What is Woman? (de Beauvoir + Metroid) – 8-Bit Philosophy

What is Woman? (de Beauvoir + Metroid) – 8-Bit Philosophy

This, is Samus. Defender of the Galaxy.
But, for those of you that don’t know, Samus is a woman. To many
who played this game in 1986, this revelation was
quite shocking. But why? French existentialist Simone Lucie Ernestine
Marie Bertrand De Beauvoir, or, simply, Simone de Beauvoir, sought to answer the
question: What does it mean to be a Woman? In her book, The Second Sex, she famously
asserted that Woman is other. Woman is not Man, and Man has historically defined what it means to
be human. As such, Woman lives with the reality of Gender oppression. Unable to easily navigate
the world free from oppression, women have to assert their freedom, and climb the social
ladder. While men simply take the elevator to the top floor. Like Sartre, de Beauvoir
believed that people are nothing but their actions— that we are defined by the choices
that we make. But in the case of woman, their identity as the Other is impressed
upon them by a male dominated world. You see, a woman’s facticity—that is the social and
biological facts of her life that she has no control over— limits her freedom. But does not mean she
isn’t free! In fact, she flees from her freedom when, for example, she thoughtlessly buys into the feminine
stereotypes dictated by a male-dominated society. This acceptance is a type of inauthenticity.
For de Beauvoir the masculine majority creates woman as Other. In other words, man defines
himself by that which is NOT feminine, or what De Beauvoir calls a dialectical
process of self construction. This isn’t always a peaceful process. Man is a
savior and the feminine is a damsel in distress. Man is a subject whereas woman
is the object of possession. If woman is seen at all, it’s usually as
purely a biological or sexual object. Simone De Beauvoir’s answer to the question:
“what is woman”, is that “no answer is adequate because a fundamental ambiguity
marks the feminine being” If our human condition is ambiguity, it means that we exist and create
our meaning through the choices we make. Therefore Simone asserts, “One is not
born, but rather becomes, a woman. To live authentically people must live their own lives and accept their radical freedom.
Or not. If Samus chooses to fight space pirates as part of her project to free the galaxy
from the intergalactic yoke of evil space pirates… Is she merely interiorizing
a patriarchal standard by replicating a masculine myth of
virility? Is she acting authentically? What about if she wears a bikini?

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  1. The issue is ultimately there is a difference between men and women, but how much is the difference and how much do we try to separate and cause more difference between the two? Perhaps the difference is just the difference between A and E, which we can never know for real? Those are questions that are the point of feminism, to not be a feminist even as a man is to lack intelligent comprehension of the nature of the world, second language although minute in its intentions is a reflection of unintended values and expressions, language actually limits our potentiality and causes us to conform to ideas and concepts of the language(s) we learn

  2. I smell bullshit.

  3. This is based on the idea that men rule the world when in fact they never have. It's us women who have always ruled the world, men just run things. And by run things I mean build , innovate, protect and get slaughtered. But make no mistake it's all for women. Things got a bit outta hand after the dark ages and into the Puritan era so they got slammed into submission again, but I would say that men oppress women about like women oppress children. With selfless love and kindness. Anybody who will take a bullet for me and die facedown in the mud, even though they've never met me solely because they are a male and feel it to be, or rather are shamed into believing it to be their civic duty, is not what I would call an oppressor. It kinda seems like that person might actually be exploited and oppressed a bit them selves. Maybe the reason why women took so much shit for so long is cause they could plainly see that men were taking waaaaaaaaaaaaay more. Hmmmm ❤️

  4. Men don't just oppress women, we also oppress ourselves, even more so then women. Men also created the standards that make a man a man. If you are a man who does anything feminine, you are no longer a male, you are lower than a female. Women have throughout history deceived feminine stereotypes. From warrior females in Rome, to Vikings women in Nordic cultures, there aren't many, but there have been women who earned their place among men. All men do not get to simply take the elevator, that is complete bullshit. A man MUST act as a man, he MUST meet those stringent standards, it might seem easier from a woman's perspective, but that's only because men do have an easier time meeting those masculine requirements.

    From our naturally high testosterone, to the way that we're raised to not cry for anything, to "take it like a man" to work like a man. Hard strenuous labor is placed upon men at a very young age, and it only gets worse as we age. We place these standards on men because of our biological structure and our built in survival mechanisms. Women have an intrinsic value from their ability to give birth. Eggs are expensive while seeds are cheap as dirt. It's our biological economy that dictates much of how we interact with the world around us. It's women who take the elevators straight to value, while men must be at constant strife and conflict with themselves, the world around them, and other men in order to earn even the tiniest shred of personal value. Women who see only men taking the elevators are the women who see only a very small handful of men in the world, those with power, while all the rest are completely ignored and passed off as wastes of space.

