’re
always adding new content every 3-4 months we get a new patch they do live
letters so the producers of the game and the directors and so on especially the
producer director called mr. Naoki Yoshida he will explain everything
that’s coming up in the game and they do take player feedback into account with
their game so there is a really strong community behind Final Fantasy 14 I
personally have uploaded more than 1400 videos over the last six years about
this game now at the moment I am taking mostly a bit of a break because you’re
not doing anything too much is is not healthy but I still will always have a
place in my heart for this game I always well my subscription will always stay
active I will always log in I will always be around to help people who
enjoy the game and so on now the good thing is as well for anyone watching if
you’re still watching to this point you can try the game for free so I will put
a link in the description there’s a free trial you
play the game all the way up until I think it’s like level 30 now and you can
try it at your own leisure for I think you’re two weeks but it might that two
week limit might have been removed but if you want to go beyond level 30 then
you have to obviously subscribe now I would say that the subscription is worth
it but I’ll say a big butt to that mmo’s are a big decision they’re huge they’re
huge games they’re supposed to be played instead of other games they’re not
supposed to be played alongside 20 other MMOs if you do that even if me doing
this full-time there isn’t enough hours in the day
simply the game is too big and especially if you saw Final Fantasy 14
because three expansions have come out and there’s a story driven narrative if
you do genuinely do all of the story going back from 2.0 all the way to 5.0
you’ll probably be busy doing the story for the next two three months when used
to first start but you will be on a crazy adventure and for like I said for
us longtime players of the game I’m sure we would have trade it for the world
now there is also PvP in the game there’s raiding there’s a lot of stuff
to do endgame so I personally I am what I consider a casual player so I more
focus on leveling up doing side quests doing whatever and I always have things
to do and the hardcore players they will focus on endgame raiding and maybe PvP
as well but mostly the raiding in fact square-enix have responded to the
raiding like let’s say one by releasing ultimate raids you know there’s sort of
extreme difficulty raids that only a few people have the skill or have the
patience to actually clear and it is very entertaining to watch when people
are struggling their way through it like some people might spend weeks maybe even
months to get that content cleared now as you can see like I said the last
thing I want is to make you guys feel that to be overwhelmed because obviously
I’m an in-game player that’s why my hot bars look so full
that’s why it looks like there’s a lot in the game but when you start off the
game it is very gentle let’s say it holds your hand a lot and so on and
there’s always people ready to help you out so I’m just giving you an example of
the different zones in the game so we were in gridania we went to corphish
western highlands so I could show you flying we went to ishgard which was the
main city in the heavens ward expansion we’re now in ku Ghana which was the main
city in the storm blood expansion so and it’s very very interesting as well
to have the different crossovers the different inspirations of cultures the
different input from different Final Fantasy games in this game and the
reason in case you’re wondering why the server looks very quiet is because I am
visiting old zones and also as well I’m playing on a na server even though I’m
in the EU so and the good thing is as well you can go between na EU J Japanese
servers or you like there isn’t any limit if you have friends on a Japanese
server even though you live on say Australia or whatever you can tell them
you can transfer that there’s different services to transfer to different
servers and let me just take you now to the main city of shadow bringers is
called a crystarium now well again I’ll say about this game
is if you’re interested if you read as part of the video try the free trial see
if you like it you know try it out it’s a game of patience you know it’s a case
of it will take you a long time to get into the game but from my personal
opinion you will not regret it simple as that like you’ll have a lot of
fun playing this game the community behind the game is very nice they’re
very friendly and I think generally as well MMO players even even in games like
World of Warcraft have matured I don’t want to say completely because there is
always a bad element to anything online but you will always find help in a game
like Final Fantasy 14 you’ll have a great time and so on
and the good thing is as well you are not required you don’t have to be mr.
social I am personally in my real life I’m very socially awkward so if you want
to just stay inside your own head and play this game on your own you can do
that if you want to interact with other players it’s easy to meet them so you
can just say hello introduce yourself maybe join a guild or sorry a free
company or join the link she’ll try and talk to people as you go there is a
plethora of also dungeons in the game because obviously now we’ve had free
expansions and you can see that the dungeons even split by the different
expansions so you can see here let me just scale this up you can see that
these dungeons are from around me born which was 2.0 the heaviest Ward 50 to 60
from the first expansion storm blood dungeons 61 to 70 and then the shadow
bringers dungeons as its own tab which is a more recent stuff now the last
thing I will say about this game is is that graphically quality everything here
you will not see a more superior MMO at the moment so simply it has the best
graphics of any MMO it has the best music of any of them all at the moment
gameplay you could argue you can easily argue that some games I’ve got better
combat better whatever but if you’re looking for a relaxing experience in a
great MMO then Final Fantasy 14 is for you also as well guys it’s never too
late like just because this game has been out like six years don’t feel that
it’s too late to get into the game it’s never too late and but like I said the
caution I would say is that go into these games with caution
because of the fight of how huge they are how many hours they will take like I
personally have been playing this game let me check my play time just on this
character 301 days on this one character that’s a lot so
is why that’s nearly an entire year SAP playing this character now if you have
any questions about the game please let me know in those comments down below I’m
always here to welcome and help new players as I said I also have fourteen
hundred plus videos about this game covering most topics and there are
plenty of other content creators who have supported this game for a very long
time as well so yeah that’s all I have to say about this game for now so anyway
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