What’s inside a Rattlesnake Rattle?

What’s inside a Rattlesnake Rattle?

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  1. ドラマチックなパーカッション音楽は草

  2. who came here to compare lincoln’s voice now to this vid

  3. Make more videos like this ??

  4. Hi what's inside your bank account

  5. Because common parent and child who are not an expert observe it in their glance, it is very plain.

    ↑ Is it this,OK??

  6. Never even cared to know ….

  7. Idk why I like the sound of it cracking

  8. It was kinda ASMR hearing the rattle being cut.

  9. The snake is 12 years old

  10. Did you bump into TheOdd1sout and Jaiden Animations in Arizona? ??

  11. The inside of a rattlesnake rattle is karraten it’s the same material as it’s scales but in beeds

  12. Cool!

    Now what’s inside the Rattle snake!

  13. Open a fox shock 3.o

  14. What's inside my hamster

  15. i genuinely thought this was Ryan Reynolds at first smh

  16. The tail is bone what do you expect

  17. Now lets cut your bones to see what's inside


  19. Wow rattle snakes are pretty cute

  20. Wtf this channel just explooodeddd

  21. What's inside human soul

  22. rip danger noodle

  23. No ball bearings?

  24. Can you kidding me

  25. America, let your son see a dead snake and probably let him get bitten by a real one. Good job I live in England where you see a one inch spider and treat it like it is a spider from Australia.

  26. "There's nothing inside of it"
    Me being a snake person that made do one big FACE PALM cuz I'm like
    "Omg. A rattlesnake's rattle is literally MADE from all their shed scales!!!"

  27. I love the sound

  28. Живодеры или да?

  29. Plastic snake did plastic surgery and he became plastic and his poop is plastic eyes are plastic everything plastic

  30. I like snakes but I wouldn’t live with one that should attack me

  31. I thought it was gonna be full of marbles

  32. Oh. My. Gosh. When they went to the zoo I thought they would steal a snake or something, I’m dumb.

  33. Can u do what’s inside area 51?‍♀️?‍♀️

  34. What's inside a 80's TV. Like if you agree

  35. My teacher in the 1st grade brought a rattlesnake’s rattle to class and one kid ate it-

  36. Aww that little kid is adorable.

  37. 3:21 well you don't want your bones to be weak now would you?

  38. Wait is the rattle snake rattle bone or onion hide the rattle snakes from shrek

  39. dramatic percussion music in the background

  40. Imagine if u were cutting open a rattle

  41. Video start in

  42. Poor snake! 🙁

  43. this came up on the search ‘rattle me bones’

  44. My mom made rattle nuggets

  45. 3:00 what u came for

  46. You guys out here defiling a dead thing that had a real life cause you're "curious"

  47. Don't you think this is animal abuse?

  48. What’s inside a scorpion ?

  49. 3:37 sounds gross? well let me tell you the rattle snakes rattle is the same material that your finger nail and hair made of so is the scales

  50. really can find everything on eBay

  51. Funny story; when I was with my grandpa at the zoo, there was a small rattlesnake. I was looking at it, at it was rattling its tail. Then BOOM it struck. I didn’t expect that, so I jumped. It didn’t get me, though, as it was behind glass.

  52. Poor rattlesnake

  53. PETA wants to know your location

  54. kind of like balls

  55. I would not touch that if it was me

  56. 3:00 thank me later

  57. So this video can be replaced with 1s image of word "nothing"

  58. At least I know now ??‍♂️.

  59. Thanks guys, this is Syed from India, I have always wanted to see inside rattle snake tail

  60. We’ve watched this kid grow from child to teen.

  61. Me: watching in 2019 he’s so little

  62. @what’s inside; We want to know what’s inside Area 51.

  63. 86M VIEWS? WHAAAT? You didn't see this video yet?

  64. Luke got big real fast

  65. Why are we doing an autopsy
    on a snake

  66. 3:15 starts the actual cutting

  67. how does this have 86 million views and how am i one of them

  68. I remember watching this when i was a 10 year old

  69. this is the very first video i watched which was a few year ago

  70. I disliked for not getting to the point.

  71. اكو عرب بالطيارة

  72. 日本人の人?‍♂️?‍♀️

  73. Me: It's so satisfying
    Them: yUcK

  74. If the snake could see this

  75. I don’t know what it was but something about this video made me really uncomfortable

  76. this is animal abuse

  77. This is how human's are ???

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