What’s inside Golf Balls?

What’s inside Golf Balls?

(banging) (ball piece clattering)
(boy yelps in pain) (man laughs) (shearing music) (gentle music)
– Welcome back to What’s Inside, I’m Lincoln, this is Dan, and today we are gonna cut open the top golf balls of 2016. – We do love golfing, and it’s funny because one of our very first videos was Lincoln’s second grade science project, and we cut open a Titleist Pro V1. But it was like five
years old of a golf ball, every golf ball is manufactured
a little differently. This is not sponsored by any golf company, we went and bought all these golf balls. Bridgestone, Titleist Pro V1, Pro V1X, Callaway Chrome Soft, the RZN Black Tour Nike golf ball and the TaylorMade Project (a). To make it a little more unique, we also got these Titleist Tour Balatas. These are from the ’90s and there’s supposedly liquid inside
of it and rubber bands. And yes, we bought (laughs)
over 300 golf balls, right here. And we’ve got our logo right here on one side, and on the other side. We’re going to take these golf balls and we’re going to have
Lincoln, in the backyard, make a putt with every
single one of these (laughs). – That’s a lot of putts. – Over 300, then together we’re gonna cut them in
half, and then if you come see us at the booth
at CVX Live, in Orem, Utah, March 25th and 26th, we will give out half of the golf ball to you. (wind blowing)
(clattering) (Lincoln laughs) (pounding music) Look at all those golf
balls and all those boxes, this is a crazy project! What do you think, Lincoln,
think you can make all those? – [Lincoln] Yeah.
– [Dan] How long is it gonna take? – Four hours. – (laughs) Four hours. OK, if Lincoln makes them, I have to put them in this box, if he misses them, I
give them back to him, he’s gotta shoot it again. I know a lot of you that
don’t golf are gonna be like, “That’s so easy,
that’s such an easy putt.” It’s easy enough, the point of it– – No! – He just missed that,
in a golf tournament this is where you lose the most strokes, is when you’re within three or four feet. – How about that’s a rule? If I miss it, you have to
hit me with the golf ball. – OK, I can do that. – (laughs) Of course you can. No! Ahh. (imitates explosions) (ball rattling) – Get out of here!
(Lincoln laughs) – [Lincoln] That actually hurts. – [Dan] It’s a golf
ball, of course it hurts. (Lincoln laughs)
Why’d you tell me to throw them at you? – ‘Cause I wanted to? (Lincoln laughs) – From there to there, that’s
all you had to putt it, and you missed by that much. (Lincoln laughs) (Dan laughs) – [Lincoln] Ah.
– [Dan] Aw. – [Lincoln] That hit my jaw!
(Dan laughs) (Lincoln groans) – I’m a good dad, very good dad. (laughs) Just a bad aim, that’s all. Ah! OK, ow! (birds singing)
(traffic bustling) (pounding music) (Lincoln laughs) – Watch! – One more to go!
(ball rattling) (Dan groans and whimpers) – What? – Last one. (Dan cheers) (Dan sobs) We’re back inside the house, (gentle music)
here are the 300 golf balls. We’ve got this knife that I got just off of Amazon only to cut open golf balls. (metal clanking)
I saw this at the store the other day, and thought
that would be a good tool. And I got this in case we need to just kind of hit through it. – [Lincoln] Ahh!
– [Dan] If all else fails, (banging)
we have the Dremel all hooked up and ready to go. The first ball that we’re gonna do is the Bridgestone Tour BS, no, Tour B330S, is made for golfers that have swing speeds of greater than 105 miles per hour. Well, if your swing
speed isn’t fast enough, there’s really not a
good point in using it. We’re just gonna take it and
see if I can hack it with this. – [Lincoln] OK I’m backing up.
(Dan laughs) – OK here we go. (banging)
– [Lincoln] Oh! – Oh!
(ball pieces clattering) Grab that piece, I’ll get this one. Alright, here’s your Tour B330S. Look inside of that one, it has this rubber plastic-y, it’s
kind of clear material, it says it’s a four piece ball, but you just see the cover, the inner part, and then that part. I guess, this little clear plastic part is supposedly two
different types of layers, but I really only see one. Not bad, first try. Here we go.
– [Lincoln] Next one, Pro V1. – [Dan] These balls are
$62 for a dozen of them, that’s $5 and 16 cents for each ball. – [Lincoln] That’s a lot.
– [Dan] I mean this is a $5 golf ball, you hit this in
the pond, there’s five bucks. It makes your round pretty
expensive, so if you’re gonna be using this ball, you
better not just use it just because it’s called
Pro V1 and it’s Titleist. You better be using it because your swing speed is fast enough, you’re good at spinning the ball and working it around the greens. Otherwise it’s just a big waste of money. – Let’s use this one for this ball. Yarr.
– [Dan] OK, let’s use this one. (banging) (ball rattling)
Ha. – [Lincoln] Almost. (banging) (Lincoln laughs)
– Yeah! (banging) (ball pieces clattering)
– Oh yeah! – [Dan] Alright.
– [Lincoln] We got it. Woah!
– [Dan] Look at that. – [Lincoln] It’s like blue.
– [Dan] The Pro V1 that we cut open a couple of years ago was pink and this one is greenish blue. – [Lincoln] And it looks
like there’s three layers inside of this one, the outer layer, and then there’s a black
layer, and then a blue one. – Yeah, that’s cool. (upbeat music)
Now it’s time for the Pro V1X. I’ve found that I hit this ball really far and I can still work it around the green, so this is my favorite ball. – [Lincoln] Yeah.
– [Dan] OK, Pro V1X. (banging) (ball piece clattering) (Dan laughs)
– [Lincoln] Nicked it. – Nicked it. Look at that ball, Pro V1X, and bam! Lincoln says it looks like a target. (laughs) It does kind of. Four layer, the outer
