What’s inside a Volleyball?

– Hello YouTube world, we’re back to cut open another ball and
figure out what’s inside of it. Due to popular request,
we have a volleyball. This volleyball is Tachikara
zebra, it’s really soft. I don’t know much about volleyballs but we ordered this on
Amazon and my daughters love it and they wanna keep it, they’re sad that we’re
gonna cut it open, so we are doing it while they’re gone today. So here we go with our Tachikara zebra ball. It’s very bouncy and it’s about
to not be so bouncy anymore. Right, Lincoln?
– [Boy] Right. Okay so, we’re gonna cut it, I’d like to not cut open the air nozzle which is right here, so
we’re gonna cut along this actual handwriting on here. Just have a razor blade, I think that should be able to do it. Right?
– Yeah. – [Man] Okay, let’s give it a go. (ball pops)
– [Both] Oh! – [Man] Oh man, that was full of air. Just squished right in my face. Okay I think this is somewhat
similar to a soccer ball because it feels as though
there are two layers to it. – Yes, I love the soccer ball. – [Man] And I think I
am only cutting open one with this little, oh, there we go. That was not a clean cut, but
– [Boy] Woah. – [Man] Okay, we got that part. There we go, there’s a
nice little top part. – Let me see. – [Man] And then let’s
go ahead and put that on Lincoln’s head here
and then we’ve got this rubbery part in here, it’s like rubber it’s not like a tennis ball where it has that nice netting stuff around it not a tennis ball, sorry, a soccer ball, has all that netting around it. It’s just a, feels like, pure rubber. No wonder it’s so bouncy. Gotta be careful, I don’t wanna cut my finger with this knife. Almost got it, I think.
– Good. – [Man] Hey, there we go.
– Yeah. – [Man] All right, so
we’ve got this little rubber top here, and then
– [Boy] Woah! – [Man] inside, look at
this, check this out. It’s got the little air nozzle,
kinda like a basketball, it’s white though, kinda cool. Move it around here, I’ll show you. Check it out, Lincoln. – [Boy] Woah, it’s white! – [Man] So it has two
layers, like this soft stuff look inside of that, hmm.
– [Boy] Like this. – [Man] That’s pretty cool.
So there we go, now we know what’s inside of a volleyball. So thanks so much for your suggestions, I never would have thought
to cut open a volleyball we’re going to cut open a few more balls in the next couple of days and we’ll get them posted to YouTube, so if you have any other
suggestions, let us know and thanks for watching.

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