  5., if a man cries he less than a man and can be considered a female? And if a woman does "manly" things such as shoot guns it makes her more of a man than a woman? I just wanna be me, haha. Why don't we just remove all stereotypes of female and male gender roles? That way we can do whatever we want without having to be considered too girly or too manly.

  6. A woman is any person not disposable … Men are default humans that are disposable .. A woman is the gender that moves civilization … Men are the hands needed for that .. That's why throughout history men are the ones who die to protect .. While women are precious beings who're here to make, raise and fortify society by creatin'more men to get things done and women to decide how things get done ……. A man who won'die to protect the women of his group isn'a man .. A woman who won'die for the men of her group is as much a woman .. If we were ants .. Men are the workers and women are the queens .. And this has been true for all human history

  7. Women set the stereotypes for women, not men.

  8. by the way its becoming increasingly apparent that "gender" is a fabrication by humans. Sex is definite and attraction is fairly definite too. But what defines and man or a women from each other is almost all a fabrication.

  9. I am always amused when western women these days can call themselves baby machines. If women are baby machines, then such thing as dating, marriage, parenting & family will not exist. Because men can just impregnates women & lets her fart out babies. Humans don't work like that, western society doesn't work like that as well, never does anywhere either. I always like women who does not follow the feminine mold. If she does, she's not all in with the whole thing. From what I see, women spend a lot fo the time criticizing 1 another, so how is it men's fault for making women feminine?

  10. It should also be considered that, while men naturally have more influence on civilization objectively, they are largely influenced themselves by women and the female sexuality.

  11. What is woman? A question I've asked my whole life…

  12. Fun fact: i.e. Middle Ages knights wore armor, but women wore chain mail bikinis. Armor class still the same, but hot oh so hot.


  14. The fact that you used Simone as your philosophy reference just screams that this vid is nothing more than feminazi propaganda.

  15. One word, Genitals. genders are merely a means to reproduce any behavioural differences is merely a byproduct and is not a constant or absolute. Male domination is just as true as female domination, as women bend over backwards to impress a man and to conform to a man's idea of the ideal woman so does the man for the woman it is not mutually exclusive. female oppression is nothing but an illusion or a wrong interpretation of differences for no suffering is exclusive to a single gender. I absolutely loathe the concept of feminism for it enforces the very idea it is against, sexism. the fact that it is mainly focused on one gender and is literally termed to a single gender is in itself sexist. the myth female oppression is a sham. but please if you disagree prove me wrong I love a good arguement

  16. It'd take an idiot to think that women are seen as objects and men aren't. We both are.

  17. Gasp Spoilers!!

    JK Lol

  18. This Video in W40K

    Women not Human!
    Woman is Xeno!
    Xeno is Heretic!
    Three Billion Heretics on Terra!

  19. A woman is someone with a vagina. That's it. Beauvoir is an idiot who was probably just blaming men for her own bad choices.

  20. Men are not a majority.

  21. NIETHER men or women have ruled the world. We are born, shaped by our society and forced to uphold it's culture under the threat of incarceration or rejection. I'm no more oppressed by 'men' than I am controlled by the ideas and the notions of every other person in existence. 

    Simone's version of women as the other is an idea that forces men into the role of oppressor, just as much as it forces me into the role of the oppressed. The truth is that human beings simultaneously occupy both roles depending on the context.

  22. Lo and behold, this is sociology, the "science" that has transcended silly concepts such as proof and evidence. Assertions are enough.

    Seriously, this is breeding grounds for stupidity.

  23. why did I decide to read the comments

  24. I don't know if Samus likes to do bounty Hunter missions and save the universe and she could consider yourself a girl if she wants I ain't stopping her

  25. For the people in the comments who think it comes down too whats between your legs:

    Its more complicated than that. Women have penises too, the clitoris. Its a micro penis without a urinary track ( mostly ) but the problem is some women might even have a urinary track running in their clit, so then its actually a penis, and they might still have a vagina and a functioning uterus. Just like gender is fluid, sex is also fluid. Boys and girls are genetically the same, boys have genetics for a vagina, and girls have genetics for a nice pair of balls. Mostly it doesnt happen because of hormonal reasons ( Thats the only genetic difference ) but the blue print is in both girls and boys. There is no meaning to "man" and "woman" we should ban those terms. What we are is humans, some have a vagina, some have a dick, and some have both. Thats what is comes down too, the rest is a fabrication. Instead of "Are you a women" we should ask "Are you a vagina type" ? Because it really asks for the essence of the question, rather than asking for a sterotype. It should only be asked for sexual reasons, or technical reasons ( I might be attracted to this person, or I want to know how many urinals I should install as a boss for example )