layers are supposed to be harder so that when you
hit it, it goes further, and then the inner layer
is softer so that when you’re hitting it around
the greens with your irons, it should make it spin more. Alright, next up is the
Nike RZN Tour Black. This golf ball is the ball that
Rory McIlroy uses this year, it’s new, it just came
out a couple of weeks ago. He likes it because he
says that it gives him a few extra yards off
the tee but then he’s also able to use it around the green really well and have some spin to it. – Or he just likes it because Nike pays him 200 million dollars. – (laughs) Yeah. (banging) (ball piece clattering)
– [Lincoln] Ow! (Dan laughs) Alright, I’m gonna hit this one again. (banging) Ah (laughs).
– [Lincoln] Dad, look at this, this looks really cool. – (laughs) It looks like an eye. It’s like, does that look like my eye? Here. (laughter) So it took a few swings but
I finally got around to it, and check out the inside, this
is a four layer golf ball. You have the green, the gray, the blue. That is really cool, and then
the outer cover of course. One thing that’s unique to this golf ball is that they have 344 dimples on it. But if you look closely,
it might be hard to see, but they have micro dimples. 13,558 micro dimples (laughs). They say that it promotes a longer flight and more stable flight. – [Lincoln] That’s a lot of dimples. – Alright Nike. There it is, what’s next? – The Chrome Soft Callaway golf ball, this is the golf ball that I actually use. – We decided to use this one for Lincoln a year ago when it came out. Phil Mickelson talked
a lot about it because it’s a low compression
golf ball, but inside it has a core that’s
apparently very, very soft. (banging)
(ball piece clattering) – [Lincoln] Oh!
– [Dan] Yeah! Got it, look at that, that’s beautiful. A four piece.
– [Lincoln] Woah! – [Dan] It’s the cover,
the yellow, the green. So there you go, there’s
your ball, Lincoln. – [Lincoln] Cool.
– [Dan] Let’s see how that works for you this year. (banging) (Dan laughs)
– Missed. (banging) (Dan laughs)
I missed! (ball clattering)
Why is this so hard? – [Dan] Right, try it again,
be confident, be calm. Straight up, straight down.
(banging) Oh! Great, now, big hard hit.
(banging) (ball pieces clattering)
(both cheer) – I cut open something! – [Dan] There’s your
Project (a) golf ball. – That I cut open, woo-hoo! – This is from the ’90s, we
got this at the golf store when we were telling the
guy what we were doing. The problem is, there’s rubber bands in there that are all
wound up and some liquid, but then when you hit it
with the blade too hard or you hit it on a rock,
see that ridge right there? There’s a bump in it,
some of the rubber bands inside of it will break and
then your ball is uneven and you have to play that
way the rest of your round. And so it made your
putting and your hitting a little inconsistent until
these plastic balls came out, the newer ones, back in the early 2000s. (thud echoing) (ball pieced clattering)
Ah! (Dan groans) It squirted a bunch of stuff everywhere. Well, the liquid’s out of it, so… let’s give it another smack. (thud echoing) Oh!
(crackling) – [Lincoln] Oh my gosh. (Lincoln laughs)
(ball banging) (crackling) – [Dan] Listen to it crackling. (Lincoln laughs) – [Lincoln] That is hilarious. (upbeat music)
– A lot of people have said in the comments that this is really dangerous material
inside of it, but really it’s not true, it’s just kind of folklore. This ball uses a salt
water and corn syrup blend, that’s what’s inside of it, that’s what the liquid was that
came shooting out of it. And then it’s just the rubber bands. So it’s interesting how it
all, once we cut into it, that all this started
collapsing on itself because of all the rubber bands
contracting inside. (crackling) – [Lincoln] It’s a mini rubber band ball. (crackling) (buzzing) (popping) Woah!
– [Dan] Eurgh! (buzzing)
Pah! – [Lincoln] (laughs) It totally exploded. – [Dan] Oh my gosh. (buzzing) (muffled crackling) (thudding) (muffled yelling) Here we go for the Ballata old school to the tailor-made golf ball,
to the Callaway Chrome Soft, to the Nike, to the, what is that one? – [Lincoln] Pro V1. – [Dan] Pro V1, the green
one, and then we’ve got. – [Lincoln] Bridgestone. – [Dan] Bridgestone and the Pro V1X. Which one’s the coolest? Which one do you like the best inside? – [Lincoln] I like the Nike one because it has the most colors in it. – [Dan] I like the Pro V1X
because that’s the golf ball I use and it actually looks the coolest. Nike is pretty cool though, true. – Yeah, I like Nike’s. – [Dan] The Ballata–
– [Lincoln] I mean no, the Ballata is the best, the Ballata is the best
and the weirdest by far. – So there’s our golf ball test, there’s the difference, hopefully you guys learned something, that
was really interesting, every ball is unique so
before you just go out and start golfing and using whatever ball, do a little research, find a golf ball that works best for you. – Next thing that we have to do is cut 300 golf balls in half. Good luck. – Yeah, I’m gonna need it. And if you come to CVX Live in Orem, Utah, March 25th and 26th,
right, Easter weekend? – [Lincoln] Yep.
– [Dan] On Friday and Saturday we are going to have a couple of hours at a booth there and we
figured, let’s bring these and we’ll have them at our
booth, and we’ll give them away. If nobody wants them, then we’ll have 600 halves of golf balls here
(Lincoln laughs) at our house with our logo on it, that we can have forever.
– [Lincoln] It’d be pretty cool though.
(Dan laughs) (pounding music)

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