What’s In a Game – DanTDM Creates a Big Scene (Ep 3)

What’s In a Game  – DanTDM Creates a Big Scene (Ep 3)

CHEERING Dan TDM to the stage, calling
Dan TDM to the stage. [LAUGHS] I’m eating your fluffy
marshmallow tree. Yep. All your mushrooms belong to me! Cheat. What? You cheated. No, Evil Dan, I did not cheat,
will you just let me go to
sleep? You did, you cheated, 28 times
in a row. No I didn’t. Evil Dan, you’re
such a bad loser. Loser? Ha, and push ups, one
finger [LAUGHS], no fingers. How would you describe Evil Dan? Competitive. Competitive. Competitive, betterer? Yes.
Gooderer? Yes. Handsomer?
Perhaps. Come on Dan, heel spins, win,
hair spike ups? [LAUGHS]. What is going on? Our games console. That had all the shows games. How are we gonna do the show? Look guys, don’t worry, we’ve
got three back ups. Oops. Harr. Oops. Beach volleyball? This is a disaster. We’ve got a show tomorrow and
we’ve got no games. It’s just gonna be me on stage
alone. That is a disaster. But it’s all Evil Dan’s fault. What? What about you and the
pig? Exercise is important, you were
just showing off. Showing off? Look guys, we all make mistakes. How dare you? Wait! Guys, it’s fine, we’ll just go
back to the game developers,
they’re bound to have a copy. It’s just up here. Eve, you guys like me right?
You admire me? You actually love me? It’s just that you’re a little
bit competitive. A bit? And those shoes, ridiculous,
who wears them so pointy? Um, how about those cool guy
over there. Yeah, your shoes are hardly
point at all! [LAUGHS]. Evil Dan, if you want people to
like you you’re gonna have to
be less competitive. It’s not nice. Fine, I’ll be nice. Argh! [SQUAWKS] Nice! Where’s this games place then? It was just here. I think it’s been taken over. Harr harr. Oh burgers? No. Speak for yourself Dan. Don’t panic, we just need to
find a games company to make
the games. You’re right, don’t panic. If there’s anyone who can track
down an address for us, it has
to be a mail man. I know the perfect one. Hi Craig. Harr… Oh ok I’m panicking. We’ll never
find another games company. Yeah sure we could’ve told Dan. But what are we, tour guides? This is a disaster. It’s ok. Ouch. Hey look, another games company. Ok guys, no messing around,
these are serious people, we
have to impress them. Who does he think he is? Right Ellie, let’s impress ’em. Welcome. Hi, err we need some games for
our show. Name? Dan. Dan? Um TDM. Mr um TDM- I’m sorry is there some way we
can speed this up? [COUGHS] Wanna send any more germs my
way? Oh sorry no err I was just… I’m afraid I’m gonna have to
ask you to leave. What? No please. It’s not a circus. But- Dan TDM. They were just leaving. Nonsense. Great honour, big fan. Thanks. If you want games, you’ve come
to the right place. Follow me,
I’ll already be walking. Great, thank you. This place is awesome [LAUGHS].
Selfie. No photos! Sorry. So… We need some games for our show. When is it? Tonight. Ah. We had some great games until
someone ruined them. Not a problem, first things
first, graphics. Here’s one of our best
designers, she’ll get you the
right look for your games. Hey. And then you need code to run
it. Hey. You guys do all your clothes
shopping together? [LAUGHING] What are their names? Copy and
paste? Get it? Copy and paste. [LAUGHING] Guys, the games? The games, great. Let’s get
cracking. The guys from Games Corp showed
us just how a game is actually
built. They helped us out with design,
coding and let us test our new
games . I must step out, if you excuse
me. Well, glad that guy’s gone hey?
What a weirdo. Err Evil Dan, he’s saving our
bacon. Excuse me. How about you just stay out of
the way? [LAUGHS]. [LAUGHS]. Argh! [LAUGHS]. It’s nothing. To work. Ouch. The games are coming together
but it’s time to get back to the theatre for the show. What
could possibly go wrong? Guys, I have to tell you
something. They’re working with Denton, you mustn’t use their
games in the show tonight. Because you might lose?
[LAUGHING] Ah. Maybe we were a little harsh. [LAUGHING] Unbelievable. They laughed at me because I’m
competitive. I love to win but now that’s
negative. Should I go? Should I go? Should I go? No I
must return and save the show. Ok guys, ready for tonight? Wait, where’s Evil Dan? Who cares about that red haired
weirdo? We’ve got the games. Guys, come on, Evil Dan’s a
good guy but I think this time
he’s finally lost it. We’re gonna have to do the show
tonight without him. Not a problem. CHEERING So it’s that time in the show
where we need to play some
games so anyone good at games? CHEERING. Guys, can you hook up the
console? Cool um, oh yeah how about you? Right then Harper if you
just stand just here for me
that’d be perfect. Right? Wait, what’s going on? It looks like everyone’s been
hypnotised. [LAUGHS]. Denton? [LAUGHS]. Oh no, the evil plan is
working, I have to stop them, I
think I know how. Evil Dan. Push ups! Heel spins. Hair spike ups.
[LAUGHS]. [LAUGHS]. Yeah, Evil Dan actually really
saved us. I guess we learned that he
isn’t so bad after all. I still think his shoes are
ridiculous. CHEERING. Thanks Evil Dan. You know what, for an evil
twin, you’re pretty great. Competition can be bad. But it can also be good,
especially when it defeats
Denton, who is bad. If life gives you lemons, take
them back to the store within
14 days to exchange for apples, protein
balls and sugar cubes or any other thing that pigs
like. I’m Mr Pig and I’ve always just
wanted to dance.

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