  26. For the most part Simone De Beauvior is full of crap. Societies do not develop in a vacuum. Women influence in how society evolves just as men do. Women historically needed men to be bigger and stronger and more aggressive to be good providers and protectors. It isn't any surprise that as societies evolved that the ones who were bigger, stronger, more aggressive and risking death to provide and protect felt they deserved the right to be dominant at home over those they were providing for and protecting. Men are just as much victims of how societies have evolved as women. Don't believe men are victims? Then why have 99.99999999% of all the soldiers in history been men? They were seen as expendable while women are not seen as expendable because they are needed to give birth to the next generation or face extinction. One man can get many women pregnant while each woman usually can only give birth to one child at a time after 9 months of vulnerable gestation. This makes each woman more valuable to society than any one man.

    So to answer the question what is a woman? A woman is an adult human female.

  27. Sorry the ending seemed like you implied it might not be feminine to save the universe. Why the fuck not? What is women?> Women is human> Human is mostly unpredicatable-> Women (as man) is mostly unpredeictable-> We can't define something we don't know (under the assumption we can't know what we can't predict)-> Therefore any identification with the word femine is purely subjective and that means it's ultra-feminine to save the universe since it is human to save (or dominate ;)). And yea, I like this channel. Also, please comment and criticize the thought.

  28. where my feminazis at ?

  29. I bet this video triggered a lot of men, mostly because they do not actually know what it means or what it feels like to be a woman in a men-centric society. We are moving forward though, there are women in power as well as women who enjoy playing the role of the traditional idea of a woman (like cooking and cleaning for a partner or becoming a mother or not having a paying job). Men also pressure one another into being "manly" and I think that is only exacerbating the situation we are having with gender. The more men try to be "manly", the more they are unintentionally or intentionally forcing roles onto others.

    I do not think all men consciously oppress women, and there are plenty of women out there who do it every day when they judge other women based on their idea of what a woman is.

    I have been judged more by women in my life than men and I think it is because of the pressure they feel not anything about me. I have spent most of my life actively oppressing my "feminine side" to prove to myself that I am in control of what I am not society. I don't use makeup, I have stopped shaving and even mostly stopped wearing a bra. But isn't that just the rebel inside of me that wants to be different, an individual. Maybe, but maybe it is my choice to decide whether I want to take part in that stageplay we call gender roles.

  30. yay this video wasn't transmisogynist as fuck! 😀 i love when my concerns turn out to be wrong.

  31. Sammus is not the guardian of the galaxy. She is the Zeebenese Goddess of Death.

  32. This poses a much bigger question, is there even such a thing AS acting authentically? In my mind, there isn't really a way to do this. You embrace what you've been brought up to believe you enjoy by the people around you telling you that you enjoy it, are good at it, or you simply rebel from those conceptions, with no true in between.

  33. Jesus Christ, now that's one confusing woman

  34. Pure bullshit. Gender is not a social construct, and that feminism continues to push this idea in the face of scientific evidence just shows how vapid it is.

  35. "Other" means too many things. "other" is somewhat endless.. this vid is idiotic. SHE is not merely other. mankind has many other depending on ideology. Who gives a shit about one ass french idiot. They are all nuts. See "French Feminism". Oops i said all. lol

  36. This is the only 8 bit video I've disagreed with.

  37. gonna watch this every year this same day

  38. what is a woman ? simple. A female human being same way a female horse is called a mare, a female donkey is called a jenny and a female sheep is called an ewe

  39. the comment section is terrible

  40. thanks wisecrack… I was just watching a 2 hour lecture on Simone de B and I must say this video was a lot less clunky… great content as usual… have you thought of doing any contemporary feminist academics like bell hooks? you are usually good descriptors of over convoluted ideas… please consider!

  41. 2:03
    We're trying to save Ms. Oniel and this camera guy is just filming while the building is ON FIRE!

  42. I was expecting these comments to be a shitshow and i was right

  43. woman is sandwich machine and landry washing sex bot

  44. So this is the bitch that all this modern 3rd wave feminist bullshit comes from.

    This sort of philosophy is the female counter-part to Fight-Club, except where the men are trying to regain their masculinity and beat eachother into a pulp, the women are trying to ditch their feminimity and end up lonely retirees who regret they never had any kids.
    No one has any real solutions and no one cares because the entire system is a corrupt abomination that can go to hell as far as they are concerned.

