What’s inside a Football Helmet?

What’s inside a Football Helmet?

– Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln, and this is Dan. – Today we are here at the
BYU football facilities in Provo, Utah. We wanted to kick off the
college football season right, by coming down and getting
ourselves an authentic, game worn BYU college football helmet. The cool thing about this helmet is it’s signed by Ty Detmer. In 1990 he won this Heisman Trophy award for the best college athlete of the year out of all college football. So Lincoln’s holding the
helmet from 2014 season, and it’s right next to
the helmet from 1990. Big difference in the helmets. (Lincoln laughs) I’m sure it helps a lot with concussions, and it’s a lot safer than
what they used to wear, but here’s a closer look
at the Heisman Trophy. Beautiful place, one of the
most beautiful college settings, in all of America with
the Y on the mountain, and hopefully this turns out
to be a great season for them. Are you excited buddy? – Yeah. – This is the entrance
to the BYU locker room, and the first game of the
season is against Nebraska. 1984 BYU won the national championship. Here’s the trophy. Check out this giant
bronze beauty, it is huge. (upbeat music) – Here you go bud. – Thank you. – You’re very welcome. – We’re back home with
this BYU football helmet. You can see scratches on
it, and different dents. This this was definitely worn in a game. The stickers, represent
good plays, key plays, somebody made during the season. We’ve taken some paper and tape and covered up the two signatures on here. That way the little
particles don’t damage it, because this helmet it’s painful. We are just BYU fans, they didn’t help us make
this video or anything. We love BYU, so to cut this this in half, it’s kind of painful to do, so I want to do the best I can to keep it into a straight line, so that afterwards we
have two separate helmets that can go on the wall. It’ll look really cool that way. One thing that I think is interesting, is that you can see on the helmet, there’s a little nozzle
right here and right here, where you can put in a nozzle and pump up part of the
helmet so it fits better. So let’s get to the cutting. Sound good? – Yeah. (upbeat music) – Come on out, check this out. – Yay. – We’re getting pretty far a long here. – Wow. – Check it out. – You’re almost there, and
you, take it apart right now. – You can pull it apart. – Huh? ( Dan yells) (Dan laughs) – Oh man. – That looks so cool. – Alright let’s take a look
and see what’s in there. Look at that, – It’s mostly plastic. – Here’s the helmet, plastic,
and then the face guard. Pretty sweet, I mean
picture that on the wall, how cool that it’s going to be. We take off the signature,
and see who this one is. – It’s.. – It’s Tye Detmer. – I thought it was going
to be plastic inside of it, but there was more pads than
we thought would be inside. – Yeah let’s look at the pad side of it. So we got all these pads
that go along with it. You can kind of see on here
it’s just these pads right here, that are covered with this soft stuff. It has a little bit of gel in it. Here’s the one that has the little plug, where you can fill it up, and it looks like doesn’t
fill up much of it with air, just that little section, and then if you want to see here, Lincoln hold on to that, here’s what the pads look like, and this one is the one
that goes right on the back, and you can see it’s just this foam stuff. – So that’s what’s inside
of a football helmet. – That was a lot of fun right? We got to meet a football player, it may have taken us two and
a half hours to stand there and wait for Taysom Hill, but I wanted to leave, but Lincoln was like “No! We need to stay, “we need to wait for him.” So, I’m glad that we waited. Now we have a signature from Tye Detmer, a signature of Taysom Hill. Hopefully this guy can
win the Heisman this year, that would be a great success for BYU, and here is the helmet, there’s the pads, there’s the inside of the helmet. – The outside of the helmet. – If you like this video,
please like it below, and go watch some of our other videos. We really appreciate your support. (upbeat music) (tiger growl) (Lincoln vocalizing) – That is what’s… That is what’s inside of
a “SsshhFootball” helmet. – A ‘SsshhFootball’ helmet? (Lincoln laughs) – Okay, go ahead , try it again. – So really not much to the helmet. – Ah, my foot. – Which foot? Okay. – Let’s take off some of these pads. – Ow. – Oh. – Owie, again. – Take this off. (Lincoln laughs) (Dan laughs) – Nice. – Click our others if you
have some time, thanks a lot. – Hello. – Okay, that good? – Yup

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