What’s inside an Arcade Machine?

What’s inside an Arcade Machine?

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  1. Sweet video. Some classics truly will never get old!

  2. I have one of those pac man game in my house and im disappointed

  3. "Some kind of amplifier for… the energy "

  4. Give it to mark rober

  5. Give me pls what inside

  6. What’s inside a CFL please

  7. I want to report this

  8. what a sin. that was a 1980 machine. disgusting. ms pac man is 1982. these are rare antiques

  9. Unbelievable I can’t believe you had destroyed a 1981 Arcade machine. You could’ve just open the rear door.?

  10. That coil is a deflection coil

  11. 2 years later, and this is still one of the most painful things I've ever seen.

  12. You piece of crap why would you do that that's my favorite game!!!?

  13. Second of all I'm not downloading this piece of crap I like Pac-Man and want you two story one of the bills popular 1980s arcade

  14. dam im trying to build an artisanal cabinet and this guys destroying and original arcade,,,,

  15. Can u get raed of a arcade

  16. Best youtuber ever

  17. Build a new Pacman game with panel

  18. And those arcade cabinets are super rare

  19. That's very expensive I mean come on

  20. Buzz light-year might be inside the fan

  21. Wow this is one of my favorite arcade machine and I thought it have more inside

  22. I feel bad for the kid. His dad's a tool.

  23. 3:14 make new pac man machine tablet mode

  24. F**k you and your channel. The only redeeming value of this video is that you pretty much crushed $2,000 you could have got by selling that game.

  25. This guy isn't very mechanically inclined, evidently. The cabinet could have been opened very easily to see the inner workings (control panel assembly, monitor, motherboard, etc.) and then put back together. Also, probably the biggest issue here is that he did not discharge the CRT monitor. His failure to do this could have very well resulted in death. DO NOT DO THIS. Especially with your child, that is just irresponsible.

  26. I Have My Own Mini Pac-Man Arcade And Its The Light Blue Maze One, I Love The Old Games And Im Young

  27. I want the pac man glass with mrs pac man

  28. It’s cool and sad at the same time

  29. I never would do this..
    Such an nice Arcade machine, I'm a little bit sad:(

  30. NOT COOL!!! I had to dislike the video.

  31. U guys should make your own packman machine

  32. The atomic bomb is an "electron gun", it shoots electrons on the pixels and the respective pixel lights up. (in the black and white TV, with the color but there it is a bit more complicated?).

    with such old televisions it is always dangerous to smash them, far inside there is a vacuum. so please do not hurt yourself ??

  33. You destroy a piece of history. Karma will get you in the end.

  34. I just got 2 arcade machines

  35. What a horror, what a pity! A heritage of the fabulous 80s …

  36. Están muy estúpidos solo lo hacen para ganar visitas y es maquina de arcade vale mucho

  37. They are like Whoo, we broke an old arcade machine!

  38. Thumb down!
    If stupidity would hurt: He would cry all day!
    Hope at least he lost a lot of followers!

  39. Who’s here after the pinball machine video?! I was also here when it got uploaded!

  40. Please read the freaking description! Don’t comment if your not sure.

    Think before you click.

  41. 1980 Mr. Pac-Man Arcade Machine

  42. Joes classic video games is crying

  43. Could've just disassembled the arcade cabinet with the proper tools and still could've seen "What's Inside"

  44. Who else came here after watching the pinball video


  46. There's things okay to destroy, but something that historical is crossing the line.

  47. This is not ok you destroying retro games it's not ok

  48. Mooooo it’s history

  49. I do not appreciate your brutal and improper way or dismantling the machine, and other stuff.

  50. Wow cool I love Mrs pac man

  51. My mom was born in 1977

  52. I hope you didn't pay $1000 or more for this POS; even $400 would be too much.

  53. no!????????????100$

  54. I want to see whats inside their channel

  55. Have you ever thought about inviting someone to the party, who knows (just a little bit) more about eletronics than constantly yelling "look how cool this is"?
    This is a shame!

  56. These comments.. You guys are being salty..

  57. Alright for al those negative comments you know what this Awesome channel is about smashing stuff open and see what's inside no matter how old it is it's THEY'RE channel.

  58. What a dumb a$$ what people will do to get a like wish I never click on the video I though I was going to learn something about the arcade game what a waste of time

  59. Dude!!! Wtfh?????!!!

  60. This video hurt me, and ruined any chance of me subscribing

  61. give it to Mark Rober

  62. you are the best.
    you are the best.
    you are the best.

  63. There should be a law prohibiting the destruction of historical objects. Learn how to use a suitable screwdriver to open this great device without any violence.

  64. That kid makes me want to commit die

  65. It called a crt Display

  66. I bet they get two of everything. One to see what’s inside of and the other for Lincoln to cherish.

  67. You could have use your tools to open it and then sell it or give it away who values history you are very selfish

  68. Instant downvote. You don’t destroy antique arcade machines like this. Hope the money you got for your views was worth it.

  69. Terrible video, Rip Pac Man

  70. Its your money, but this is just sad

  71. Break The Panel board

  72. RIP PAC MAN machine 1980 to 2019

  73. This is one of the dumbest, most shortsighted videos I’ve ever seen.

    Absolutely clueless.

  74. That copper thing is the lining of the neck of the CRT, cathode ray tube.
    That silver stuff at the back that u can’t breathe in is called Phiolosipher

  75. That "bomb" is a magnet which guides the one point of light up, down, left, and right really quickly to make up the image

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