What The Heck Are They Doing? (GAME) #3

What The Heck Are They Doing? (GAME) #3

Can you tell what someone’s doing just
by looking at a picture of their face? Let’s talk about that! ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning.
– You might be able to tell what someone’s feeling just by looking at their face, but
today we ask the question, “Can you tell what someone is doing just by looking at
an isolated picture of their face?” – Ha ha haaaa!
– I think I can. You’re laughing right now. Ha ha ha! It’s not gonna be easy! I’ve
found some crazy images and I’m just gonna show you the faces.
Because it’s time to play… (Link) What the Heck are they Doing?
AKA, What’s That Face’s Body Doing? Part Tre! All right, Rhett, so each round
is worth a million points. – Wow!
– If you get 6 million points, you get to side-step getting a Cheez Whiz facial and
instead I have to get the Cheez Whiz facial. – (chuckles) Okay.
– But if you lose the game, you gotta get – a Cheez Whiz facial spa treatment.
– Oh, is that helpful? – Um, no, it’s a punishment.
– Oh. – It’s not gonna be great.
– Oh, sharp cheddar! Woosh! That’s gonna go all over
your face, not in your mouth. – I love sharp cheddar.
– All right, you got three life lines that you can use once each. You can ask me to
zoom out on the image, you can ask to show – me more, another part of the image,
– Okay. or you can say, “Let me hear it,” and I
will make a sound which is an audio hint of what’s gonna happen. You ready
to try to get your 6 million points? – I am so ready.
– Check out this guy. What the heck is he doing? Is he A: Jet skiing next to
an airborne shark? B: Balancing on a raft made of plastic bottles?
C: Surfing with a llama in a life jacket? or D: Trying desperately to save his only
friend from floating away? Wilson! – WILSON! Tom Hanks… impression…
– Oh, Tom Hanks! That was a really good
Tom Hanks impression. Yeah. What’ll it be, Rhett?
– Well, he’s obviously in the water. – A water sport.
– Mmhm. He’s got that right arm up, which I
think… If you’ve got your arm up, you’re usually not jet skiing, unless
you’re trying to ride a jet ski like a bull, – which is not advised.
– But could be done! Surfing can happen like that,
but llamas don’t surf. – I need your answer.
– B! Balancing on a raft made of plastic – bottles, Link.
– Well that’s your guess, and it’s wrong, – Rhett.
– (buzzer buzzes) – The answer is C.
– WHAT?! – (Link) Surfing with a llama in a life jacket!
– ♪ (sad music) ♪ – (Rhett) Look at that sad…
– (Link) Look at that sad, soggy llama. – (Rhett) He doesn’t look happy.
– No llama should be made soggy. I don’t care if he is on a board. And why
are the surfer’s arms up like that? He’s like, (silly voice)
“I’m with a llama! I got a llama! Look!” (laughs) All right, look at this next one.
What the heck is this kid doing? Is he A: Getting kicked in the groin by a
dog? B: Getting Pantsed in front of his friends? (laughs) Pantsed! Is he
C: Reaching into a gross pile of spaghetti? or D: (sings) ♪ It’s his birthday and he’ll
cry if he wants to. Cry if he wants to, ♪ – ♪ cry if he wants to… ♪
– Hm. Oh, it’s a song! A song reference. – If you choose D I’ll keep singing it.
– Um, I don’t want to get in a hole here, Link, so I’m going to ask for– I’m gonna
go ahead and use a life line. – All right.
– And I’m going to ask you to zoom out. (Rhett sings) ♪ I’m gonna
ask you to zoom out! ♪ (Link) There you go, I just zoomed out. (crew laughs) – What a jerk, man.
– (laughs) – What a jerk!
– Did I or did I not just zoom out? – Can you zoom back in? Please go back.
– There you go. There he is. – Okay.
– Back where it was. No in-betweenies – with this one.
– Dogs don’t kick people in groins but I – didn’t think llamas surfed.
– True. Pantsed in front of his friends, no.
Gross pile of spaghetti… This seems like a Double Dare moment.
Gross pile of spaghetti, C! (laughs) I made that up ’cause it just
kinda looks like that, but no, he’s getting – kicked in the groin by a dog!
– (buzzer buzzes, sad music) – (Link) Hasn’t that ever happened to you?
– (Rhett) These animals know no limits! – (Link laughs)
– (Rhett) Animals know no limits anymore! Now, if that was a wet llama kicking him
in the groin? I would have nothing to do with it. Let’s move on.
You know what? We can– – (sighs)
– It’ll be okay, man. – It might be okay. I don’t know.