  45. I'm wearing that exact shirt at 2:05 as I type this comment lol. This channel rocks, and thanks for using video games to illustrate valid points in this world and reality.

  46. Interestingly, this requires the assumption that there is a male standard at all. Why would there be a male standard if the patriarchy existed? Wouldn't men just be able to act however they wished? Feminine even?

    In which case: what defines the other? Is it man? Or is it society as a whole which places emphasis on certain traits for both sexes. If that is the case, and both sexes are enforcing it, how can it be a patriarchy?

    I believe that feminists have the correct desired outcome, but they are barking up the wrong tree. There is no elevator for men, period, end of story. There is an elevator in business for those with wealth, those who are willing to forgo staying at home with family, those that sacrifice themselves for their work. The problem is that feminists are operating out the context of the very social constructs they are trying to defeat – and assuming that men are the reason that those constructs endure. (For example, attempting to fit the idea of maternity leave with business success, even though active fatherhood has been unthinkable among men looking to climb the ladder of success.)

    Men have their own problems that this "elevator" mentality completely ignores. Men are raised to be disposable, and they are raised to be human wallets. Men are expected by society to take any job, even ones that risk life and limb, in order to provide for family. If a man happens to have time for family, that's nice, but if he isn't making enough money he's a deadbeat. Mothers on the other hand are worshiped, especially single mothers who can't make ends meet – often the father is blamed for that circumstance – even though feminists wish women to be held to the same account as men. Being a stay at home dad, even if that was the dream of the father, is still considered ridiculous by society at large. Feminists might have spent their whole careers attempting the escape the confines of the home – men have spent countless generations being absent from the home, and yearning for the connection with family that they will inevitably sacrifice along the way to what feminists seem to now consider as "success"

    Now that feminists are beginning to see that you can not have your cake and eat it too, they continue to scapegoat men as a collective. They think that somehow it was men alone that determined their own self destructive servitude in the business world. No, it was not a patriarchy. It was society at large. Men and women both enforced this idea because those roles seemed to complement one another at one point, even if it didn't make everyone happy. Now that women do not want to be pigeonholed into motherhood, they need to also examine the soul crushing path that men are socially demanded to take too.

    What about female presidents? We got extremely close, despite how incredibly bad an option Clinton was. Honestly, if the choice weren't Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin I think that the American public would be open to it. It is a matter of time before women (who make up the majority of college graduates now) will fill the halls of power. Though I suspect that many will still think that a woman taking on the aggressive role that is necessary to succeed in business will bemoan the "patriarchy" even with a majority female government.

  47. can't we just call everyone human and stop trying to make ourselves be different

  48. To me, what this really says is that, when sex (as in biological differences, not intercourse) or gender is not vital to a game's plot, who gives a damn? When it's not motivation to the flow of the game (e.g. – boyfriend/girlfriend saving lover) why should we need to care that Samus is a woman and a bounty hunter? If I remember, didn't the manual already say that she was female? All that means is that most players didn't read the manual. If you're a feminist and are screaming "GIRL POWER" because of this, in my mind, you're just as bad as the guys who were pissed that they were playing as a girl.


  50. I like the little Sartre at 0:46

  51. I respect whamen

  52. people forget that the original game manual listed the playable character under a diffrent name, not samus aran, unfortunatly i dont recall the name, but it was something at the time that was basically only used as a male name, something like david.

  53. I know what isn't a woman: Caitlyn Jenner.

  54. This comment section is actually pretty nice and honestly gives me hope in people

  55. Men and Women should be treated as equals, not above or below each other… if that can be accomplished we will have made good progress as a species.

  56. "women are nothing but machines for producing children." – Napoleon Bonaparte .

  57. so THAATS when cancer begun. thank you wisecrack. elevator to the top yeah right.

  58. Oh boy….here we go……??

  59. Lets just complain about social stereotypes when we could literally do what ever we want but we are afraid of what other people will think

  60. damn that really makes you think ,you see people applauding to the concept of Sammus being an heroic female heroe but like the video says is just an imitation of a man …

  61. 1:48 awkwardly there was a majority of women..

  62. Uhg… No. Disagree. Vehemently. There is no "authenticity". We all have to accept certain illusions, delusions, and falsehoods in order to interface socially and survive. Otherwise cry victimhood, jettison responsibility, and cry muh patriarchy without taking time to honestly assess your situation and motives. Try harder.

  63. Feminism is dead in the west, only to reanimated by politicians and yellow journalists to suit ther agendas.

    To all those who claim feminism is still needed, please remember that historical context is relevant as to why de beauvoir is more accepted than Anita Sarkeesian and her types.

