What is Fortnite & Why is it Popular? – The free game that has some kids addicted – Behind the News

What is Fortnite & Why is it Popular? – The free game that has some kids addicted – Behind the News

Why is Fortnite such a big deal? The game has more than 45 million players worldwide. There are often millions playing at the same time. It’s most popular game mode is free to play. The game mixes elements of Minecraft and survival shooting games in its popular Battle Royale mode. In Battle Royale mode, 100 players fight and the last survivor wins. So who’s, actually playing Fortnite? Fortnite is popular with gamers of all ages even really young kids but it has an official rating of M in Australia violence is a big part of the game but it isn’t particularly bloody or gory Gamers can also talk to each other during combat So it’s recommended young gamers take care talking to people they don’t know Will Fortnite always be free? The game doesn’t need to cost money for the makers to profit it’s already making lots of money from in game purchases For example, this outfit would set you back about $25 AUD In February 2018, Fortnite reportedly made more than $160 Million So, what’s next for Fortnite? it’s just launched on mobile devices and its popularity continues to grow and snatch headlines

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  1. I don’t even play Fortnite T^T

  2. BTN never answered my questions

  3. I was not expecting BTN to do a video of this ? But the boys in my class keep talking about it 24/7!

  4. Boi its da best GAME YEA!!!!

  5. I personally don't really find this game as fun as everyone says this game is. I am around the target demographic for this game but I still just don't find it addicting.

  6. I love fortnite it's my life

  7. You can only talk to people that are on your team / in your squad, but you can always play solo and the 2nd game mode (save the world) will be free sometime in 2018. Also the skin thing you said was 25 dollars also comes with a backpack, I know it’s still expensive but just saying

  8. sitll doesnt tell me what it is

  9. Never heard of this game until a few days ago. Now I’m watching videos to see what’s it about.

  10. I think Fortnite's popular is because it appeals to anyone. I wouldn't be surprised if people in their 50's are playing this right now. I might consider trying it this game out. Too bad Unreal tournament 4, a hardcore, free arena shooter will probably never get finished since Fortnite pretty much took over. Plus what the guys at PUBG tried to Sue Epic Games the other day because they claimed fortnite copied PUBG when in fact the other game runs on the same game engine as Fortnite, so I uninstalled PUBG because of developer bigotry.

  11. I love to play Fortnite

  12. My friend is always playin on his game and I'm just sitting here being bored

  13. Yeah thats actually true

  14. Um Fortnite Battle Royale is rated PG in Australia and Fortnite Save the World is M

  15. Why is no one obsessed over TF2 again if this is the big deal now?

  16. can you do a video on the original fortnite?

  17. Thanks for that! Very educational

  18. Tired of seeing it on every feed. 45 million play it while the rest of us don't care.

  19. Fortnite = fidget spinners

  20. i finally get why people like it. but why? you said its like minecraft + first person shooters. minecraft = dead and disliked

  21. 60 bucks is the cost of a newly released AAA game. That a game would require more for less than that is ridiculous. Those add-on are in real terms between 0.50 and 5.00 in value.

  22. The one news station that does not say that it is making kids violent, thank god that btn knows that it is just a fun and pretty decent game that got popular.

  23. I thought it was like “just dance”

  24. Sounds fascina . . . . zzzzzzzz.

  25. Lucky btn didn’t tell people not to play it

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