– You can get through this. – I do like Cheez Whiz.
– Check this woman out. What the heck is she doing? Is she A: Blocking the attack
of a dive-bombing seagull? Dive-bombing. B: Dodging a rogue baseball bat?
C: Demonstrating her perfect jump shot form, or D: Sheepishly volunteering
as tribute in the Hunger Games? I think I know this one. Without a life
line. She’s at a place where there’s people sitting around her. She’s at a
baseball game. It’s a rogue baseball bat. – B! Final answer.
– You sure? – (bell dings)
– (Rhett) YEAH! – (Link) It is it! Dodging a rogue baseball bat.
– (Rhett) Dang, that dude got it. (Link) Check out the guy who’s getting hit
by the bat! He did not dodge it. It’s like – taking his jaw over a couple of clicks.
– (Rhett) He thought it was gonna go for the groin, ’cause his groin is protected.
His hands are in the right place down there, but maybe he was
just not paying attention. – (Link) Good work, R-yett. Rhett.
– My name is Rhett, Link. – (laughs)
– My name is Rhett. Good work, Yet! … you’re still losing,
is what… I didn’t finish my sentence. – Okay.
– Um… what the heck is this guy doing? Is he A: Using a cat as a mop to clean up
spilled milk? Is he B: Riding a comically small zomboni machine?
Call it a “zamboni” machine. – Yeah, that’s what I usually call it.
– That’s the ice thingy. C: Curling in his bathroom with a teapot
and some ice cubes? Or D:, feeling his – hairline receding in real time.
– (chuckles) Oh, come on, oh wow! – Grar, gotta be mean to the guy.
– Well again, cats… I mean, animals can – do anything apparently. It’s 2015. Um…
– ‘Cause the year matters. – Zomboni… what is a– it’s a zamboni.
– Zamboni. So why does it say “Zomboni?” That seems
like that answer just disqualifies itself. – I used the wrong vowel. Chill out.
– I think this guy is curling in his bathroom with a teapot and some ice cubes,
because I don’t even understand what that – means, so it must be the real answer.
– (Link gasps) – (bell dings)
– (Link) You’re right, Rhett! – (both laugh)
– (Link) Look at that guy! He’s awesome! – (Rhett) Curling, ah, yeah.
– Curling in a bathroom. He’s gonna be an Olympian. All right,
let’s keep this train a’ rollin’. – (Rhett) I’m on a roll!
– (Link) What the heck is this guy doing? Is he A: Mid-flip in a diving competition?
Is he B: Throwing a javelin but tripping at the same time? Is he C: Getting hit in
the gut with a medicine ball? Or D: About to sneeze a sneeze so powerful that
he forgets what year it is for a minute. – Oh! Mm… 2015. Okay.
– I’ve done that before. Mid-flip in a diving competition. You’re
not supposed to stick your tongue out like that when you’re diving. Ah…
throwing a javelin and tripping at the same time. I mean, since when do people
get hit in the gut with a medicine ball? I think that this guy is throwing a
javelin but tripping at the same time. B! – (buzzer buzzes, sad music)
– No! He’s mid-flip in a diving competition! – (Rhett) What?!
– (Link) And he’s waving! He’s like, – “Hey guys! I look awesome!”
– (Rhett) Well, that’s– he’s not gonna – do well.
– (laughs) That’s bad form, ’cause the water goes in
the mouth when you hit the water. All right. Come on, don’t give up yet.
What the heck is she doing? Is she A: Ducking under a dirt bike that’s
flying over her head? B: About to be bitten in the face by a flying dog?
C: Getting peed on by a child being held – by her husband?
– (chuckles) – Or D: Gossiping about something again.
– Hmm… – Look at her.
– She doesn’t seem like she knows she’s being peed on. She seems happy.
Maybe she likes to be peed on. Link, um, I think I need a life line.
Because if I miss any from this point on, – I don’t get the facial, right? So…
– All right. I want you to show me something
else. Show me more. All right. I’ll show you a
little bit more. There– (laughs) (Rhett) Why’re your clues
so bad, man? That’s just grass! It’s a different part of
the screen! Grass, see? But you know what? Now I know that she
is not in a dirt bike situation, ’cause that – would be dirt!
– Mmhm. That’s right! She’s either getting peed on or she’s
doing the flying dog thing, and I think– I don’t believe that animals are fantastic
enough to be in the middle of this answer – again. I mean…
– Maybe you should! I think you should, maybe. Okay, all right. B: About to be
bitten in the face by a flying dog. – (bell dings)
– (Link) You’re right, Rhett! – (Rhett laughs)
– (Link) About to be bitten in the face by a flying dog! Look at that! The dog
thinks her face is the Frisbee! Wow, maybe he just thinks
she looks scrumptious. – (Link) So Rhett, you’ve got three right.