    Would you rather live in De Beauvoirs time period or in modern times?

    There's your answer to why feminism is considered redundant; culture and laws have moved on since de beauvoir.
    Everyone now believes in choice feminism; men are very much free to objectify women in their fantasies and women can do likewise, so why do those "feminists" claim it is only bad when men do it?

    I think they want more institionalized power to govern repress mens behaviour and or money.

  64. Both your video and de Beauvoir are full of shit. God bless Metroid.


  66. 1:30 please do not pair a complex piece of narration with a complex piece of text simultaneously, ever, ever again. Edit: 1:50 you did it again!

  67. women are just piles of crazy emotions . it's not really their fault but it's still a good idea to avoid them.

  68. Really wish these would come back they were so good and easy to introduce to others.

  69. The end is very on point.

    If the system is bad and the women want( or is obligated) to be part of the system. She is doing right or wrong? Provably wrong.

    A woman who wants to become equal to man lack ambition. Timothy Leary.

    It is no measure of health to be well adjust to a profound sick society. Jiddu Krisnarmurti.

  70. People are individuals. Stop viewing individual people as members of arbitrary groups that they were born into. Group membership is not a person's identity. Every person is a unique individual.

  71. lol I wonder how many people got triggered by this video.

  72. My problem with Beauvoir's world view is that it can be seen that society is inherently sexist, even in a place like the United States, an extraordinarily pluralistic society.

  73. so that is how tumblr's crazyass genders were born. tumblr and deviant art

  74. I like this channel overall, but that isn’t philosophy, rather, it’s contrived nonsense. There’s absolutely no logical fluidity. You just described someone’s point of view that was built upon the premise of arbitrary assumptions.

  75. Women today waste their time bitching and being stupid. Not all, but allot now.

  76. Samus is a sex apple for the west as well as ploy to sell woman video games if they think the fact Samus is a woman then woman can play video games.

  77. Well I never knew that rational feminist existed. For the longest time I thought that to be woman what's to be a criminally insane sea mammal that had escaped the ocean I am breeding with pirates and that's attacked other humans getting feminism as an excuse.

  78. What's a woman?
    I think of a man and take away reason and accountability…

  79. Do youtube channels choose who advertises before their videos? Not the sponsor in the video. If so, why allow Pragu? They aren't a legit university.

  80. Fuck I love being Male,
    I got access to the Male only lifts,

    I'm allowed to drive when women can't,

    I just walk into a business and start work the next day as the CEO,

    If I want a house I just point to a vacant lot of land say "House There" and those Women slog their guts out building it for me for absolutely FREE,

    When ever I take a holiday on a cruise ship I know I'll always be saved first,

    If war breaks out ill never be sent to war against my will, and spared when my town get invaded.

    When my Woman has a child I get 3months paid work leave on the back of other hard working Women who had no say in me staring a family, while I send her straight back to work a 50hour week while all I do is whinge about smelly diapers and crap daytime TV and how hard it is while she "socializes at work".

  81. I always appreciated the Eastern Taoist principle of yin and yang when it comes to men and women.

  82. men use power to get sex. women use sex to get power.

  83. Basically women are susceptible to being oppressed by an imperfect world run by men and because of this they make terrible decisions and that's somehow mans fault for running shit through all of history.

    It makes sense if you're actually insane.

  84. Interested in philosophy? Unleash the divine feminine. Destroy the patriarchy. Check out Hyperianism.

  85. What is Woman?
    Ask Dracula.

  86. de Beauvior gets a pass for her anti-men sentiment. Today however, in western culture, to escalate the ladder of society, the same is expected from man and woman. Just because you're a man it does not mean that there will be a good job and a house waiting for you after birth. No matter who you are, if you want something that you don't have, you have to work for it, period.

  87. This is a brilliant piece to explain some of the ideas of SdB.

  88. There’s definitely something called female nature, and it’s not created, it’s inherited.

  89. As a child, at first, I thought "Samus" was a dude because the name sounded pretty masculine. (And it sounds roman to me.)

  90. I just started reading the Second Sex and Cambridge companion… I've done enough blind feminist bashing and actually want to hear what they have to say now.

  91. I have learned much from philosophy but all male philosophers can only show you male interpretations of the universe. There ought to be more female philosophers.

  92. therefore, IS MA'AM!!!!

  93. Women are oppressed…

    So her grooming of young girls for her boyfriend I guess isn't considered oppression I guess because she's a leftist.

  94. A woman is a human being that has the biological structure to carry within them a human offspring Now that doesn't mean all human females can carry offsprings but all have the biological structure to do so
    Human Males do not have that ability at all

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