– Why is she so happy? All right, you can still pull this off.
Let’s make it quick, though. (Link) What the heck is he doing? Is he
A: Riding on a scooter being driven by a dog? B: Watching a man balance a stack of
turtles on his head? C: Sitting on the shoulders of a Sumo wrestler? or D:
showing off his award-winning left ear? Hm. That is a nice ear. Actually,
not really, the more I look at it. – (crew laughs)
– It’s a little misshapen. Riding on a scooter being driven
by a dog. Again with the dogs doing things. – And animals. Ah… he doesn’t…
– You know, you gotta do some image searches to make this game up.
What do you think I’m searching for? Um… Link, I need you to make a noise.
Whatever it is. What is the last life line where you say things? Phbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtbtb….
(laughs) Well, I know that’s not a turtle sound,
so I’m gonna say A, the scooter, man. – He’s on a scooter.
– Oh, I’m sorry Rhett, you’re right! – (Rhett laughs)
– (Link) Look at that dog driving a scooter! – (Rhett) I love animals!
– (Link) The dude is so nonchalant about it. – (Rhett) They’re fantastic!
– (LinK) He’s not even looking where the – dog is driving the scooter!
– I thought he would have a more concerned – look! That’s why I did–
– That’s is confident! – Wow!
– Don’t look at the dog’s teats. Let’s keep moving! What the heck is she doing?
Is she A: driving in a tiny truck over a man wearing a kilt? B: Riding a miniature
horse dressed like Yoda, or C: Laughing at her boyfriend’s pie-covered face, or D:
Finding out she’s having Joe Jonas’s baby! (chuckles) Who isnt’t these days? Driving in a tiny truck
over a man wearing a kilt. He’s a jealous man!
Is that Nick Jonas? Whatever. Riding a miniature horse
dressed like Yoda. She’s definitely laughing, but that’s why
you put it there. I mean, she’s not really laughing in her boyfriend’s face, because
that’s not interesting enough. – You wouldn’t have put that on here.
– (singing) ♪ She still gets jealous! ♪ Is it a miniature horse dressed
like Yoda or is it a tiny truck – over a man wearing a kilt?
– You tell me, Rhett! Come on! – Is it another animal?
– Come on, Rhett! Tiny truck! – (Link) Yes!
– (bell dings) – (Rhett) Yahaha, yes! Oh, I’m still alive!
– (Link) It’s a tiny truck over a man – wearing a kilt!
– (Rhett) I’m still alive, Link! (Link) The man is wearing a kilt!
All right, let’s keep going, Rhett. (Link) This comes down to the wire. Do I
get the Cheez Whiz face, or do you? (Link) What the heck is he doing?
A: About to be run over by his friend in a golf cart? B: Relaxing in a field
while covered in chickens? C: Lying in a – pit at the Gathering of the Juggalos?
– (chuckles) Oh, really? That’s not a joke? Or D: Unapologetically doing
20 percent of a situp? – (both laugh)
– I am such a fan of the Gathering of the Juggalos. I don’t even care it’s the right
answer, I’m gonna say C because I love – anything to do with that.
– Really? – Yeah.
– Do we have another life line? We used ’em all?
All right… No, you’re wrong! – (buzzer buzzes, sad music)
– (Rhett) GAH! Really? (Link) He’s relaxing in a field
while covered in chickens! And I win. Turns out you can learn a lot
from looking at somebody’s face, but not enough to not get Cheez Whiz
on yours. Thanks for liking, commenting, – and subscribing.
– You know what time it is. Hi, I’m Elaina from Shrewsbury
Massachusetts, and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. Don’t miss your chance to pick up an
Oh My Flavors! T-shirt from Remember
it all goes to a great cause, Action Against Hunger,
right there on the back! Click through to Good Mythical More.
I am going to give Rhett a Cheez Whiz facial spa treatment. Mmm! (Rhett) Link is an
overzealous yoga teacher! (gruffly) All right! I want– I want
you to– I want you to stretch, man. Stretch it! Stretch it! Stretch the arms!
Stretch the pelvis! Stretch the pelvis! Stretch the pectorals! And then take this
and… all right, don’t breathe. Hold your breath! Hold your breath,
and now… put your toe in your mouth! Put your toe in my mouth!
Come on! Work with me! Oh gosh, I’m regretting this. [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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